[UPDATE] Aden Jaric: The Mugshot


The Jarics had been booked for two events in Portland this week. First, a party for their dentist, “Dr. Bling,” on Tuesday night, and second, a club appearance where, as Le Fag reported yesterday, they served as celebrity judges for a drag queen event called “Miss Thing.”

According to witnesses at the drag queen competition on Wednesday night, someone gifted the Jarics with clothing and, inexplicably, a glass paperweight. After a lot of drinking, and a lot of fighting, that paperweight was the weapon that Aden used on Jordan’s face. Here’s Aden’s arrest report and mugshot:



Aden has since been released but, because this is a domestic violence matter, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department isn’t sharing any other details. Blogger Byron Beck snapped Aden and Jordan making out at the dentist party on Tuesday night, during what must have been happier times:


Aden and Jordan Jaric are scheduled to appear together this weekend at San Diego Pride, so that should be fun.



Aden Jaric has sent in this response:

If he wouldnt have thrown me to the ground and fucked up my knee and hand it wouldnt have happened. I guess thats what happens when you fuck me the night before and all the next day and then say to not say anything because his new man wouldnt be ok with it, he didnt want him to find out and took it out on me, i protected myself. stop cheating…. didnt you learn that with me?


Jordan Jaric has been defending himself on his Twitter:

Sticks and stones will break my bones but nothing will ever harm my integrity, I am not aggressive and didn’t throw a punch That’s the truth.

Aden is delusional and I was going to keep this incident private because nothing good will come out of talking shit, look inward…

I truly hope Aden gets the help he needs and I’m leaving it at that, good luck dude…

Also, Jordan will be appearing at Popsicle in San Diego this weekend!

I will still be attending Popsicle and Sanctuary and hosting the events at SD pride to put the rumors to rest…

37 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Aden Jaric: The Mugshot”

  1. Meet is the reason is known points can fall in love is one hundred of a kind of predestination can not give a momentary impulse away from each other

  2. May is the anger of a serious think about 5 years together is so not simple hope you all think well

  3. I just think there are a bunch of haters out there. These guys are both very attractive physically, may or may not have been real life lovers ( I believe they were ) and since they are in the “public eye” their personal problems are plastered for everyone to see and make judgments on… Having never met either of them, I wish them no harm and only the best. If you don’t like one or the other or both… don’t “consume” their “work” and if you have nothing nice to say, stay classy by keeping your opinions to yourselves.

  4. aden has one prupose in life and that’s getting fucked and he turns me on enormously by displaying that hot ass of his on dvd, i don’t want more aden than see u perform as a bottom slut: hot, the other ‘jaric’ always booooooores me

  5. If Aden didn’t want his real name used, then he shouldn’t have hit his ex with a paperweight. You get arrested, your name is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I’m a gay man and all of this manufactured DRAMA is the one of the reasons I stay away from most gay men and gay crowds. They behave like white trash teenage girls. I agree that watching these guys perform in a video is hot….but knowing the back ground drama sort of detracts from the hotness of the videos
    when you know the guys behave like such scumbags.

    1. This is not “gay” manufactured drama; this is “faux gay porn star” manufactured drama and about as phony as it gets. Even that so-called “making out” kiss from “happier times” looks fake. Look at how tightly their lips are closed. “Real-life lovers,” my ass. Not even a remotely believable fantasy.

  7. First of all, why is a PORN STAR a protected class of citizen? If I hit some over the head with a paper weight,… stolen by the way. Would I be able to use a fake name? Take responsibility for being an ass hole, and don’t hit your friend, boy friend, husband, etc… I think I learned that in Kindergarten.

  8. His legal name was published elsewhere on another blog. If you are really interested in finding it all you is go to the Multnomah County Sheriffs office website and comb through the bookings for July 15. When Gus Van Sant got a DUI his mugshot was featured there as well so was Tonya Harding’s.

      1. BFD, your maturity is only surpassed by your intelligence. I’d get a better command of punctuation and grammar before calling others stupid.

  9. oh, the ROID RAGE is all too true, funny, and tragic…BTW, why did u blur Aden’s real name? It’s public info. Not that I’ll publish it on here, just curious

    1. Aden’s being a little inconsistent about whether he wants people to know his real name or not. Two days ago he tweeted to someone

      “take my fucking real name off you twitter now you piece of fucking shit.”

      Then three hours later he tweeted

      “So my FB mysteriously got deleted… Thx btw, jerk. Add my new page: ***********@gmail.com It’s under my real name so don’t get confused.”

