Derrek Diamond “Taking Time Off From Porn”

It’s The Sword’s devastating duty to report that Derrek Diamond has left the adult industry and is no longer a Raging Stallion exclusive. While his departure isn’t being called a “retirement,” it’s best to prepare for the worst and assume he’s never coming back. Hold me.

DD’s contract with Raging Stallion started last January and ended prematurely in April, when my #1 porn crush of all time forever in history asked studio head Chris Ward to be let go. Ward confirmed to The Sword today that “Derrek wanted to take some time off from porn, so Raging Stallion let him out of his contract.”

Rumors had been going around after DD canceled shoots and live appearances, and when I reached out to him–both during my time at Unzipped and more recently upon joining The Sword–he was always in good spirits and gave the impression that nothing had changed. Today, however, he was ready to acknowledge what I’ve been fearing for months.

Derrek Diamond tells The Sword:

Yeah, I’m taking a break for a while, and I’m not sure about coming back. My boyfriend and I want to get married, have a ceremony, and make it official. I know for sure I’m not doing porn after we get married cause I think that just changes things. Call me old fashioned, but after marriage I’m a one-man man. I’ve also been offered a great job, which could be a change into a whole new career. I’m really excited to see how it all unfolds.

Honestly, me and my boyfriend’s lives are just evolving, and we wanna get back to other things for a while…the things that got a little lost during the “pornado” that was the last three years. It’s hard to say what’s in the future, I just need to focus on what I want and plan more; I feel like I’ve been enjoying the ride and not thinking things through. There’s a lot more I could say, but hopefully you and everyone gets the gist. I love my fans and the experiences I’ve had!

Pardon me while I go kill myself.

Just kidding. Nothing makes me happier than DD being happy, and if leaving porn is what he needs, good. I’m ready to let him go. After all, if you love something, set it free! Goodbye DD!

(Seriously though, I’m going to go kill myself.)

Here’s Derrek Diamond’s last (and best, in my opinion) photo shoot, for Unzipped Premium, followed by one of his last scenes (which was just nominated for a Best Duo GayVN yesterday) in Diamond Auto.



Derrek Diamond 04dd3333







[Derrek Diamond & Alexsander Freitas in Diamond Auto]

14 thoughts on “Derrek Diamond “Taking Time Off From Porn””

  1. I was fortunate enough to do a photo shoot with DD twice and this much I can say, He is the sweetest guy in the industry. I could only wish him the best of everything as he turn in a new leaf.

  2. Underage Twitter

    I swear I thought he was straight and I discover he isn’t when I discover he is getting marriage.
    Wrong time to get a Porn Crush. OMG
    But I wish the best to he and his future husband.

    1. What a lucky man his future husband is! I hope he cherishes Derrek and they have many, many happy years together– best of luck in all your future endeavors.

  3. Derrek is a class act – A sweetheart, a hard worker, a lover, and a handsome guy. Also, he said I’m the best cocksucker in porn. So I believe everything he says. We’ll miss you while you’e gone, buddy! When you come back, fuck me some more, please!
    Conner Habib

  4. Can anyone think of another reason to terminate his contract and RSS be OK with it? OK with cancelled shoots and appearances?

    Maybe something medical…..?

  5. I’m sad that I never got to have sex with him… But happy he is moving on and in a great relationship. I wish you all the best beautiful!

  6. This is good — porn should only be a side career for most models. There’s not room for them all to stay in the industry forever, and people should have greater goals and interests.

    I don’t think monogamy is right for gay men and I doubt Derrek’s husband will be his last sex partner, but I encourage him to try what makes him happy.

  7. One can only be happy for him, but RSS has a knack to sign up exclusives who end up never being seen again : Jason Crew? Ryan Raz? Bo Matthews? Just to name a few… Maybe it’s because they sign them when their career is on the way down (though DD’s was NOT, in this case) or maybe it’s because RSS doesn’t treat its performers the way they should be…

  8. Fuck he is gorgeous….I will miss him! So hot, he added so much to every company and every film he was in he made that much better

  9. Good for him and I wish him all the best with his impending marriage, I truly hope it works out for him. Sounds kike he has a good head on his shoulders.

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