The 12 Hottest Looks Of Folsom Street Fairs Past

It’s Folsom Street Fair weekend in S.F. and that means a shit ton of porn stars are getting on planes or have already landed and begun douching in preparation.

In honor of this highest of gay high holidays, when even the most vanilla and gag-reflex-sensitive of homos will strap on a harness and pretend to be someone’s slave, I bring you this gallery of the ten hottest porn star looks of recent Folsom Street Fair history.

Beginning with…


Jonathan Groff, in last season’s Folsom episode of Looking. They actually shot it at the fair, even though they ended up showing hardly any of the fair, because the show is kind of dumb. But Jonathan is still hot in that vest.


Tommy Defendi, sporting some simple suspenders, and a jock, ca. 2011.


This guy. He comes back every year. I mean…


Ethan Slade and Ryan Rose (Jimmy Durano could have tried a little harder) with their David looks in 2013.


Raja and Samuel Colt ca. 2011.


Race Cooper, shown here spanking Rusty Stevens ca. 2010.


Chris Porter, ca. 2011.


Alessio Romero (at right, with Cole Streets) in a simple yellow jock ca. 2010.


Diego Sans, to die for in 2013.


Sean Cody’s Ethan, ridiculously sexy in a pair of sweatshorts in 2011.


Connor Maguire, in wings and heels, in 2013.


Jessie Colter getting wheeled out in rope bondage and angel wings in 2013.



Honorable Mention:

This woman, who will forever be my favorite, ca. 2008.


6 thoughts on “The 12 Hottest Looks Of Folsom Street Fairs Past”

  1. I thought folsom was supposed to be more of a leather event? Why are some of these dressed up like a sloppy queen on a pride parade float?

  2. It’s all just posing now at Folsom. Offer to take a guy home and rough fuck him and he will hit you with his purse text his drag queen posse and chase you down the street.

  3. pathetic event anyway the hottest and te only ones i care for are Diego sans, alessio romero (still hot) and chris porter but shouldn’t he be in Greece lol lol lol

  4. All this fannying about in ridiculous costumes does nothing for me. I would go for Ethan every time in those simple, ostentation-free shorts every time, even if I didn’t know what was inside them.

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