OMG. Just. Stop. Talking.

The gift that is Marc Dylan’s foot in his mouth just keeps on giving. As if his first YouTube video about racism from earlier today wasn’t bad enough, now he’s uploaded another, and it’s even longer. Maybe quit while you’re behind?

Instead of addressing the accusations against him directly, Marc Dylan spends 14 minutes obfuscating with talk about what kind of porn sells better, what kind of “looks” are most profitable, and how it would actually be “racially biased” for a gay porn studio to hire someone with an ethnic background over someone who sells better (a white person, using Marc’s logic) just to fill a quota. I guess we know where Marc Dylan comes down on affirmative action.

When Marc Dylan’s porn/escorting career is over, he’ll make a great politician. In Mississippi.


Here’s my advice for Marc Dylan:

94 thoughts on “OMG. Just. Stop. Talking.”

  1. I’m a white guy who’s not normally into white guys. I like black, asian, latinos and others but Marc Dylan was one of the few white guys I was attracted to. When I hear him speak, he’s just like a valleygirl. Boner lost. Next

  2. Ya don’t say?? A white guy who’s not attracted to other people of color because they’re not what he sees on television 24/7? I’m so, so surprised. There’s never been a time in my life where I’ve doubted that he, and countless other gay white pornstars, was attracted to other races. This is so shocking, this is the first time we’ve seen something like this. Maybe when he gets older, and turns 54 and turns all saggy, he’ll be attracted to them like the rest of them normally do.

    Don’t act surprised, people. This didn’t shock me one bit.

  3. This is why i say these whores should be seen and not heard…i have yet to be interested in anything these dudes that choose to fuck for a living have to say !..:-)

  4. ToothlessTweeter

    I don’t want to sleep with Asians because they have small dicks and smell like moldy rice. Indians are often sweaty and expunge curry sap from their pores. Blacks have little nappy curly hairs that get stuck in my teeth and I often forget to floss. Just keeping it real. Diesel Washington style (minus the hoodie and skittles)!

    1. You are a perfect example of the kind of disgusting people who hide beyond their keyboards and spout racist drivel that they would NEVER say to someone’s face because you’d get your ass kicked.

      1. ToothlessTweeter

        Just keeping it real. How many Asians and Indians have you seen in gay porn? Blacks have been lucky and should count their blessings. There’s actually a small market for their ghetto thuggery. From the looks of these comments, the 10-inch black porn market is GROWING! Stop complaining!

          1. ToothlessTweeter

            Maybe Diesel Washington can translate. He speaks Ebonics. If Obama had a son, it would look like him.

  5. Wow. He really should NOT have done this particular video blog–he is absolutely ill-equipped to articulate a nuanced argument about racism in porn and his own “preferences.”

  6. When you validate discrimination against others, you’re validating discrimination against yourself. Recently, a gay couple in NM was ordered by a bus driver to move the back of the bus. Gays endure the same humiliations, indignities, and exclusions as Blacks did (and still do). It is total illogic that, being aware of this, we would visit this discriminiation on someone else.

  7. It’s called having a “type”. You can’t control who you’re sexually interested in. Not wanting to fuck someone doesn’t mean you can’t love them and think they’re absolutely equal to you. Romantic racial preference is not racist. There are black men who are only interested in white people. There are white people who are only interested in black people. There are people who are only interested in Asian people. As long as you don’t equate your sexual taste with how you perceive people in the world – what’s the big fuckin’ deal?

    Stop trying to start a race debate over this. There’s tons of actual racist shit going on in the world, if you want to talk about that.

      1. No, it’s not okay to be racist at all. This isn’t about racism. It’s about what gets your dick hard and what doesn’t. I’m personally not into most Asian men, sexually. They’re still totally equal to me and I don’t feel like they’re beneath me in any way. You can’t control who turns you on and who doesn’t.

  8. Take it from the Stats Guru at the AEBN office.

    Aside from New Release and Bareback, Number 1 category is Black. The top ten categories include Interracial and Thug.

