Steven Daigle Threatens To Sue Manhunt Daily Blog For “Defamation Of Character”

Finally, The Sword isn’t the only blog that a porn star is threatening to sue.

Because when you have already been on a reality show, gone str8-for-pay, thrown a Fleshjack out a window, been arrested (and cleared) in a domestic assault charge, and made a hotel sex tape with fake poop, what else is there to do but sue a porn blog?

This blog war is pretty stupid/boring as far as blog wars go, but never overestimate the threshold of what constitutes “news” here. Last week, Manhunt Daily’s blogger Dewitt attacked Steven Daigle when he wrote this blog post about him, which is actually about an event that happened three months ago.

In the end, the award show itself wound up being a lot of fun! It really got me into the spirit of the night, so I decided to make my very first introduction—to [Daigle’s dog] “Porno Payton.” For those of you who aren’t in the know, that’s the nickname given to Steven Daigle’s dog.

As I swooped in to shower Payton with my puppy love, Daigle did a complete 180 degree turn and walked in the other direction. I stood in the same spot for what felt like forever, insulted that I had just been given the cold shoulder. […] Fuck you, Steven Daigle. And your little dog too.

If telling a dog to fuck off on a blog seems harsh, don’t worry, Dewitt has since apologized (to the dog, not to Daigle).

And today, The Sword has obtained this response letter that Steven Daigle wrote to Dewitt. You should X out of this window right now and go do something else.


I have asked you on numerous occasions, and in numerous formats, to respond to me concerning the blog you wrote about me on March 29th, 2012…In this blog you go above and beyond your duties as a Manhunt Blogger (I would hope that your duties don’t include airing personal feuds or issues with individuals on a personal level and completely unrelated to Porn, Manhunt or anything remotely resembling news.) by bashing my reputation.  Specifically my reputation as it pertains to event appearances and general public behavior towards fans or any individuals I come in contact with.  I have specifically asked that you respond to one thing in particular you wrote “Daigle did a complete 180 degree turn and walked in the other direction. I stood in the same spot for what felt like forever, insulted that I had just been given the cold shoulder by someone whose fantasy I made come true.”  However true your statement may be that I did do a 180, it is written out of context and lacks all Merit and Validity when combined with the following:  I have no clue who you are or what you look like and you made no attempt to contact or speak to me therefore I had no idea you were wanting my attention or waiting for me.  I also have explained that I was in a rush to get my dog out of the bar as the music had started playing very loudly and the bar was filling up with patrons, both were beginning to frighten her, any immediate 180 that I made was simply because you were in my way and not allowing me to exit.  Being in the public eye for many years now I have learned to deal with so called “writers” and “Bloggers” who, for whatever reason they have, chose to bash my time in the Big Brother House, porn performances, my online behavior and/or my many public “meltdowns” as they like to refer to them. This has become a normal part of my life and for the most part I am happy to let them write what they choose to write and get on with my life. However, your post specifically hit a soft spot with me for several reasons. First is the fact that I was always told by the staff at Manhunt, those that I have had contact with, what a good guy you are and they even asked that I autograph numerous items for you because you had always been a big fan of mine. In addition I do not understand why you have chosen a public venue, like your blog, to suddenly attack my personality and credibility as being known as a friendly and down to earth person in public settings. You may or may not be aware that part of my income is generated from the appearances that I do nationwide at Gay Prides, Bars and other venues where I am asked to meet with fans and patrons to chat, take photos or just simply say hi. It is essential that I be a social and friendly representative of not only my name, but the Venue themselves, promoters and studios who help sponsor these events. As I stated in one of my many responses to you, I can provide references from bar owners and promoters starting from the West Coast and moving to the East Coast of the US, Canada and the UK. I have proven myself as being an outgoing, friendly and down to earth guy that never leaves an event without hearing “Great job, we would love to have you back anytime.” Basically your accusations are not only hurtful on a personal level, but also on a professional level which can very easily effect my ability to get further appearance work in the future. I have spoken to a lawyer who has stated that by printing what you have I do have grounds to start a defamation of character suite against you and Manhunt Daily if a sincere apology and retraction is not printed and the original story removed.


