Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

We Salute Dalton Riley & Eric Rey’s Abs!

In the debut of the new Hot House feature Sgt. Dick (I mean, come on…with a name like that it has to be amazing!), we catch up with some studs in uniform after they return home from Afghanistan.

At camp in the remote desert, Privates Dalton Riley and Eric Rey take a break from moving supplies in the hot sun to have a little fun when Dalton can’t resist Eric’s ass. After the two recruits lock lips, Eric makes his way to his knees, where Dalton is unzipping his fatigues to present Eric with his thick jock cock.

Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

After taking a quick glance to make sure no commanding offers are around, Eric wraps his lips around Dalton’s pole and sucks it all the way down to the base, spit dripping to the ground as he coughs (and I love how we can frequently hear Dalton’s dog tags jangling together!). Now that Eric has made Dalton’s dick rock-solid with his throat, he bends over to offer up his smooth hole for Dalton to lick up in a hot extended rim sequence—Dalton constantly spitting on it and giving a hot tongue fuck.

Dalton Riley, Eric Rey Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

Eric’s hole is slick with spit, so Dalton stands up and drills his cock deep into Eric’s raw ass. The private takes a girthy pounding doggy-style (where we get to hear his tags clanging together!), Dalton licking his hole before the bottom gets on all fours for more doggy action (Dalton whispering into his ear a he fucks him).

Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

Dalton Riley, Eric Rey

Eric rolls over on his back (where we get to see all of their abs in full glory) and getting a load fucked out of him by Dalton. Seeing the bottom covered in his own cum makes Dalton bust all over Eric’s balls before sliding it back in for a hot messy ending.

See the full scene at Hot House!


5 thoughts on “We Salute Dalton Riley & Eric Rey’s Abs!”

  1. Nice clip…and pretty hot (the desert location aside!). Interestingly, my FWB bi-buddy, ex-military guy, has told me a number of times about some discreet “fooling around” he encountered while in the service. This happened on tours in Afghanistan, BTW, and was between otherwise “straight” friends just taking care of one another. It sounds fake-ish, but I have not reason to disbelieve my buddy!

        1. Andrew, my buddy did not say there was a LOT of that going on, just that during his tour he encountered some “friendly overtures” here and there…of which he took advantage; no harm done to either party it seems..

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