A Chris Crocker Documentary

In addition to the upcoming gay porn, there’s also a documentary feature about Chris Crocker and what the filmmakers are calling a “phenomenon of Internet celebrity.” Phenomenon? When did such meaningful words lose their meaning? I think the word they’re looking for is “trend.” Or maybe it’s just “ugh.”

Also, a documentary feature? Features are generally at least 60 minutes long. What more could there be in a feature about Chris Crocker that isn’t already in the five minutes of film above? I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen enough.

(P.S. If there’s going to be a documentary about someone from YouTube, it needs to be this one.)

2 thoughts on “A Chris Crocker Documentary”

  1. and now hes gonna throw it away by being a typical porn slut who’s 15 minutes in the spotlight with fade to a total blackout…….thought he was smart. Stupid stupid move to do porn.

  2. HalfManhalfBearhalfPig

    I love this guy however I wish he did porn in his tranny attire and fucked big guys like Erik Rhodes or Diesel Washington.
    He doesn’t look anything special as a boy!!

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