The Hysterectomy Of Buck Angel

The trans performer has always said there was no reason to remove his uterus, but after developing an infection, it was time to say goodbye to his lady parts.

Buck Angel is recovering now at his home in Mexico, but here’s what happened last week:

What happened was that the use of the testosterone over 15 years started to make my cervix and uterus atrophy. The cervix basically closed and so anything inside my uterus could not get out. Who knows how long this was going on for, but one day I just got so sick that I had to be rushed to the emergency room. They had no idea what was wrong and did exploratory laparascopic surgery. They did an emergency appendectomy and they saw the infection in my fallopian tube and uterus and found that my cervix fused closed. I was really, really sick and spent 4 nights in the hospital. I needed tons of antibiotics to get over the infection.

They said I would have to now have a hysterectomy because now that I have had that infection it will always have the ability to come back.

So here I am now going into surgery because of the fact that the doctors basically had no idea what long term use of testosterone does to the reproductive system! DUH!! But I listened to my doctors. Well, that is why I am documenting this procedure for the benefit of others. So they do not have to go through this horrible experience as well.

I always said that there was no reason to get a hysterectomy. Well now I am saying something different. I don’t think you need to do it right away, but if you plan on staying on testosterone longer than 5 years, I would recommend looking into getting this done just to eliminate the chance of this happening to you.

Is anyone surprised that taking hormones for over 15 years led to complications? His doctors didn’t anticipate this?

Photos from Buck’s recovery over the past few days:

6 thoughts on “The Hysterectomy Of Buck Angel”

    1. The word he in scare quotes? All trans/gender politics aside, it’s just polite to call people as they’d like to be called. I don’t get why you have a problem with Buck Angel, but you should probably look at that and see where it’s coming from.

    1. Who else would he blame? He took the best medical advice he had at the time, and now is finding out that there were unexpected complications. I suppose the field is still relatively new, but this can’t be the only case on the books.

    2. What so you mean by random? Do you mean it’s outside your interest? Not pertinent to what you care about? It makes you uncomfortable? And why put doctors in quotes? And really? Freaky? I hope you’re a hatero that stumbled onto this site, not a gay person who should know a little about what it feels like to be disenfranchised and outside the norm.

  1. Buck Angel is starting to look like my mom’s last husband. Which, I think, is what he’s going for. Anyway, best wishes to him. That’s not an easy surgery even under optimal conditions — and this sounds like the opposite of those.

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