Presented Without Comment: Riley Price Reacts To Grabbys Shut-Out


49 thoughts on “Presented Without Comment: Riley Price Reacts To Grabbys Shut-Out”

  1. I am a huge fan of porn. But, I find it funny that all the bitching about awards is ridiculous. We as fans watch the scenes for the fucking not the direction or creativity or even the lighting. I watch the scenes or films for the hot guys with big dicks, tight asses, blowjobs, rimming, hard fucking and cumshots that make me cum every time I watch. Riley, I loved your scene with cayden on Randy Blue. And riley I loved your scene with tony buff. Just keep on fucking and opening your hole for hard dick. Jeremy bilding I was a huge fan of yours but then you went on doing straight porn because you were getting no roles in gay porn. I find anything you say is hypocritical and that you should just shut the fuck up and go back and lick some pussy.

    1. bernardo that’s exactly what I wanted to say. It’s just porn, people. I can’t believe anyone would take any award for porn seriously. The only goal in porn (other than making money) is to get people off and if you’re doing that, then you’re doing your job. That’s it. You don’t need an award for biggest dick or best oral scene or whatever (I’ll admit I don’t know what the categories are because I’ve always found porn awards to be utterly ridiculous). If any porn star needs the validation of an award than I would suggest that they have other issues that exist and you they may wanna look elsewhere for help.

  2. There’s something to be said about being nominated for 8 different awards, it’s commendable and I’m not sure if anyone else has accomplished that feat. For that, congratulations, you have had one heck of a year, sir! I first met you last year at the CyberSocket party during LA Pride. You were friendly, personable, and this was the first time you told me about your plans for Having just went through the process of launching a new site months earlier, I offered you some advice to help you avoid some of the early rookie mistakes that we had encountered. You then told me that if we wanted our site to be successful, we should find a model that looks just like you. This was the first time I encountered your ego.

    The next time I saw you was at Chi Chi’s birthday party in Weho. She asked us to dance at her party and since she has been such a great friend to us, we obliged. We weren’t being paid, we were just there to help a friend celebrate a birthday. When I ran into you early in the night, I was excited to see you again and asked if you were there to dance as well. You replied with “I’m known around here, I don’t need to do that.” I was a little taken back by that statement, but shrugged it off and we still brought you back to our reserved table. We spoke for a while along with your video editor and I continued to give you some advice from our experiences to help you with your new endeavor until you stormed off like a mad-man.

    I’m not sure why your site isn’t operating anymore, from what I’ve seen on Twitter, you’ve probably put more passion into a scene than many studios do combined. When we launched our site,, we were broke, living on unemployment, and had no clue how to build or run a website. However, what we did know is that if we treated people right, stayed focused, listened to what our fans wanted, and didn’t succumb to all of the nay-sayers, we could grow something from nothing. I can remember all of the arguments, mistakes, sleepless nights, and the frustration that we went through and I’m sure you can identify with that. To many, the porn awards are nothing special, but to you and to others, it means a whole lot more. It may only be a small slab of acrylic, but for us, it was nice to have all of our hard work and dedication recognized. We may never be on par with Randy Blue, Corbin, or Sean Cody, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get recognition. If “politics” as you called it, weren’t a part of these awards, every category would go to the studio with the most money, best equipment, biggest staff, and fanciest production. In other words, and would never get recognized.

    My current advice to you is just relax. Don’t take yourself too seriously and work on mending some bridges that you’ve burned. It really helps to have a strong support system in this industry and porn should never be the one thing in your life that completes you. All is not lost because you left the Grabbys empty-handed. Use this experience as fuel to bounce back stronger than before. I’ve personally never watched a scene with you in it, but from what I have been told by others is that you are a great performer. Be that. I’m not sure if you have a substance-abuse issue, if you do, take care of that- it will get you nowhere in life. With your passion and drive, you can become anything that you set your mind to. We overcame enormous odds to make AZ what it is today and I have faith that you can do the same thing. Our door is always open in Vegas if you ever need a shoulder to lean on. Take care of yourself, Mr. Price, I hope this isn’t the last we see of you.


    1. Now, that’s how you give advice! You guys are a class act and have been since day one! I’m a pround charter member of AustinZane. Your professionalism, charm, dedication and vision is always on point.

      While the gay porn business is in transition, it’s great to see that there is a new breed of savvy, honest and sincere businessmen out there leading the new generation of producers. And, you give good porn too. Very good porn.

    2. while i adore and respect u guys..some of the things you’ve claimed i’ve said aren’t truer or u misunderstood me. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. “On a side note I think 90 percent of the award winners were more than deserving. Some winners though….ill just stop here.”

    What a bitter bitch and apparently illiterate. Did anyone else get a headache trying to comprehend that mess? It’s not to late for a GED.

    1. Agreed, but you can’t totally blame Riley for his illiteracy, some of it lies with the public school system.

  4. Jeremy Bilding

    After his and my little fight, I’m hoping he got the reality check he needed. Though, I was really hoping for some flying tomatoes.