    But what do I know?

    1. So true, also on many tube sites as well. For no one to look at it, it gets so much attention.

      Even on Google trends if you search dick, black dick is the #2 search behind big dick. I still think he’s doing this just for the attention. He’s even replying on certain blog sites where he knows comments will be edited/deleted to keep thing in his favor. I don’t doubt these are his true feelings, I think he’s must making an issue of it, for the attention. I’m getting really sick of people using social issues simply for entertainment.

    2. I think the Black dudes who are NOT thugs are the ones who face the bulk of discrimination. They are not wanted by the racist because they are Black, and they are not wanted by White admirers who only want Black stereotypes, i.e, thugs…I have a Black friend who’s into White guys, and he gets told all the time that they won’t date him cause he’s not “hood” or edgy enough…

      1. Gay porn fanatic

        Would you believe me if I said this comment is my entire life? If I don’t EXPLICITLY state IN PLAIN WORDS that I’m not a top, 90% of my conversations are from guys who want BBC. The other ones expect me to be some sort of uneducated thug.

        So my dating options tend to be small.
        Once, I was at a bar and someone tried to hit on me starting with “you look educated”.

        So yes. This comment is my whole life.

        1. ToothlessTweeter

          You’re lucky anybody even bothers to talk to you. Stop wearing that hoodie and you’ll get more dates.

    1. ooooooohh!!! so what ur saying is that black people are the same as yellow cars? LMFAO i am white and all of the white ‘i am NOT a racist because [insert racist comment]’ cliches in this comment section are so embarrassing…..but only to urselves….

      u are such a stupid waste of space that ur ape like brain thought of using THIS logic to argue that ur NOT racist: i don’t like an inanimate object made of non living particles because of its color and thats just fine!!!!…so therefore if i dont like a living human being that has the same DNA structure as me then i must NOT BE RACIST TOO!!! all u black alarmists….what the deal???”

      at this point u just gotta throw in the towel because people like u will ALWAYS exist

    2. ooooooohh!!! so what ur saying is that black people are the same as yellow cars? LMFAO i am white and all of the white ‘i am NOT a racist because [insert racist comment]’ cliches in this comment section are so embarrassing…..but only to urselves….

      u are such a stupid waste of space that ur ape like brain thought of using THIS logic to argue that ur NOT racist: i don’t like an inanimate object made of non living particles because of its color and thats just fine!!!!…so therefore if i dont like a living human being that has the same DNA structure as me then i must NOT BE RACIST TOO!!! all u black alarmists….what the deal???”

      at this point u just gotta throw in the towel because people like u will ALWAYS exist

  9. Why do we care what a porn star has to say about anything?
    What gives him the credibility and qualifications to comment on such complex issues?
    Perhaps we as a community need to see porn stars in a more realistic light and not be “dazzled” by their fame. After all, the are just Men and are no better or worse than any of us. They just happen to have sex for money and get filmed doing it. The rest of the image is puff and invariably created by the studio that they work for which just creates more self loathing for the rest of us.

  10. It’s not racism, it’s conditioning. When 99% of mainstream (not thugged-out) gay porn stars, go-go boys, gay advertising models, gay bartenders, etc etc all look the same, well of course people become conditioned to want white dudes or Latinos who look like white dudes: that’s what’s presented as the ideal. People who fall prey to this conditioned are not the racists, the racists are Andrew Christian, Chi Chi LaRue (the THUG dildo was really classy), most porn producers (not all, Michael Lucas for example features black guys in mainstream porn scenes), gay publishers and gay fashion mavens, and bar owners who refuse to hire non-security bar staff who aren’t white.

    The whole “we’re just doing what sells” excuse didn’t work for the BMV and their support of Nazi anti-Semitism, and it’s not an excuse for the blatant racism of the gay media and entertainment world.

