Meet The Contestants For Dominic Ford’s “So You Think You Can Fuck”

The reality style competition’s first episode debuts September 9th on Dominic Ford, with celebrity judges Conner Habib, Colby Keller, Jeremy Lucido, Marcellas Reynolds, and Woody Woodbeck. The host is Matthew Rush.

As previously noted, the series includes both unknown and semi-established actors, and here’s your exclusive look at the So You Think You Can Fuck contestants. Recognize any of the cocks/bodies? I don’t, but I like the one next to the guy holding the extenison cord. Speaking of which, what’s up with the extension cord? And the saw? What kind of gay porn game show is this? Stay tuned…




31 thoughts on “Meet The Contestants For Dominic Ford’s “So You Think You Can Fuck””

  1. Wow. This is more than a little lame.. Xxx – Why are you smearing someone? Was he your opposition? Did he poop in your spaghetti?

    I don’t know Marcellas, but I already admire him. Being seen and constantly judged and ridiculed by the general public is part of the game.. And he is no stranger to that..

    I think judges should be articulate, opinionated, fair, and non-condescending. They should also have a knowledge of what is being judged. He wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t.

    I just can’t, for the life of me, understand why people want to impede on the happiness of others.. Aren’t we (as non-straights) fighting for our right to be happy? Everyone has had someone personally attempt to damage or inhibit their right to happiness.

    Stop it.

    And also, stating that you don’t care if someone dies for them to observe is a very horrible thing to do.. Spend more time telling the people that you care about that you care about them.. And less (or even NO) time trying to hurt others.

    People who get in front of a camera for any reason have to have thick fucking skin, and nothing that irrelevant people in their lives can say will penetrate quite the way you want.

    Moral of the story – find your own success; don’t claw at other peoples’ to try and bring them down.

  2. I think Marcellas is a fantastic choice to be a judge and there is nothing wrong with calling him a celebrity. To all you haters up there, trust he is way more celebrity, classy, intelligent and popular then u will ever be. Y’all haters are the losers who are so bored and un interested in ur own lives that you spend all your time finding ways to bash other people. Simply put u hate on others cause it’s the ONLY way you will ever get noticed for anything because u r too afraid to get out from behind your computers and take a chance on living. Marcellas has worked his ass off to be in the entertainment industry and you would be surprised if you ever read his resume of appearances and shows he has hosted and or made cameos in. Haters, find a new way to get attention that doesn’t involve being a negative asshole. There is much more to be said for someone that puts themselves out there and takes a chance, there is nothing to be said for a sad asshole that lives to hate from his living room!

  3. I would be interested to watch the series, if the cast ended up performing with the judges on panel–and they get to rate their performance… that would be hilarious, ranking their skills! But I guess your not that cold-hearted, something which is required for a successful reality show producer. Blech! This show is going to be lame.

  4. Hate would mean, I’d cared if you lived or died, and I just don’t . I just think the term ‘celebrity’ is thrown around too often and given to wannabe’s. I haven’t seen any of your alleged shows and I wouldn’t have recognized you for the exception of being known as the player in BB with the worst game play in its entire run. I assume its considered worse strategy than Jerry’s–which was pretty bad!

    ‘I don’t see you asking about the other judges at all, many of whom would come under the same fire.’– well, now that you mention it, I do think you should have more established porn performers on the panel instead of random people who don’t really have ANY connection to porn except that they are friends with a select few.

  5. Well Dominic it seems we’re getting what we wanted. You are getting press for SYTYCF & I’m creating a lil bit of controversy. It’s nice (with a side of sad) to see some of the comments my presence on the panel has created. But it’s exactly what we knew would happen. Haters gonna hate. Jealous ones still envy.

    The 1st 2 scenes are hot! I can not wait to see more! Here’s hoping season 1 of SYTYCF is a massive success & that season 2 is even bigger!


  6. 3D televisions are gimmicky and over priced; they will be largely ignored by people and be pushed out of the market. Just like its predecessors of antiquated tech that really had no reason for being created in the first place.

