Roman Todd, Carter DelRey

Whatever You Say, Officer Roman Todd, Sir!

Hearing an officer say “Why don’t you step out of the car” is not something any of us want to hear. Unless it’s Roman Todd looking fine as fuck dressed as a cop and being his aggressive best.

There’s no better Roman Todd than an alpha Roman Todd, as evidenced recently by his sloppy face fuck of Cody Seiya and his creative bench press fuck of Dalton Riley’s holes. When he gets verbal and bosses people around, my heart races and my pants tighten. Which is why the role of cop is a perfect fit for his persona.

Roman Todd, Carter DelRey Roman Todd, Carter DelRey

Okay, so the cop uniform is a little…lazy? (Is that vest the best they could do? What’s with those pants, anyway? Where’s the hat?) But I don’t care. Once he catches twink Carter DelRey jerking off in his car, Roman senses an opportunity. And somehow we end up in that same Next Door Taboo set we see over and over again, with a sort of makeshift boxing ring made up of yellow “Caution” tape. (Come on, Next Door…can you up your game just a smidge?!).

Roman Todd, Carter DelRey Roman Todd, Carter DelRey

But soon Roman is shoving his flashlight in the sub’s mouth, and all is right with the world. Carter is then slurping on Roman’s actual fleshlight, getting his face fucked before Roman bends him over to eat out his hole and then fuck him like crazy. Roman grips the bottom’s wrists behind his back as he pounds him doggy, then we get to see his tight abs as Carter sits back on it. The bottom also rocks some hot wood as he takes it on his back, and gyrates his twink ass all the way down on the cop cock in the sit-down fuck.

Roman Todd, Carter DelRey Roman Todd, Carter DelRey

Are you digging Roman as Officer Todd? I would love to feel those muscle arms grip me from behind!

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


7 thoughts on “Whatever You Say, Officer Roman Todd, Sir!”

  1. Officer Todd is HOT – while I love every scene he’s in I really like it when he tops! He’s one hot guy! And, that clock is mouth-watering!

  2. I just wish Roman would grow out some nice, dense, pubic hair, and whatever other hair he’s got on that fine as fuck body…woof.

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