Travis James: “I’ve Got A Boner”

Me too.

I’d masturbate to him reading the phone book, so watching Travis James haphazardly waving his huge rock hard cock around, slapping his huge rock hard cock against his rock hard abs, stroking his huge rock hard cock, and smiling at his huge rock hard cock while talking about how much he likes to eat ass is making it really hard (pun intended) to get anything done today. And that’s just what happens in the first 60 seconds of this behind-the-scenes clip from his recent scene with Chris Bines. Help. Me.

The finished product:


[Randy Blue: Travis James Fucks Chris Bines]

And just because:






Also, remember this?


5 thoughts on “Travis James: “I’ve Got A Boner””

  1. “I lost the penis!” Classic.

    Asenath — I hadn’t seen the standing 69 on RB before. Maybe I’ll go back and do some research, if you have suggestions.

    Both are incredibly hot.

  2. You know how you have that one friend who learns a card trick or a bit of sleight of hand, and it’s cool at first, but after the 4,000th time, you’re like. . .”OK. Learn another routine, Mindfreak.”

    For the Randy Blue team, Standing 69 is that sad, overused party trick. And I’d trade it for some semblance of acting or intimacy or something anyday. Other than that, how cute are these boys?

  3. That facial was quite something and he took it like a champ, unlike some models that almost violently recoil whenever the white stuff comes near.

  4. Love Travis James, but he needs to:

    1. Bottom more frequently, and
    2. Bottom for Chris Rockway!

    Other than that, what can I say? He’s hot, hot, hot!

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