Buck Richards, Zachary Minx

Zachary Minx Makes Debut With A Buck Fuck

A new episode of our favorite podcast just dropped. No, not that podcast. We’re obviously talking about the fictional pod from Raging Stallion’s Cruising Confidential that has horny host Derek Kage describing some of the hottest gay sex stories out there for his insatiable listeners.

In this new scene, Derek is recording his segment on Zachary Minx, a RawFuckClub hunk that’s making his big Falcon | NakedSword debut with the scene, and his desire to get fucked by his hung hetero neighbor, Buck Richards, as they watch the big game and crack open a cold one.

As you could have probably predicted, all of Zachary’s hottest fantasies come true after Buck flips the channel to some vintage gay porn and begins stuffing Zachary’s mouth and hole with his bareback cock. He even gets a chance to turn the spontaneous hookup into a flip-fuck as he takes a turn pounding Buck’s hole in the middle of his living room. Take a look below to see more from this hot DL encounter:

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you ever fucked a “straight” guy? Let us know all of your hetero fuck stories in the comments below and if you want to see even more from this Raging fuck, head over to RagingStallion.com!

[Watch ‘Cruising Confidential’ ft. Zachary Minx & Buck Richards]


10 thoughts on “Zachary Minx Makes Debut With A Buck Fuck”

  1. I don’t care about the socks; I hate those trashy, distracting tattoos. They’ve ruined more scenes in the past 10 years than imaginable. It’s hardly worth subscribing to any site; they’re all infected.

        1. I totally disagree with your sweeping statement that “no one wears socks” when having sex. Almost all of my tricks, and myself, wear socks whether they are at my place or I am at theirs.. We live in the cold northeast, and the floors of our playrooms, many in the basement, tend to be cold until the legs come up in the sling. But the Top is still on the floor to fuck, fist or suck. Knowing this, I’ll bet Mr-S-Leather is doing a good business this season with their extensive lineup of socks.

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