Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya

Tristan Hunter Fucks Cody Seiya Like a Man Possessed

As CockyBoys continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary and its new horror release Happy Endings—which marks a decade since the studio unleashed The Haunting—we get another new scene quickly after the hot debut that found Trevor Brooks showing off his rare top side as he fucked Greyson Myles.

Those two intruders snuck into the mysterious abandoned countryside estate, and while they were fucking, the house’s new owners showed up: Tristan Hunter and Cody Seiya. Seems there’s a mysterious past to the home (we knew that, of course!), and Tristan is turned on by the secret’s surrounding the mansion. Tristan is especially transfixed by the attic, which is giving me some Amityville Horror vibes with its unique windows.

Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya

After some hot smooching, Cody starts to slurp on Tristan’s meaty dick. Tristan returns the favor, then munches on his partner’s smooth hole before fucking him in the bed of a dead man (apparently that arouses him?). We get some fantastic shots of Cody’s insane abs when he gets on his back to take it, and soon something spiritual takes over the two and Cody suddenly decides he needs to fuck Tristan.

Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya

The two switch positions, Tristan getting on his back with his cock still nice and plump as he gets eaten out. Cody then pounds his partner as the two show off their versatility. Tristan gets pinned to the bed by Cody’s cock, then gets on his back for more, a hot load fucked out of him before Cody adds to the mess.

Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya

Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya

We’re used to seeing Tristan top and bottom with equal aplomb, and now we’re starting to see Cody embrace his top side more following his fuck of Tyler Wu in his CockyBoys debut. I love seeing this new confident side of him, and I also love the creepy atmosphere and great camerawork in Happy Endings. The house and the evil spirits seem to be characters unto themselves, and we get some beautiful artistic shots that accentuate these hot bodies and their picturesque surroundings (the long shot of Tristan’s gorgeous backside as he fucks being a particular favorite).

Do you like Cody as a top?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


17 thoughts on “Tristan Hunter Fucks Cody Seiya Like a Man Possessed”

  1. Both Cody and Tristan are good performers but to echo what others have said, this particular scene was a underwhelming.

  2. I don’t know, I thought it was hot. Cody was amazing in this scene. Really sucked that cock good. It started off romantic and then got very intense. But I did wonder if part of the latter half when Cody was topping Tristan was faked. You didn’t really see any penetration. But I enjoyed this scene a lot overall!

    1. I was curious about that as well. You can’t really see much penetration. I think it started off nice when Tristan topped but once the flip starts is when things get awkward like not seeing the penetration, Tristan’s cringy fake moans and the different angle shots that seemed too spaced out.

    1. there was a level of disconnect between the two making it awkward from start to finish but this isn’t really exclusive to them. I noticed lately that porn studios have been focusing too much on cinematography and aesthetics rather than filming actual hot scenes.

      amateur porn is so much hotter anyway. ive always said these porn stars release better porn on their onlyfans accounts.

    1. Zach at str8 up doesn’t say anything in his write up of the same scene. And he never misses an opportunity to dis a porn model.

  3. I just finished watching this scene and wow that was underwhelming. What ruined it for me were Tristan’s fake moans and pretty much his overall acting. Cody did what he could. Where was the passion? Cody looked satisfied but Tristan looked anxious for the most part and it has nothing to do with the theme. The overexaggerated expressions don’t sell it. I prefer the previous episode of Happy Endings.

    1. tristan always looks dead in the eyes even when he’s jerking off and cumming. i did like his scene with kane foxx though because they were both into it.

    1. You must be the Andrew that TRIXIE was referring to when he accused me of making “hate filled posts.” I’m the nice Andrew. You’re the nasty Andrew.

  4. I would love to be fucked by Tristan in every way. What I love about him is he is versatile and remains hard while getting fucked like a bitch.

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