When Old Men Masturbate

Need a break from hunky and handsome well-hung muscle studs who shoot big loads all over their rippling abs? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Join me, won’t you?

This post was almost going to have a “cannot unsee” inserted into the title, but maybe you sick fucks are into this? I assume you are if you’re still reading after seeing the drop dead gorgeous silver daddy on the left. Seriously though, he looks like he’s gonna drop dead.

Anyway, I’ve been watching weird porn all day, and senior citizen porn is the weirdest porn I’ve found. Of course, a lot of people don’t consider this weird at all. To some people, the olds are just another fetish, like watersports or fisting or feet. And to those people I say: You’re insane.

First up is “ThomDaddy” from Daddy Strokes, and I’m getting a naughty Santa vibe. Also, take note of the juxtaposition. He’s masturbating to a book while being filmed for internet porn. Mind = Blown.


Next is Johnny, also from Daddy Strokes. Before you hate on this sexy old fart, keep in mind that he’d probably have a heart attack if he actually got hard! So, don’t judge him by his limp dick. And after all, he’s not much different than 90% of the gay-for-pay 20-somethings working in mainstream gay porn today.


Finally, it’s Papa Alan from Grey Fox Lounge. FYI, this one really does constitute a “cannot unsee” mention, but I was so touched by his monologue. A widower who’s not allowed to have pets but who can scream at the top of his lungs, “Fuck me you bastard!” while being barebacked in a retirement condo? My hero.



7 thoughts on “When Old Men Masturbate”

  1. Damn You To Hell Zach! Haaaa. I’ll NEVER look at my Grandpa or ANYONE’S Grandpa the same way again! On the other hand…If I live to be 80 I want to be this guy! ROFL!

  2. OH God ….not Next Door Grandpas ….If they add that site to their suite then that means Cody Cummings could squeeze another five years out of his one trick.

      1. No it isn’t. Since this message was approved with the intent to actually publish what you thought was my name ,Zach, does this mean we get to print everybody’s real names now? I mean I got no problem with it, if we get to start using everybody’s real names.

        Are we operating on two different standards here? I would never reveal the Next Door guys real names or where to find their information but clearly you thought to do so with me.

        You really think one of the biggest studios can’t take a little reality check about their product?

        1. Willingly participating in a comment thread means you submit to having people disagree with you. If you’re using a fake name and someone thinks they know who you are, that’s out of my control. If you really are “Richard Sweeney” (whoever that is) and you feel you’re being attacked unnecessarily, e-mail me and explain why, and I’ll delete the comment.

          And porn stars who work under stage names for privacy and legal reasons are obviously not the same as commenters who use a variety of fake names while remaining anonymous behind a computer.

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