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The Real Reason You Don’t See Any Dick In ‘Fire Island’

We’re sure that by now a lot of you have already watched Fire Island, the queer comedy that’s all about a group of friends invading the same location where Rafael Alencar openly pissed on a bunch of random people, on Hulu and are possibly left wondering why a film about gay relationships in the gayest destination on the planet doesn’t feature any shots of full-frontal nudity.

Well, Fire Island director Andrew Ahn just revealed the real reason for the film’s lack of dick in an interview with Vulture. According to Andrew, he actually wanted to include some cock shots throughout the film, but the final choice to keep the movie free of man meat came down to some decisions made by the studio. Boo!

“I was like, ‘I want a dick.’ It’s Fire Island. It’s sex scenes. It’s orgies. Like, you’re going to see dick,” said the director. “I understood that erect dick was going to push us into NC-17 territory, which would seriously limit who could see the movie. But I remember asking, ‘Can I have two soft penises, one for each orgy?’ And to their credit, our producers were like, ‘How many? Where?'”

Ultimately though, the studio decided to tell Andrew to cut all cocks out of the script, but he was still able to keep some level of celebrity nudity in the final film.

“Then, finally, they came back to me being like, ‘We’ll give you as many butts as you want.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? I’ll take that deal.’ I could have put more butts in it,” revealed Andrew.

So what do you think about this movie? Have you watched Fire Island? Do you think the movie could have benefitted from a few extra full-frontal shots from some of the actors? Are you like us and left wishing that Joel Kim Booster showed some cock? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!


10 thoughts on “The Real Reason You Don’t See Any Dick In ‘Fire Island’”

  1. It was decent and had funny moments. It didn’t need the nudity or sex to tell its story. It still had some over the top campiness. I appreciate that the cast was very diverse, especially two leading Asian characters, rather than the stereotypical white bois.

    The film also did expose the all too real situation of the gay class system and divide. Never understood why marginalized people that face oppression perpetrate the same behavior on others in their own community. I guess some people just feel better about themselves as long as they perceive others below them.

  2. You can tell a gay story without flashing dick everywhere and still keep a viewers interested, but so many gay men are wired with the concept that if there’s no nudity, it can’t be gay enough or good. A sad commentary on the community.

    1. Are describing a lesbian period piece? Because I’m certain there are no dicks in those and can be quite compelling. If you’re going to show me some LGBT+ show aimed at getting my erection up, there better be some bi-curious Blatinos who’s shirts come off at a blink of an eye, have no gag reflex, and eager to anally explore. Also I’m tired of the high school kid exploring his sexuality. Give me an angry gay man in his late 30s who hires sex workers and exploring breath play

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