  11. My entire life I’ve basically gone for latino and black guys and when people would ask me (I’m cauc) what type of guys I liked I would say “definitely not white boys”. Well fast forward to being 42 and married and guess what: my partner is caucasian. No one ever accused me of racism when I had previously expressed my proclivities and in all honesty, my cock would shrivel up when I even thought about having sex with another white dude (maybe some very swarthy guys were a turn on). Sexuality is suuuch a complex part of our psyches, not only based on our circumstances and upbringing but also based on our individual biologies and brain chemistries. So maybe we shouldnt be too quick to judge what is actually what. Now if we hear Marc Dyldo pulling a Paula Dean and having plantation style dinner parties, thats a whole new ballgame.

      1. Well Nate nothing concrete I can put my finger on. I just wasnt turned on. Its not that I didnt like other white guys or thought something was wrong with them, I just felt no attraction and had no sexual “charge” with them.

        1. Could you see the beauty in other men of your race?

          I had a friend who didn’t start dating men of his race until he was in his 30’s because of the negative stereotypes he encountered while growing up. My friend is Mexican. We had some discussions and he started dating men who were also Mexican. There is a reason for our attractions and when people truly look at it they know why they are attracted to what they find appealing to them.

          Marc,Connor and the people giving them passes know full well that they are Racist, because there attitude toward Men of Color(Mostly African descent) is based on their race and with Connor it seems primarily on skin color.

          As Maya Anglou said “When someone shows me who they are, I believe them” They along with Billy Santoro and Trentin Ducati and other posters here have shown us who they are, believe them.

  12. Let’s be clear on what a ‘preference’ is -A preference is not an absolute exclusion. It means that, if given a choice between apples and oranges, you’re inclined to choose the apple more often than not. That does NOT mean that you would never eat an orange. That retard Connor Kline made the point that he was attracted to Austin Wilde because Austin was not “100% African American” (he’s a genealogist now?)He could have simply said, “I prefer lighter skinned Black males”. Anyway, from a business perspective, it’s a bad idea to alienate fans with controversy. Marc shoulda kept his mouth shut. If you’re gonna do video blogs, stick to topics like chest waxing.

  13. Ruling out an entire race of men as unfuckable, even though men in that race can be just as diverse in looks, personality, body type, etc. as any other race is racist, plain and simple. Why do so many gay men think that it isn’t? Because they’ve lied to themselves and convinced themselves that attraction isn’t learned? If you said “I don’t want to sit next to black men”, you’d rightly be seen as a racist in the eyes of most people and no one would think your “preference” excuses that, so why do so many people think saying “I don’t want to have sex with black men” is okay? Ruling out an entire race based on the color of their skin is the very basic definition of racism. For any other topic, employment, housing, enrollment, that kind of exclusionary thinking would be called what it is: racist, so how does attraction become this special category where it’s totally not racist to rule out entire races of people? You don’t have to fuck black guys, just stop lying about how racist you’re acting.

    As for the matter of gay porn, it seems abundantly clear that non-white performers, particular black performers are placed under greater scrutiny by and seen as less appealing to gay porn buyers. Feedback on most black models is probably less than stellar, so it really isn’t a surprise that so few black performers work with the more well-known companies or that so many white pornstars can have prolific careers without having ever fucked a black performer, or is it a surprise that porn performers can probably specifically request not to work with black performers and not have it negatively impact their career in any way.

  14. Its not a preference…why do people use that word? to make themselves feel better? If anything preference is the PC term. If anything, preference should be called a racial requirement.
    “In order to date me or have sex with me, I require your skin to be white”
    I mean lets be real, you require your partners to be white. I don’t understand why people think calling it a “preference” somehow makes that shit justifiable.

    While I don’t think people who have racial requirements are racist, that doesnt mean racism has nothing to do with it. Sometimes I can’t help but think “I wonder if the same stereotypes that cause black men to be racially profiled are the same reasons why I see ‘NO BLACKS’ so often in profiles.” I cant help but wonder how much of it has to do with what we’re culturally conditioned to believe.

