Who Thinks They Can Fuck?

These guys do. DominicFord.com just sent me this obscured cast photo (why are you such a tease, Dominic Ford?) of this season’s So You Think You Can Fuck contestants, and I can say with confidence that…they have nice bodies. I can’t tell who any of them are, can you? Large photo below.

At least if there were cock shots (like in last year’s cast photo), it might be easier to ID some of the guys vying to be America’s favorite gay porn star. Instead, we have to wait until next Thursday, September 15th, when the cast is revealed and the second season of SYTYCF debuts. Last year’s winner of the gay porn reality game show was Golden Gate star Topher DiMaggio.


24 thoughts on “Who Thinks They Can Fuck?”

  1. I’m guessing Kennedy Carter for the very pale guy. I’m sure it has to be a ginger with that skin tone and his armpit hair looks ginger.

      1. I’m the same way. Guys that are as dark as Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley look ridic. But I can practically see his entire cardiovascular system.

      1. yeah, it would have been too easy to guess if we kept the tattoos in. The “real” photo with all the tattoos in their proper places (and their faces!) will be revealed when the show starts on the 15th. :)

  2. The fact Topher DiMaggio won a contest of who is the best fuck proves that this “contest” is as credible as the rest of the reality TV show contest.
    Fun to watch throughout but the judges have terrible taste.

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