    1. I think he deserves another chance. He may have not been turning tricks in Marrakech like you, Mr. Mojo, and Mr. Bateman were I think Riley can bounce back. After all, studios continue to hire the “Steve Driver” of gay porn Spencer Fox. Lets just hope none of the producers that hire him end up like Tom Dong.

  5. All it takes to keep a website running is paying the bill………just saying. And what a delusional pathetic human being. Your porn is not that great….you are NOT a porn superstar as most people outside the industry have never even heard of you. Your reputation in normal life in Chicago and LA is that of a detestable person and a total mess. You are a loser honey go away.

      1. Life will not end well for this one. I actually feel bad for him reading all of this….he is clearly a lost soul.

  6. She black as tar, nappy-headed, got legs like baseball bats, and I hear she got that nasty women’s disease.

  7. No disrespect, Riley, but to keep up with the theme: maybe God is tryin’ to tell you somethin’.

    Just sayin’ (and again, I mean that in the best of ways).

  8. Spongey- I admit I am very vocal at time perhaps too vocal. Sometimes I let my emotions and passion for the business get the best of me. Please don’t assume I’d been intoxicated or whatever when writing this piece. I think its a bit wrong u compliment me on twitter, but then u bash me here. Make up ur mind.

    sxg..what shut my site down..just to be the fact that I was running a whole site by myself. Everything. I was wearing 10 different hats and this was my first go at doing anything with such intense work hours and focus. I admit…i may had bitten off more than I could chew and I can admit that, but I also am very proud of the work that came out of it..granted the lighting was bit weak..but the content was magnificent for a start-up site.. I wouldn’t expect u to understand this because you will waste no time to bash me on here in every opportunity you get. And sadly, I think your someone who I know personally..well.

    Also, This by no means suggests this will be my last attempt at this job role.

    Bottom Line: I launched a website on my own. I DID it and ran with it and wrote , directed and starred in my own content. At this time, I am more than satisfied for accomplishing such a feat. Many can’t claim the same..Again, I do apologize for some of my ‘straight forwardness’ that to some can be misunderstood as ‘ cattie’ But I have been taught that you have one life, in if you have something to say, say it, cause when its over, its over. I mean what I say and say what I mean.

    On a side note I think 90 percent of the award winners were more than deserving. Some winners though….ill just stop here. :)

    I think I plan on writing my thoughts down and emailing them to myself before i tweet anything. Twitter can be a dangerous thing. I like some of are growing everyday . I am not perfect..not by a longshot. Take care!



    1. Oh Riley, I didn’t bash you. I was certainly being bitchy about the booze comment, but I still love watching you get porked. I am however not some fan gurl who thinks your ass shoots rainbows and you can do no wrong. Sometimes your shit stinks too.

      Anyhow, my intent was to provide some perspective regarding your “Color Purple” analogy and encourage you to strive to be the best you can without denigrating somebody else’s accomplishments.

    2. Fortunately we do not know each other. And do I always leave negative responses about you? hmm I guess I do, but that’s only because stories posted about you seem to always illicit mostly negative responses. So don’t single me out for it.

      I actually think that you are physically stunning. I love your scene with Cayden Ross in that football movie you two were in. Loved the contrast of your milky white skin to his gorgeous tanned skin. I think you’re a decent bottom. You photograph well, but there have been some instances where I don’t know what the photographer was thinking.

      Now back to your response. I have no doubt that you genuinely poured everything you had to your site. Of course it isn’t that easy to run a whole porn site on your own. You should’ve found someone trusting in your life to help you run it, or at least given yourself some time to better prepare you for it. You work in an industry where you learn through your own experiences and the resources you currently have (asking for advice from studios you worked with would have helped), not what is taught in a classroom.

      With that being said, no award gives a shit about how much effort you put into anything. It always has to do with the end result. And if you didn’t win any awards, then meh so be it. Don’t take it so serious, and don’t define what you have done by some stupid porn award. Also, everybody remembers the movie The Color Purple, but I bet less than half the people remember the name of the movies that won. I still wouldn’t call you no Color Purple though.

    3. Having someone give you money to start your site isn’t “doing it on your own”. You are a fucking joke dude. You proved this in Chicago when you were crying on the curb outside of the Tim and Roma show. Everyone laughs at you because you are an asshole. People may have some respect for you for “starting your own business” if you were actually a nice guy. But instead you continue to make yourself look like a moron.

  9. Riley Price is one of the WORST oralists working in porn today. The boy doesn’t know how to suck a dick. He may be an okay bottom but he does not the whole performance package. Only Marko Lebeau rivals him in this terrible oral sex department.

  10. How could he not win for his scene in Golden Gate? It was one of the hottest porn scenes of the year.

    It would have been the hottest but well the first scene Chris Porter and Colby Keller is the hottest porn scene I have ever watched.