      So a quick facebook search later, you have his real name.

      I would guess Zach was trying avoid upsetting Aden. Maybe he doesn’t want to get clobbered with a paperweight =). Oh, and anyone looking for gift ideas for Aden in the future, please, no blunt objects.

    2. There’s no compelling reason to publish his legal name. He didn’t die, he isn’t being charged with murder, and he hasn’t left the industry.

      1. People leave the industry every week. You think that is a more compelling reason than battering someone with a paperweight?

        1. Actually I think Zach is right to make a blank policy not to publish the real of industry players as a general rule. I was shocked to see that other blogger not only publishing the real name of Aden Jaric but also of Jordan Jaric who had not asked to be involved in this at all.
          I realize Aden Jaric is himself inconsistent about that re: Tweets and that it is easy enough to find if you are enough a stalker to want to find out but there is no reason for Zach to breach their privacy himself. It doesn’t bring anything to the story but could have repercussions for the performers thus outed. The balance thus weighs heavily against what is, in the end, just our mere curiosity

  10. FYI: Who cares? The only thing I care about is if they’re getting naked and making porn. They’re porn stars.

  11. Okay, here’s the skinny, Jarhead Jarics are equally annoying, self absorbed, conceited for Absolutely No reason “Duds”. And not Milk Duds. I had the dis-privilege of spending several evenings with these dorks at the Boardwalk in Fort Lauderdale over 2009 New Years. Their stage performance was NOT erotic. Boardwalk wasted it’s money on these two oafs (stupid & clumsy). Both simply looked directly at each other and talked thru each and every show. The last night they were to perform, I overheard them bitching and whinning that they did not want to do the final show. They both were rude and condescending to the Night Club Patrons, and it was clear they were there simply for the money. Sincerity is not one of their better attributes, and that was obvious in watching them speak to Boardwalk customers. They only left the VIP section to perform, and made every attempt to avoid mingling with the crowd for their entire stay. They each bragged on Twitter that they were staying at the Boardwalk Bar owners penthouse in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, then tweeted a pic of the owners Black American Express card when they ate at high end steakhouse called Chima. These boys are fake, their “Marriage” is a farce. They may be pretty now, but that’s coming to an end quicky as is evident from the mugshot. They are both in self destruct mode as has become “Arrestingly” clear. DO NOT buy their videos, and certainly DO NOT spend a dime on these two clowns. They are Gay Gold Diggers at best, and at worst not too smart. Ignore them, and they will scurry back to the California desert, and train mules or sheep. Seriously gang, they are WASHED UP, and need to fade off in to the Gay Porn Archives like the blip on the radar that they are.

  12. I think the idiot that was arrested & charged is the idiot who should be told not to worry about showing up for San Diego Pride – Jordan was not in the wrong here, and obviously is the bigger person…

  13. i had hopes of them getting back together. those hopes seems dashed now.
    i was always on Jordan’s side after the break up…

  14. You know, I grew up in a family where the dad and mom fought and broke up and made up and broke up and… ad nauseum.
    These handsome guys will either stay in this dysfunctional pattern or one of them, at minimum, will wise up, give a damn about his own well being and find the personal counseling, guidance to find out why you’re the addicted one, the aggressor or the enabler, the victim. The only way this is solved is deep personal searching and a strong strong drive to resolve it.

    I wish them well. They are so HOT physically BUT now with this behavior, not so much anymore…

  15. All the drama never seems to end for this boring twosome. If this is the way things are going to be going between them, it would be best if they stayed away from each other.

  16. Is this sick that this is turning me on a little bit?

    It seems everyone is acting like asses here so I don’t think there is anybody to root for or against here but the breakdown of love is such a messy process I find it very depressing.

  17. I wish that I was as pretty and as so desired by so many, so that I too, could be involved in such jealous rages of public violence and justify it like this…..

    “If he wouldnt have thrown me to the ground and fucked up my knee and hand it wouldnt have happened. I guess thats what happens when you fuck me the night before and all the next day and then say to not say anything because his new man wouldnt be ok with it, he didnt want him to find out and took it out on me, i protected myself. stop cheating…. didnt you learn that with me?”

    ADEN: Take responsibility for yourself….you were the one arrested. You are the one out on bond with charges PENDING against you to answer for. Stay away from Jaric, stop drinking….and consider the possibility that maybe cock just isn’t your thing. I mean absent the check of course.

    I realize that pussy stinks sweetheart….but this behavior stinks even more……..

    There’s gay…and then there’s this…..

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