Roman Todd, Cody Seiya

Spit Factory Cody Seiya Slobbers On Roman Todd’s Knob

Does 4th of July weekend make the salivary glands extra productive? We just saw Sir Peter get nice and sloppy in his latest scene, working up a spitty mess over a hot bottom’s hairy hole and shaft, and now it’s Cody Seiya‘s turn to show off his slobber.

Then again, it probably helps that he has Roman Todd in top verbal form, shouting out commands throughout their Independence Day cruising hookup. We just saw Cody make his CockyBoys debut a few weeks ago, and it’s great to see him back again—I always thought Cody deserved an even bigger audience for his studio work.

Roman Todd, Cody Seiya Roman Todd, Cody Seiya

While paddle boarding, Cody catches a glimpse of Roman showing off his cock—so he quickly heads to shore. Nervous about getting caught outdoors, Cody can’t help but submit when Roman insists. Soon, the sub is on his knees as Roman gets all alpha: “Suck my fucking cock! Fucking deep throat that fucking cock!” (Whatever you say, Roman!)

Roman Todd, Cody Seiya Roman Todd, Cody Seiya

Cody then takes it doggy against the SUV as Roman goes deep, the bottom’s own big cock nice and stiff. Roman covers Cody’s mouth to keep him quiet (moaning “Ssshh!”), then sits the cutie back and munches on his hole (that bristly Roman chin has to feel fucking fantastic!). Cody is soon sucking Roman again, gobs of spit dripping to the ground.

Roman Todd, Cody Seiya Roman Todd, Cody Seiya

Roman goes back to pounding Cody from behind, then demands “Get on your back…I’m gonna fucking cum inside you!” Cody follows his orders and takes it some more before Roman pulls out, shooting his load over the bottom’s  hole and fucking it back into him. I don’t know about you, but I would happily follow any order that Roman issued to me. Do you like it verbal?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


2 thoughts on “Spit Factory Cody Seiya Slobbers On Roman Todd’s Knob”

  1. Roman has been in the business for a decade and just keeps getting better. He embodies male confidence that only a beautiful cock can do.

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