    1. The show is in 2D. The sex scene were filmed in both 2D and 3D, so you can take your pick. This show isn’t about 3D, and your feelings on 3D should have no bearing on your enjoyment of the show.

      Stop hating on Marcellas, everyone. Especially when I don’t see you asking about the other judges at all, many of whom would come under the same fire. I adore Marcellas, he is exactly the kind of judge I wanted in the show, and he is doing an awesome job. If you don’t want him to be a judge, start your own company, produce your own game show, and don’t hire him.

      Why in the world aren’t we all supportive of each other? I get enough crap from straight people. Why are there so many gay people who just want to tear everyone down? SYTYCF is the first-ever reality game show (that I am aware of) in gay porn. It’s also the first one that users can enjoy either in 2D or in 3D. Why not help us celebrate that instead of screaming about who deserves to be a judge, or that someone doesn’t like 3D? Honestly, there is a bigger picture here that “xxx” and others don’t seem to get. I hope you don’t spend this much time hating everything in your real lives. It seems exhausting.

      Honestly, unless you are going to do it better or differently, then why don’t you just appreciate the people who actually are trying to push the envelope and do new things? We get so many comments (we meaning the whole industry) from people saying how tired they are of the “two guys on a couch fucking” scenes. But what happens the minute a company (ie: us) decided to do something new and different? They complain that they don’t like 3D and disregard us (even though our 2D content is some of the hottest around), or they complain about SYTYCF because they don’t understand why one of the judges is there (even though he has the most celebrity of any other judge on the show, to be frank).

      It’s this kind of thing that makes companies wonder why they should try new things at all.

      Jayson, responding on a board like this doesn’t make anyone more or less a celebrity. Perhaps none of us should talk to “everyday people” so there was some pretend shield between us. But I (and Marcellas) choose to talk to our fans, subscribers and even our haters. That means we are interested in being present and part of the conversation. Moreover, in my case it means I am always listening to our customers and working 24/7 to improve their experiences with our site, our content, the platforms we support, and our file formats. If this level of engagement makes you feel like I or Marcellas are lesser people now (compared to the companies you would never hear from or the celebrities who would simply ignore you), then that is your issue. Twitter, Facebook, etc.., all exist to level the playing field and let people communicate without a class system. If you don’t want that in society, that’s up to you. The rest of us are glad to be invited to the party.

      Our first episode comes out next week. I hope you all enjoy, because it is ground-breaking, funny, sexy and a ton of fun.

  7. The first episode airs September 9th. There will be 6 episodes, one released every Thursday. There will be weekly voting, plus a vote for the Grand Finale winner. It’s going to be really exciting!! Full episodes (except sex scenes) are FREE and will be at Members of will get to see the full episodes WITH the sex scenes on either site.

    All the contestants are super, and are very competitive. They all really want to win this. I am excited for everyone to see this show! (Even you, TJ! You should watch our 3D content in HD on our site. 3D looks best in HD.You’ll be amazed. Or get a 3D TV and be really blown away by our 3D content.)

  8. Go Marcellas!

    I think you’d be a great host for this show…. In fact I wouldn’t watch it otherwise but since you are hosting, I will check it out! You are funny, intelligent and a gay man, so that makes you an ideal host for SYTYCF. You go girl!

  9. Several of the contestants we offered the show to, including 2 African American guys (who were crazy hot) backed out at the last moment, which is why we have none in our cast. I am trying to persuade them to do Season 2. It’s hard getting new guys, especially when the exposure (as it is for this show) will be huge.

  10. that what’s u think racist ass-hole, i want colour and i don’t like this kind of competition, i’d rather go for who can take it up the ass.
    It’s a very non-gay approach and of no interest at all

  11. The title is wrong. It should read “So you think you can fuck for four hundred dollars.”. I made the mistake of renting one of those terrible 3D movies once.

      1. Clearly, you’re stupid and a bigot, even if you’re being facetious. It’s what everyone wants like the fucking plague. All white is out, and has been out. I see FAILURE.

