Tommy Defendi Fucks Mason Star

Good God.

Their scene just went live. More below…

Like I said, the clip just went live.

And if you think I’m going to waste time writing about it when I could be jerking off to it right now, think again.




9 thoughts on “Tommy Defendi Fucks Mason Star”

  1. Mason Star is beautiful, but to me, not sexy. Tommy is sexy, but I wish he would lose the beard and save it for when he really is a daddy.

  2. He’s very “Breaking Bad” dude. Dare I think that when ratings fade, Jesse will end up as a boy toy sex slave of a butch Narco enforcer? The Porn version: Breaking Butt. Starring Mason as Jesse.

    I take my renumeration in free booth tokens, as I’ve stated before.

  3. I agree, Mason is hot. Tommy Defendi is the scuzziest looking porn star alive. He could take a thousand showers in a row and still look….gross.

    1. Tommy? Scuzzy? Are you fucking kidding me? He’s impeccably groomed. I guess I keep forgetting that some of you silly homos think you can smell pictures and/or think that body hair is intrinsically smelly. May you live with decades of razor burn and stubble rash before you wise up and realize that guys who don’t take daily baths in Nair can smell just as fresh as you.

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