“I’m Gay, I’m A Bottom, I Love Taking It Up The Butt”

Porn star Jake Lyons, known for lawsuits and candy, mostly, keeps the lovable crazy train going in a bizarre interview with Next Door Studios. Below, he professes his love for huge dicks, amethyst mining in Arkansas, and cruises. And while all the dicks he rides have to be “at least seven inches,” the Lollipop Twink also says that “size doesn’t really matter.” Whut?

And: “I like ’em thick…they just better hit the spot.”

Bossy bottom, or the bossiest bottom?

11 thoughts on ““I’m Gay, I’m A Bottom, I Love Taking It Up The Butt””

  1. I’m proud to admit I like them big, the bigger the better for cramming into places, and I’m a top. In fact the one criteria I have for the I watch is that the top must be hard as a rock and HUGE.

  2. His latest bareback scene is up today 3/18 on ChaosMen. Seem to recall one of his video interviews claiming he regrets doing bareback which is total BS. He shot scenes over the course of a couple of months. This new clip on ChaosMen states that it was Jake’s suggestion to base the scene in part on his own personal experience.

  3. That queen is crazy. She’s always bragging about the men who pay $20,000 to rent her for the week.

    JL is going to hit rock bottom fast.

  4. Also, according to Twitter, he’s going to buy the company of a lady for his 21st birthday.

    Ch. . .he would not know what to do with one if he did. Can you imagine?

    1. It’s so disappointing that Jake Lyons is going “straight-for-pay” and HE’S the one paying. I always hate seeing the gay porn stars I like hitting the Lady Pond. For me, it makes them so much less sexy. I like my guys gay.

      1. I understand the curiosity aspect of it. If you haven’t tried something, it doesn’t hurt to. And it’s not like he’s going to be on tape. I just don’t expect it to go well. That boy, to quote a wise man, “ain’t seen no parts of the pussy.” So, the lady of the evening is going to have to do all the heavy lifting.

        I hope she knows to bring a strap-on.

  5. I follow him on Twitter and the boy loves bitch Twitter fights. Had to laugh at his “listen loser, I’ve been to 67 different countries!”
    (no I’ve never partaken in said Twitter slap-fests, and having traveled all over the world and being twice his age, I’d put my max at 20. At least he got me thinking about it)

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