Finally, Here Are The Last (And Best) Hustlaball Pictures

Hustlaball just sent me the official photos from their giant whore party the other night. Finally, some close-up and non-blurry pictures of hot people getting fucked and sucking dick live on stage.

In case you missed the other more candid photos, they are here and here.

And here are the official photos, courtesy of Hustlaball and exclusive to The Sword:

Sister Roma interviews Rafael Alencar’s ass; mr. Pam uses her superhuman strength.

Sister Roma shares a laugh with Tommy Defendi; Sister Roma and friend.

Roma with Trenton Ducati and Tate Ryder; Trenton and Tate mix things up with a couple of dildos.

Sebastian Young shares his cock with a lucky fan; where is Sebastian Young’s pubic hair?

Hey guys.

Chi Chi.

Need them both inside me.

Samuel Colt prepares to hang his laundry off Drake Jaden.

Here’s Rafael Alencar a couple seconds before going balls deep into Christopher Daniels.

Here’s Rafael Alencar balls deep into Christopher Daniels.

Tommy Defendi and Jake Steel; Fabscout Howard and Jake Shears; Bryan Slater and friend.

Morgan Black, Dominic Sol, Drake Jaden, and more.

Austin Wilde and Jimmy Fans.




50 thoughts on “Finally, Here Are The Last (And Best) Hustlaball Pictures”

  1. I went, I loved it and had a great time. Sebastian didn’t seem tweaked but I didn’t focus on him for long, but he WAS insanely hot. Smell? Nope, place didn’t stink. Dark room? Line practically out the door. Yes, too small. Drugs? I didn’t see any and to me, any club goer or partier has the freedom to get down the way they like to. Doesn’t ruin my party. Chi Chi? Looked AMAZING and her set rocked the house, we also got a private show in there by Trenton and Tate. Overall, it was a celebration of porn, homosexuality, freedom, and fun. I’m a woman and everyone treated me amazingly, we were all there to enjoy ourselves and we did. Don’t know what to tell the haters except, sorry you weren’t there.

    1. yeah i mean, its not my scene (too much leather and body hair for my taste) but i dont hate on people who are down with that.

  2. First off, hey to all my fans. Second off if you don’t like me you don’t have to beat off to me in the dark. I’m do tired of your opinions and truthfully they don’t matter. What I do on my own, free time, it’s clearly my business. If you don’t like it fuck off and eat shit

    1. Hi Sebastian! As a new fan that recently discovered your work, and really enjoy it, I was wondering why you seem so angry in a lot of your tweets and posts?
      My life isn’t going so well either,hell,my career ended, I got evicted from my apartment, and then I got arrested.
      But, all these things happened because I had a gambling problem and made some stupid decisions that I am am now paying the price for.I am the only one to blame for my stupid ass decisions
      Do I get angry sometimes too,I sure as hell do, but even if I get angry with people I know it’s really because I am angry with myself because I fucked up my life.
      Sorry for the long reply,I know you are probably a beautiful man inside and out,and I hope things get better for you!!!

  3. So so glad I don’t attend these events. As for Alencar, yep, he had his butt injected with biopolymers. By some queen here in NYC. How do I know? He told me. We go to the same gym.

    1. It’s almost hard for me to believe now that I used to like watching him, um, perform. That was before he embraced the “full-blown asshole” mode for first Lucas, now Men dot com (however, his accent has always grated: “Suck that deek”). Cause now he really does seem like a full-blown asshole.

      I’d like to see the tables turned on him; at the very least, he should bottom again. All the cool kids are versatile these days!

      (And his ass really does look ridic.)

  4. These pics are great and the guys are ballsy and beautiful and courageous. The haters commenting on here are obviously ugly people on the inside, and if they are porn fans they should be applauding not putting people down who are doing the erotic work for them. It’s easy to make a disparaging comment to make yourself feel superior, but you are still an ugly person stuck wearing ugly puke sunglasses to look at the world, and you will remain a cursed troll unless you change your attitude.

    1. Eric Wind(bag)

      I found the photos to be pretty disgusting. What’s ‘beautiful’ about a load of alcoholics, drug addicts, escorts, and convicted felons having public sex. It’s clear as hell as that most of them are damaged individuals. And you want to celebrate this?

