Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter

Tristan Hunter Sins With Newcomer Saint Daniel

When are saints actually sinners? When you’re horny newcomer Saint Daniel! (Or, for that matter, veterans like Tyler Saint or Phenix Saint…)

You may have seen Daniel on OnlyFans or (including getting pounded by the big dick of Cade Maddox), but now the twink with the adorable eyes makes his studio debut—where he gets to worship the plump cock of Tristan Hunter!

Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter

Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter

And if the opening sequence of the cutie slurping on Tristan’s big knob is any indication, we are in for a very long and successful career from the power bottom. He makes that big rod disappear as he works up a hot spitty mess with his deep throat, gobs dripping from his mouth and clinging to that shaft (eliciting an impressed exclamation from Tristan!).

Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter

Saint Daniel, Tristan Hunter

Daniel then gets his smooth hole munched before he gets fucked against the window, including a hot shot where the bottom takes his turn driving—repeatedly backing up on that rod. The bottom then sits down on Tristan and bounces on that cock before getting on his side as he takes it some more. (Okay, I’ll ask: Is CockyBoys intentionally hiding Daniel’s dick in the trailer and photos?!)

What do you think of this twink newcomer?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


20 thoughts on “Tristan Hunter Sins With Newcomer Saint Daniel”

  1. Universal Potentate

    A little too soft core for my taste but good scene for what it was. Tristan is always a pleasure to watch.
    Glad to see Daniel removed his hair in all the right places.

    1. UNIVERSAL POTENTATE… who the FUCK cares what you think!? You are such of POS. You troll this site on a daily basis… commenting and REPRIMANDING EVERYONE like you are GOD. You insult, and ridicule everyone that comments. You throw a fucking hissy-fit if someone posts as “anonymous”…. well WHO CARES if they (or I) post under stage name, like yourself. I’m embarrassed for you. You think you are ALL THAT. Well… you are NOT. You hide beside your comments JUST like everyone else does…. so go fuck yourself. You are a fucking mess, and you know it. Get lost LOSER.

      1. You’re the embarrassing one. If you’re so bothered by what universal potentate posts then maybe log out of this site and go elsewhere. You’re clearly too unhinged to even form a sentence without sounding like you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown. Stay away from drugs.

        1. Fuck you Jack. All you girlie girls think you own this site, and you all continue to be RUDE and JUDGE-MENTAL…. and act like what YOU say goes. Nah… I’m not the embarrassing one…. you all just can’t take the truth. In fact…. YOU are just as embarrassing as universal potentate is… in fact, you probably have girlie night together. Jack… read what you wrote…. you are pathetic, as well as your best girlfriend UP.

          1. Now I know you’re on drugs. How are you going to call someone judgmental when you were doing just that lol like make it make sense. I honestly feel bad for you. It’s obvious your life isn’t going the way it you planned it to so instead of making productive decisions, you go on a porn site and tear apart these porn stars. It’s sick and you need help.

      1. Universal Potentate

        In my experience, people are talking about themselves especially when they’re on drugs.
        However, this would explain many of the off-the-wall comments I see on The Sword.

        1. Yeah as someone who has lived with famiy members who were addicted to meth, I can safely say Tristan and Daniel are not meth-addicts and no one in the REAL WORLD would think they are. They are two fit skinny men. Skinny is healthy. Neither of these men are underweight since they still have body fat just not that much. This Eduardo person does not know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have to like either of these two men but he needs to be careful about calling two healthy people meth addicts. Meth addicts have a certain look that no amount of makeup, botox or surgery can hide. I can always spot it.

  2. Those boys seem to be enjoying each other quite a lot.

    One thing about moving to the desert, there are no upper floors where you can get a free show as someone is getting fucked against the window. It is pain to get the drone out every time you hear something going on in a backyard a few over.

  3. Love Tristan. Would like to see him do a 3 way w/ Vincent O’Reilly, and Jayden Marcos. Where they all take double penetrations. Starting with Tristan, then Vin who says I can take 2 too. Last Jayden who is squeamish. But as Tristan is fucking him from the bottom, Vin bends down and licks Tristan’s cock as it goes in and out. Jayden then says oh what the hell go for it Vin put yours in too but go easy on my ass. Once in, Jaydens oh fuck oh shit fuck my ass two is better than one. He cums from having 2 in him and splatters Tristan’s face. After both cum in J’s hole Vin like the pig he is, slurps the cum from J’s gaping asshole.

    1. The porn houses should have contest that let the viewers at least give treatments if not direct a loop.

      Because I would join for at least a month to see this one,

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