  11. I feel badly for him if accolades are what he needed to boost his obvious low self-worth. He can “proclaim” himself whatever he chooses to “proclaim”. Hell, for that matter, in his mind he can proclaim himself the WINNER of every award he was nominated for and didn’t win. True winning comes from within and sadly Mr. Price doesn’t yet recognize that. He’s pretty new on the scene in my opinion to be taken seriously at this point. While I’m not disputing his talent (I’m not familiar enough with his work to do so) I do recognize his lack of understanding regarding how industries (of any sort) tend to work. Unfortunately for Mr. Price he is too young to understand that praise and accolades come from equally hard work. I don’t know the back story about Mr. Price and his site,, except through all the hilarious stuff I’ve read on this and other blogs. But I do know that when I type in nothing comes up.

    If I type in I find a site that has been updated consistently for over a year now. I have also read many positive reviews of and give them credit for creating something that doesn’t feel “plastic”. While they may be relatively new on the scene, they seem to have an understanding and ability to run a productive company. I’ve watched some of their videos and have been impressed with their style. They don’t seem to be feeding off anyone but themselves. I also haven’t read (or maybe I’ve missed it) any melt-downs or public show-downs with their “competitors” or foes. They seemed to be focused on their work and their site and producing content to the best of their ability.

    There is something to be said for such hard work and I think they received the proper accolades they deserved at the Grabby Awards.

    As for Mr. Price, I think he failed to walk away with a very valuable—even motivating—lesson. Hard work, commitment and paying more attention to your fans instead of your foes puts you in “the zone” to keep moving forward. I hope Mr. Price can prioritize his daily life and what is important to both he and his work to find a balance. If walking away from the industry after such a short time empty handed leaves him traumatized then pick up that camera, stay off of Twitter and continue to prove himself. Otherwise, if controlling the entire party is what’s most important then don’t go to parties where you aren’t the host. Especially if it’s your debutante ball.

    Riley, I wish you all the best young man.

    1. Dink, why don’t you put some this “hard work” that you speak of into your own site? Your site, Active Duty, absolutely sucks now. All of the things that you generoulsy say about AustinZane is true, but none of those qualities can be contributed ActiveDuty.

      You criticize Riley Price’s website, but the relaunch of your site appears to have been done by high school students. Your content over the past several months is absolutely lackluster and I question if your recent models are really military. To me Active Duty represents: the famous Axl controversy, stoking controversies for PR, recycling old content, recycling content from ASG, new website with videos that don’t work and descriptions that forever say “coming soon”, casting twink after twink, losing popular models, no diversity and a concept that has not evolved one bit in years.

      If I were Riley Price (or AustinZane), the last person I would take advice from is Dink Flamingo.

      1. Jimmy you should know your history a little better before you say no one should take advice from Dink. Active Duty is one of the longest running gay web sites on the Internet. For fourteen years now it’s been online and operating. That’s longer than Riley has had hair on his nuts. Dink has won his fair share of awards and done some amazing things. He’s pretty much done it all on his own without a big staff backing him up. I think the fact that he’s still successful after so long says a lot about his brand and his work. As a member of both the old site and the new one I think his new site is awesome. It works perfect on my computer, iPad, and iPhone and I have yet to experience any problems with it. Maybe it’s your computer that needs the upgrade. I don’t think the advice Dink gave Riley was bad at all. Riley could learn something from his peers who have endured their share of ups, downs, trial and error. As for the comparison to AustinZane I think it was a proper comparison since Riley chose to use it in his original temper tantrum. The real fact still remains that Riley threw in the towel and gave up while other new sites with young owners like AustinZane have thrived. There is no comparison between the two except one was a success and the other a failure.

        1. I have my opinion and you have yours. And my opinion is that Active Duty has been crap for several months…hell, it’s been on a steady decline for more than a year. I stand by my criticisms and I didn’t list them all.

          But, if your good with Dink Flamingo recycling content, more power to you. Recycling content is thievery.

          Lastly, thanks for the history lesson. Active Duty certainly was a pioneer on the web, but that was then…. Now, if you want my dozens of Active Duty VHS tapes, let me know where to mail them.

  12. Oh dear, Riley must be sucking on the bottle again, and I don’t mean milk.

    I suppose it’s understandable for Riley to be upset; but how can anyone take these awards seriously? I think a little humility and less cattiness wouldn’t hurt. Perhaps Mr. Price might remember that even though the “Color Purple” was shut out, the movie itself has endured and people quote lines from it all the time. Good work will always endure even in Porn.

    “And now…I feels like singing!”

  13. He was nominated for a hell of a lot of awards…obviously he has great talent and he is hot as fuck,he should not feel that bad, think of the thousands of guys in gay porn that wouldn’t even get near a nomination let alone an award…Take it easy Riley you had a great win some you lose some.

  14. Unleash the vile comments about this guy. What did he do to warrant everyone’s distain? He’s obviously had his problems, but he is really gorgeous and a good performer, in my opinion

  15. LMAO at the hardest worker. He was too drunk to even keep his own website running, after taking a whole year to even launch it at that. I’m glad for him that he’s getting the help he needs but there wasn’t much he did in the last year that was award-deserving.

      1. Credit to DListed who always tweeks “Harpo, who dis woman?” on his blog writing about celebrities. Michael K is a genius.

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