And Now We Finally Get to Watch Sebastian Kross Top Johnny V In ‘Tahoe – Keep Me Warm’

It was WAY back in February that we got teased with a behind-the-scenes shot and learned that little Sebastian Kross would be fucking big Johnny V on camera. Finally, finally, the scene has arrived online, which is the opening scene from the second part of this Tahoe series, titled Tahoe – Keep Me Warm.

Yes, I know, that makes two Johnny V fuck scenes in one day, but he gets around!

And I’ve been waiting to watch this scene for four whole months. And it’s hot to see somebody Sebastian’s size (5′ 5″) fucking somebody a whole lot bigger — Johnny V is 5′ 11″ and 190 lbs.

Is it a hotter fuck than Sebastian’s last hottest fuck, with Ryan Rose??

It might be. But, like the Ryan Rose scene, it would obviously be hotter if it were a flip-flop. But Sebastian doesn’t do that. Yet.















[Tahoe – Keep Me Warm, Scene 1]


8 thoughts on “And Now We Finally Get to Watch Sebastian Kross Top Johnny V In ‘Tahoe – Keep Me Warm’”

  1. It is always a turn on for me to watch a big guy give up his ass to a smaller guy, especially a beautiful and muscular guy like Sebastian.

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