    Lastly, I always find it hilarious when people say “LOOK I GOT THIS PERSON OF COLOR TO AGREE WITH ME ABOUT MA RACISM. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.” I’m not even black. I have no personal stake in whether people sleep with black people. But that doesnt mean I wont point out when a gay person is being a hypocrite when it comes it to race.

  15. Marc Dylan basically thinks that people of color are not attractive. He dances around the issue because he’s afraid to say what a blatant racist he is, therefore making himself an ugly person on the inside hiding behind the shallowness of his physique. He represents not only the mentality of a number of people in the gay porn world, but a large part of the community as well. There is more racism in the gay community than people realize, but all you have to do is go to a gay bar and observe the behavior.

    1. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

      There is a lot of homophobia in the gay community but that doesn’t make every gay person a homophobe.

  16. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

    He doesn’t have sex with black men so he’s a racist? People have all kinds of preferences in life but those preferences do not make them racists. I guess it must be a slow day in the gay porn news world.

  17. Honestly, I would prefer he categorically state that he’s not attracted to Blacks, than to be like the majority of White bottoms I know…They talk all kinds of racist smack in the light of day, but when their needy asshole gets hungry, all they want is BBC, BBC, BBC, because they are fixated on the mandingo image. Which in my opinion is even worse than blatant racism. Because they have reduced Blacks to nothing but sexual objects that are only desirable when your asshole is hungry.

  18. I personally think he’s just enjoying the attention. On top of not being that intelligent, if you hold a preference, you don’t usually have to explain it. He’s going out of his way to be passive aggressive with these “us vs them” allegories to side-step just saying “yes”. That’s I’ll I’m seeing with this.

    If you don’t like a “type”, don’t fuck the type. If you are questioned about it, don’t answer the damn question. He’s not under oath and hasn’t broken any law; just simply enjoying being a little drama queen. It’s sad this issue is so pervasive in every aspect of our society. One thing about Jenna Jameson who also refused to work with African Americans, she never did stuff like this. Lots of straight porn stars do, it was only a matter of time before it became the gay porn thing to do.

    1. Jenna Jameson, refused to have sex with A LOT OF MEN! It didn’t matter what race. There were only four or five guys she ever fucked on camera, and those were her usual repeats in all films. She was picky with men because she could ask for the guys that treated her well on set. She had sex with a lot of women.

      And to be honest there isn’t a lot of black stars that aren’t doing “niche” porn, which caters to racist fantasies.

      In either case of hiring a minority performer for a “niche” video or NOT hiring any minorities at all, the underlying power dynamic is the established: you are not equal.

  19. Marc Dylan is digging himself a hole, that he will not be able to get out of. To make matters worse, he danced around the question, and he had others defend him. I hate when people beat around the bush!

  20. Let’s just piss off the remaining people in the gay community who like them, and alienate them even more!?! Shall We!?!

    Well, with the likes of Trenton Ducati in agreement, who contributed his refined legal analysis of Travon Martin, who can find fault in Marc’s Logic?

    Billy Santoro and the rest should be flushed down the toilet, for good measure too, after reading his tweet about bare backing. I guess Lucas was pissed with the suggestion people don’t watch the film if they don’t like it. It was later deleted Dummies. And no Billy, you are turned down because a. you do bareback porn, and b. because you are “married” and I use quotes to connote what ever you call it. No one wants that.

    What is it with men like this? They must live in some bubble in which the world caters to their whim. These people must get a pass in life because they are considered really hot. Note how much tweets they get from fans who condone such shitty attitudes.

    They need to watch that Breaking Bad clip over and over if they feel inclined to share their fantastic opinions with the public again!

    1. Amen.

      Billy Santoro..???? Really? Who the fuck does he think he is? He’s done what 3-4 scenes and all of a sudden bitch thinks he’s a diva and has an entourage. Tired and Tacky. He and his buddy the newly minted Dumbass Connor Kline are exclusives at All of them porn would be better without.

