Things Are Getting Kind Of Creepy With This Quinn/Kurt Person

OK you weirdos, here’s a tickling video.

His Randy Blue movie and his underwear commercial and all his photos were great, but this does nothing for me. To me, tickling is for little girls and slumber parties, not big-dicked go-go boys with bubble butts. But I know there’s an audience for this fetish, so I hope you’re happy, freaks.

Here’s Kurt Madison a.k.a. Quinn Jaxon bound and tickled for a site that apparently exists called

And here’s some of the new photos that Beautiful posted yesterday:

13 thoughts on “Things Are Getting Kind Of Creepy With This Quinn/Kurt Person”

  1. The guy that runs and also is Jason Strong Tickling was on the first episode of that God awful gay soap opera Dante’s Cove as the butler that was getting blown then quickly wiped away. He has also shaved almost 10 years off of his real age.

  2. Tickling is something I’ve always found hilarious……….not erotic. When I need a good laugh, watching something like this would def make me laugh, after all, laughter IS contagious. But I wouldn’t pay to watch it for sure.

  3. Quinn/Kurt after his fetish/porn antics are revealed to all of his straight buddies: “I hated it. Every time. Every single minute of it.”

    Cue video of him laughing hysterically.

  4. This is cute , and I hope he keeps his hair that way as opposed to being a stereotyped fag with either a bald head or 1/2 inch long hair.

    More Quinn please :)

    1. More Quinn what? Nudie pics? Because a million aren’t enough already? Jerk-off videos? Well, I’m the sort that needs to see that only once (if at all). And now there’s this ticklin’ shit. I think Quinn/Kurt’s pretty much tapped out. Ya know, because HE DOESN’T FUCK DUDES… allegedly.

        1. So how long has it been? Months? Years? Since you’ve fucked/been fucked, I mean?

          (LOL! I’m just teasin’. Seriously, I can get much worse than this.)

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