Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles

Trevor Brooks Channels His Top Side in Debut of Spooky New CockyBoys Feature

We’ve had a very creepy week of Halloween-inspired porn, including the ColbyKnox Dexter parody and the (halfhearted) Scream riff from GuysinSweatpants (I mean, it has a knife and a kitchen, and that’s about it). Now CockyBoys is going full-fledged scary feature on us, showing everyone how you truly do it.

It’s been 10 years since the studio gave us the supernatural thriller The Haunting, and now we come full circle as we head back to the empty country house—the setting where it all started. Happy Endings (okay, so the title isn’t scary) opens with Trevor Brooks and Greyson Myles, and the feature also stars Tristan Hunter, Cody Seiya, Daniel Evans, Sean Xavier, Lane Colten and Shea Reynolds (maybe he’s in one those masks in the trailer below?). I don’t care what the story is about…that cast is killer and I can’t wait to see the upcoming scenes.

Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles

In the opener, Trevor and Greyson play trespassers who quickly take advantage of the remote location and palatial grounds. The two swap sucks before Trevor takes control, yet another role reversal that we first saw last month when the bottom finally showed off his top side in a flip with Evan Knoxx. We’re so used to seeing Trevor take big dick (his scenes with Jacob Acosta and Lane Colten were are favorites from the studio at the halfway point of the year), and it’s fantastic to see him embrace another side (and be nice and verbal as always).

Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles

Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles

While I’m not a fan of stairwell sex (I mean, guys, there’s far more comfortable locations in that house!), it is hot to see Greyson take it every which way, especially when he’s on his back and we get an overhead shot looking down at his tight bod and Trevor’s big dick as it plows away (would you look at Greyson’s smile?!).

Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles Trevor Brooks, Greyson Myles

What tie in will this have with The Haunting? And what are Tristan and Cody doing when they head inside the house while Trevor and Greyson are fucking? The answers will arrive soon.

Do you like gay porn horror? And what do you make of Trevor as a top? Check out the film and scene trailers below!

Here’s the trailer for the full movie…

And here’s the trailer for the opening scene with Trevor and Greyson


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