    1. I’m a bigger celebrity than say… you. And as a TV host with 3 national and international series behind me, not counting my 2 appearances on CBS’ hit show Big Brother, I think a lot of people know who I am. Obviously you thought enough of me to comment. I’m honored and happy Dominic asked me to participate. I have a lot of friends in the industry. In any event I hope you watch SYTYCF. It’s going to be a very hot show. M*

      1. Ok. Fair statements. But how are you an ‘expert’ on critiquing a porn star when you are not one yourself? Maybe you should work in front of the camera before joining a judging panel for those that actively work in that profession. You have no experience to base your opinions off of. What are you going to say that will be insightful–“That was hot.”

        I have no idea when you talk of ‘3 national and international series’ behind you. I criticize the usage of the term ‘celebrity’ for any reality show castoff/reject. You are no more of a ‘celebrity’ than William Hung. And for the record, I only know of you from BB because you’ve been panned by BB fans. You are recognized as the player known for the single most dumbest move within the entire BB series. That is not something to be exactly proud off. The wikipedia page about Big Brother recognizes you were dumb for not using the POV. Check it out for yourself.

        1. Looking at his IMDB pages, he was in a few Z level skinemax late night shows. I guess those are those “national and international series” he is referring to. Right up there with Mary Tyler Moore, Cheers, Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, and The Sopranos.

          Keep trying Marcellas, maybe Auntie Joanie Rivers will let you sit on the couch one day on E!’s fashion review shows.

        2. Then maybe you should educate yourself further than BB wiki? It’s an ignorant man that takes the word of others & doesn’t seek the truth himself. BB wikipedia is written by fans & haters (many of whom are homophobic & racist) of contestants of a show I did years ago. Those that can do. Those that can’t sit at home & talk crap about those of us who are talented enough to make it onto a national TV show. Twice. My infamy got me paid, mistake or no. It continues to keep me discussed, good or bad.

          And much like William Hung we’ve laughed all the way to the bank and again are more famous (and courageous) than you.

          As far as being a judge, after years of being a successful model, actor, TV host, fashion stylist I know a thing or two about beauty & working in front of and behind the camera. And as a gay man, I know a thing or two about sex.

          It’s curious (and sad) that you’ve singled me out to attack. Not all the judges work in the porn industry. But we all work in entertainment. And the porn industry qualifies as that. But the saddest thing is you are probably gay, and it’s sad that you chose for whatever selfish reason to attack an out and proud member of the LGBT community. It’s behavior like yours that keeps many actors, models, whatever in the closet.

          Your posts show your motivations clearly. And the shame is yours. Prayers and wishes for enlightenment & good karma to you. You can catch me in re-runs on Cinemax, E! & Style. M*

          1. Marcellas,

            I am super excited that you are a judge! :) I know you are going to do a great job! The haters can go take a hike!

          2. Laughing all the way to the bank? OH MARY PLEASE! “Reality stars” are a dime a dozen these days and almost none of them are “laughing all the way to the bank” unless they are doing porn and whoring like Steven Daigle is. I see no one attacking you for your sexual orientation or race cupcake but I do see them making fun of a delusional queen with a over inflated ego.

            Success is in the eye of the beholder, if being on a few Z level reality shows and bit parts in soft core late night porn is success to you, then yes you are successful. Being a “out and proud member of the LBGT community” doesn’t give you carte blanche not to be criticized/ made fun of by fellow members of the GLBT community. Considering your BFF is a gay for pay porn star who makes douche bag comments about gay men and HIV then perhaps you should reconsider the proud part.

            Get over Miss Thing, you aren’t Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, or Dan Choi.

          3. So how much did Dominic Ford pay you for your time on the panel? Twenty bucks– That is a command amount for your celeb status.

            And I’m sure you have visited your wiki page and made favorable edits to your own page. And not every fan that panned you was ‘homophobic’.

            Yes, William Hung and yourself are making the bucks rub elbows with the Hollywood elite like Brad and Angelina, Tom Cruise, and Meryl Streep. And you’ve been to the a-list parties, and events such as the Oscars. Yes you are a celeb.

          4. I don’t know who this Marcellas guy is, but considering he’s taking time to comment back to defend him shows he’s far from a star/celebrity, A OR Z listed. Stop taking things personal, dude… You should be busy “laughing all the way to the bank”.

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