      1. We’re just as fucked up, insecure and damaged as the rest of society.I find it so amusing that people who watch, get off and support porn go out of their way to trash us on a GAY PORN blog website. What do you expect to see here? Pornstars feeding the homeless and doing missionary work in south America? The event was a blast and I was happy to be apart of it.

        1. No, not the same as porn. This is worse because the sex is nastier than most porn and is combining alcohol and drugs by bringing a live audience. Quite a volatile mix. Indeed, it is not a criminal venue, all attendants are adults (hopefully) and they have the right to go wherever they want. And yet, it does not cease to be a cesspool. There are degrees of decay. Hence, the reason some of us are critical. Evidently, you defend it because you are part of the porn guild. And even we all consume it (although not pay for it for the most part), you do know some view you as an expendable prostitute. That’s a fact.

        2. Well Christopher… You seemed to be having a great time with a huge pinga inside your ass balls deep! Answer a question for us: we’re condoms used by you and Alencar for the live scene you guys performed? Or, was this a bareback entertainment special? We’d all love to know!

    2. Not at all. I appreciate a beautiful arrangement of attractive men. I am disappointed that, some feel the need to become someone else with the assistance of “mind alters.” I love a man who truly enjoys performing and provides the audience with a no-holds-barred performance. It is a sad commentary of the industry that these performers can not give there all to their audience because their “all” isn’t there.

  5. For anyone who attended …….how many people were actually at the Hustlaball ?? Is attendance better or worse than previous events ?

  6. First off, the little “dark room” by the coat check sucked. It shrank in half from last year. A MAJOR disappointment. Why even have it all? Don’t try to use it as a selling point to get people to go, then offer a closet-sized space for about 10 people max. The Cock Bar has a better venue if you really wanna get blown.

  7. I’ll take shit for this – and I’m just saying – but seems really bad right before the election.

    That’s all.
    Good luck boys.

  8. Who are those two hot fuckers below chi chi and above Samuel and Drake??? I want them inside of me! I hope they’re naked somewhere in the porn realm!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! Unless there are 2 Jake Shears’ shouldn’t he adjust it by 1 letter? ie: Jayke Shears or Jake Sheers?

      1. Don’t worry it’s an old joke, another blog had a photo of Jimmy Fanz incorrectly labelled as Jake Shears and Zach likes to run with it now and then.

    1. Don’t you watch those historical dramas like “Rome”? That was probably much hotter than this hobo convention.

    2. Nope you are wrong Rome had an Empire…this is just was drugs and a over exposure in front of a camera looks like

    1. Rafael Alencar’s ass looked like that trannie woman down in Florida who injected inflatable tire spray into people’s butt cheeks. He certainly had some work done. It was unnatural and totally out of proportion. Yet he still managed to be the best performer of the night.

      Also, I am no Sebastian Young fan, but he certainly put on a decent show and earned his money. His personality still leaves much to be desired, however. Looks-wise Sebastian was fit and a bit ragged and obviously tweaked out of his mind, but at least he wasn’t melting like Chi Chi La Rue’s face (which now looks like a Dali candle dripping).

      The fisting by that gender bender was finger-licking good and a handful. Clap! Clap! Two thumbs, bottoms up!

      1. Yeah, Sebastian was out-of-his mind no doubt. Shame too, thought he was gonna make it this time. Guess his NY “roommate” did just what he said he would. Next thing, missing shoots, Oh but wait, word is that has already happened again.

          1. Yeah, apparently “Nick” is the supplier to the “stars.” Check out his twitter yesterday, another stud made bitch for the taking. LMFAO

  9. All this happened on Sunday night. I spent my Sunday at Home Depot and Target. I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday and made it home in time to catch Breaking Amish.

    1. Keep up your routine because unless you are “attractive” (by some unknown equation), slutty, muscled and/or can supply these people with drugs you would have been HORRIBLY out of place!!

      1. Seriously, and I am sure I will not offend everyone of these performers….most, but not all. What is so damn hot about watching guys who have to get strung out to near unconsciousness to fuck or suck. I am sure the legitimate performers would agree. Do you guys not give a shit that you are killing yourselves and ruining a profession were there are some professionals who do it for the crowd?
        And you less know little bitches fueling the fire by supplying to get in.

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