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Who’s The Hottest Baller at the 2022 World Cup?

It’s been nearly a month since the World Cup in Qatar began, and with the final set for Sunday, it’s the perfect time to ponder: Which soccer stud do you wanna have sex with the most? Vote in our poll!

With so many teams and athletes, this is an impossible task. I mean, all of these jocks are hot—and your favorite is potentially not even on this list. But for the sake of this Top 10, I picked one player from each of the quarterfinal teams, then added two more wild cards. Vote for your fave below—and for more sports studs, check out Who’s the Hottest Medalist at the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships?, Who’s the Hottest 2022 Playoff Pitcher?, Who’s the Hottest Tennis Player at the 2022 U.S. Open?Who’s the Hottest Swimmer at the 2022 World Championships? and more of our Hot Jock lists!

10. Matthijs de Ligt, Netherlands
Mat is 6-2, 196 pounds of Dutch delight—and he also picked up a yellow card during the tourney, so you know he likes it a little rough.

Matthijs de Ligt Matthijs de Ligt

9. Achraf Hakimi, Morocco
The abs. The smile. Yes please!

Achraf Hakimi Achraf Hakimi

8. Christian Pulisic, United States
I can’t decide what I find more sexy about Christian: His humble, endearing personality, or those nips.

Christian Pulisic

Christian Pulisic

7. Eric Dier & Harry Kane, England
Sorry (not sorry), I couldn’t pick between these two smooth Englishmen, so I’ll just hop into that therapy pool with both of them.

Eric Dier
Eric Dier
Eric Dier
Eric Dier
Harry Kane
Harry Kane
Harry Kane
Harry Kane

6. Karim Benzema, France
Woof…I wanna feel Karim’s beard all over my body, then lick that tight stomach of his.

Karim Benzema Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema

5. Diego Carlos, Brazil
If six packs are your thing, Diego is your man (actually, I think that’s an eight pack…). Plus, that smile!

Diego Carlos Diego Carlos

4. Dejan Lovren & Martin Erlic, Croatia
Again, I couldn’t decide between these two Croatian cuties, but bonus points to Dejan for repeated pics with bulgy underwear.

Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Dejan Lovren
Martin Erlic
Martin Erlic
Martin Erlic
Martin Erlic

3. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
I know, I know…I’m supposed to have him at #1, right? I get it…but that’s just too…expected? Ronaldo looks even better with age—and even with reduced playing time, is still a starter on our team of hotness.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

2. Lionel Messi, Argentina
He’s two years younger than Cristiano, but Lionel is still more daddy to me. He’ll play for the championship on Sunday (hopefully shirtless), and forever make me drool.

Lionel Messi Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

1. Dušan Tadić, Serbia
So, Serbia didn’t make it out of the group rounds, so maybe it’s not fair of me to put a Serb at #1 on my list. But do I care? Nope, cause…look! Dusan clearly enjoys being nearly naked a lot, and I am here for it (hi, bulge!).

Dušan Tadić Dušan Tadić

Dušan Tadić Dušan Tadić

Who’s the hottest? Vote in our poll!

Plus, for more steamy soccer jocks, check out ballers Arad Winwin and Johnny V at Hot House!

Arad Winwin, Johnny V

30 thoughts on “Who’s The Hottest Baller at the 2022 World Cup?”

      1. Hey, THE SWORD. Can we get this nutjob’s IP address banned already? He’s posting more Islamaphobic shit and doubling down by using 2 different names, and if you check it’s probably via the same email address.

        1. Believe it or not; it’s all from the NATO headquarters, although we use hi tech rays from our ‘freak’ satellites through Aleksander Helgesen’s head/body to send messages++! He’s the most qualified person to do this job, of paramount importance to NATO. Most important: You should join the assfreak community immediately like everyone else, so Islam can be stopped! For sexual and economic reasons, unless you want to join them.

  1. Just off the top of my head I can think of several better looking men than these:

    Youssef En-Nesyri, Bono, Emi Martinez, Acuna, Otamendi, plus a couple of coaches Herve Renard and Lionel Scaloni

  2. The list was written by Dan Carrington. They’re his personal picks. Considering the atrocities committed by Qatar, I’m surprised The Sword even allowed the list to be posted!
    The atrocities against LGBTQ+ people, 1000s of migrant workers (all men of color) died in building the stadium and other accommodations for the World Cup, and Grant Wahl, a longtime soccer sportswriter and otherwise healthy man, falls ill and died “mysteriously” after this

    1. Universal Potentate

      Does “men of color” mean the same thing in Qatar? The dominant racial group are arabs. The bigger concern would be Shia vs Sunni.
      In any case, it’s good to bring attention to these regions of the world.
      On one hand, large international events can help chip away at public and governmentally imposed views (Qatar being a Salafi State meaning Sunni Islam is the State sponsored religion).
      On the other, bringing a humanitarian message to that part of the world is not going to look good.
      Everything must be taken in stride.

      1. The men of color were from South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Bringing humanitarian messages anywhere isn’t about looking good it’s about enacting change, ideally in a peaceful manner.

  3. So basically the only men that existed at the 2022 WORLD CUP according to “THE SWORD” are only the men born With Out an all Natural Tan with European looks from Europe with a sprinkle from North & South America.

    Therefore any man With a Natural Born Tan from Africa (Sub-Sahara), Asia, Pacific/Oceania are just a NO – NO for THE SWORD’s editing, opinion, writing team.

    But hey that’s just THE SWORD’s preference, right….

  4. They need to cancel and redo this LIST! and anyone who participate in this list without commenting on the EXCLUSION of “ONE”(OUT OF HUNDREDS)… man of color should consider yourself a racist! THIS IS “NOT”… I REPEAT… IS “NOT” OK!! How dare they! 2022 and were still doing this?? PLEASE MAKE THIS RIGHT!

    1. Are you trying to be PC or do you wanna look at hot men? Or do your taste not align with out of the authors? Or is there a quota somewhere out there that we have to fill? Or is the skin color of the gentlemen from Morocco and Brazil not dark enough to qualify as POC? Perhaps you should just simply stop reading The Sword if you don’t like the post.

      1. It was so blindingly obvious there wasn’t a single black pwrson on this list when many to choose from (ie almost the entire France team)

        1. Universal Potentate

          You are all a bunch of reverse racists. It’s okay to showcase an only white group. That is not the same as a whites only group.
          This isn’t the norm. This website consistently showcases all varieties of different men.
          You are JUST looking for something to complain about. Take your cause and march to Mississippi and talk to the Grand Dragon of the Klan. They need to hear it. The Sword absolutely does not.

          1. Reverse racism is the cry of the white nationalist and something a man of color should not be saying

    1. I was saying the same thing!! I’m canceling my subscription to this site. What a oxymoron(actually just “morons”)! I never get it… a gay racist! Are they saying and most of these other white readers… saying that there’s absolutely “NO” sexy “BLACK” players??? >:-( THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! >:-( And I’m betting that most of those gay men dream about getting fkd by a big black dik on any day!

  5. Universal Potentate

    Dusan with that bulge, those abs. His face looks like the perfect combination of focused and pure animal. He just throws off those “fully versatile” vibes.

  6. Eww how can anyone think Lionel Messi is attractive? He’s an amazing soccer player and the GOAT and I love watching him play the sport but he’s not attractive whatsoever sorry

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