    1. No, it does not mean that at all, but pre-judging an entire group of people without treating each person as an individual is wrong. You can choose between skinny and bearish, effeminate and masculine, so forth and so on, just as long as you do not reduce an entire group of people to a single set of disqualifying traits having not met all the persons that make up that group. You can have a “preference”, just take the time to understand why you have that preference and if you happen to meet someone that is in that null set that turns your fancy be man enough to acknowledge that you did not have a preference you had a prejudice.

  21. Yea seriously his problem is addressing the issue in the first place. If you’re not going to directly answer the question, dancing around the question makes you look A LOT worse.

    1. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

      Or a person could risk answering it honestly and either be labelled a racist or the gay Jesus.

    1. Do I have to repeat myself??

      The 14 minute recent YouTube video could have been condensed to: “I’m particular about the scenes and partners I work with, however, I’d be open to try different scenes given the right circumstances.” And leave it at that.

      1. That would have been the perfect response. I think he suffered being linked to someone who did an absolutely poor job of voicing their opinion on the subject.

  22. Glad you found it!!

    He just uploaded this today, and I just had a Twitter falling out with the Man. His “In regards to you” attack was priceless…

    Marc you can dance around answering questions directly using whatever “Big Word” of the day for you. But you opened the “Can of Worms” yourself. That Youtube above only shows you how clueless you are when it comes the Porn Industry.

    I say this out of respect for your work. Keep your mouth SHUT!! You are not an Intellectual porn star like Connor or Colby(neither am I)so all this double talking and trying to use Southern Charm or Political correctness in your debates are pointless. Your agenda speaks volumes to Me and anybody else with half a brain. Race is not a “Type” or “Look” or whatever else you can come up with.

    You said You do as you please..and don’t care what other people think…Fine!

    If you had any balls you would just answer the question directly(leaving Me out of the equation)but whatever…

    “In regards to you”…How funny

    1. Diesel, you need a therapist. You got rage issues. And entitlement cause you don’t bottom and expect others to do so.

      1. The tone of Diesel post wasn’t ‘angry’. You should check yourself because your true colors are showing. Marc Dylan is this you?

    2. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

      Mr. Washington nobody has to explain who they are and aren’t attracted to. Also they don’t have to shut up if they don’t want to answer a question or don’t seem intellectual to you. Many people think you’d have to be unintellectual to become a porn star but just because many people think that doesn’t make it a true statement. Maybe Marc Dylan isn’t attracted to you but that doesn’t mean he isn’t attracted to other black men or make him a racist. It does get blog traffic though.

        1. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

          unintellectual (ˌʌnɪntɪˈlɛktʃʊəl )


          not expressing or enjoying mental activity
          not appealing to people with a developed intellect

  23. Mick Lovell has apparently signed with BelAmi – wouldn’t he be the bigger racist for joining forces with a studio which has never employed a black model in it’s 20+ year history?

    1. BelAmi is a different story altogether. The Europeans (especially in the East) are unabashedly racist. The global recession drove a lot of African migration to Eastern Europe, and racism has climbed as a result.

      1. These generalizations about “Europeans” are just plain stupid and ignorant. Racism and nationalism are on the rise in many European countries but that does not make these countries per definition racist and xenophobic. If you would take a careful look at the election results in individual countries you would have noticed this.

        Your observation about African migration to Eastern Europe is also wrong. There has never been any significant African migration to Eastern Europe, not in the past and not now. This is not because of racism in East European countries (which does exist) but because of lack of jobs in these countries. Maybe you should ask Mr. Higgins in Prague why so many guys come to audition for his studio in the last few years.

    2. Hmmm…Mick Lovell signed with them a long time ago and was let go earlier this year. Also, you may want to look up Adam Dexter and Bel Ami.

    1. You’re using playground logic. The rest of us live in the real world. Just call Dylan’s comments what they are…ignorant.

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