The Time Has Come For Brent Corrigan To Lip Sync For His Life

If you loved him as a merman (and really, who didn’t?), get a load of Brent Corrigan as a glamorously slutty Victorian-era drag queen. Seriously.

It wasn’t even Halloween, but the reigning prince (or princess, as it were) of gay porn got all dolled up for Mardi Gras earlier this month in San Diego.

Here’s our gal!

[Morgan McMichaels, Tranntionette, and Jake Austin, via I’m A Fag Hag.]


Sent in by Brent Corrigan and exclusive to The Sword, two shots from earlier in the night. In a word, fierce:

10 thoughts on “The Time Has Come For Brent Corrigan To Lip Sync For His Life”

  1. Marie Antoinette IS NOT “Victorian.”

    You’ve got the wrong century and the wrong country. You should be calling it Rococo or 18th Century.

  2. LOL He’s actually a hot drag queen. I wasn’t expecting that. He looks like Glenn Close in Dangerous Liasons in the 2nd big pic down. Much love to Brent.

  3. See, if he did more of this, I might be interested in his work. Like, a whole porn of him dressed up like a boywhore from the Luhrman version of Moulin Rouge. I would so be there.

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