Steven Daigle

While Steven Daigle is actually a very nice person in real life and The Sword can objectively state that Dewitt is an awful monster who should never be allowed to blog again, Steven Daigle’s suite against someone’s personal experience and opinion probably won’t hold up in court, seeing as how, uhh, duh.



34 thoughts on “Steven Daigle Threatens To Sue Manhunt Daily Blog For “Defamation Of Character””

  1. I support him, he’s really cute, and I’m thrilled that he’s taking loads up his ass on film. I hope there are more movies coming.

  2. juz recently been readin about ur conflict wif Trent Locke, u guys still talk now? believe me, u guys were perfect couple, juz dont understand why thing suddenly happened? media didnt state da why. ’til now, did u regret of the action, Steven?

  3. Dear Steven Daigle,

    The key to not being seen as a douche is to NOT ACT LIKE A DOUCHE.

    Your epic screed and lawsuit threats? SUPER DOUCHEY. Especially considering that Mr. Dewitt was apparently just a fan who got his feelings hurt and didn’t know he was imposing on you. You could have taken your dog and explained your needs to him diplomatically, as if you were a grownup.

    P.S. I fucking love your work and your looks. But you might be too thin-skinned for the limelight.

    Class and confidence are a lot more appealing than a Touchy Little Diva who’s going to bleed to death from something so petty.

  4. Steven Daigle:You sexy wildabeast- you are the the flame inside my fire. You are the motor that rotates my tire. You are the the gravy on my potato and the skittle that helped me taste the rainbow. You are the m&m that makes me melt in my hand and the cliff notes that helps me understand that u r a maricle that needs to be seen to be believed. I love you steven daigle. Aaand scene.

    1. i couldn’t agree more, and when I saw him in his latest video “Cum Whore” I was dumfounded. I haven’t jerked off this much in a long, long time. Does he have an escort service? If yes, then he should contact me.

  5. Just sounds to me like somebody is a DIVA!!! I mean seriously this is probably one of the stupidest things I have heard in a long time. Like who really cares what they write about you whether its positive or negative. A true star just takes it with a grain of salt and laughs it off. But A petty Diva actually wastes time and money to sue over something that a court judge will laugh at the minute he sees it. If you can’t play with the big boys then get outta the game. Grow up!!

  6. You guys are so mean! Probably none of you know what it’s like to have negative stuff written about you on blogs and websites. Maybe he’s crazy but he’s still a human trying to survive out there. : (

    O well… just my 2 cents.

  7. what’s being missed is that Dewitt didn’t say anything disparaging about the character of SD. Just that he was given a cold shoulder, and that is a passive reaction to the action of SD turning and walking away.

    There really are no grounds for civil action here.

    BUT I do think SD has a point. It would have been better handled had SD simply said why he turned and that he was not aware of Dewitt wanting his attention. And that if he knew Dewitt wanted to speak with him, he would have stopped and done so. But if he had responed in that way, the story would have died and there would be not be a continuing saga that keeps his name in the blogs.

    Also, controversy makes print(or blogs nowdays), and creates buzz….. So it’s really a win/win for both. How many hits did the blog get because of it? And how many people who may not have been aware of Steven, now that they have seen his name, just may become fans?

    As my favorite lush/drug addict who says he’s cleaned up his act, but can still partake if he so desires would say:

    ” WINNING! “

  8. If Steven was being honest here, it does matter what people say and do. That’s exactly why he has dumped Socal and gone back to Texas where people are less honest – but obviously, more comfortable in their dishonesty.

    Steven is a washed-up porn actor. He knows it finally and good for him.

    Steven might stand his ground against all of this hate – but what he is really doing is denying to himself what he already knows.

    Hopefully, what he knows, is not to late for him to correct.

  9. OMG, it is so much fun to fuck with y’all! I think I could get you people to argue with me about what it smells like when I fart in the wind! The amount of attention you pay towards picking apart each and every syllabale that I type, the energy you put into thinking of creative and nasty things to say about me. We have a saying back home, “if I didnt give a shit about you then I wouldn’t waste my time making fun of you”. Your passion and energy put towards hating me is some of the greatest flattery I could ever receive! Anytime I am feeling a little lonely or maybe a little depressed I just need to have something posted about myself and instantly I realize how much people really DO care about me! Good or Bad, you care and I THANK YOU FOR THAT!!!!

    Happy Easter Y’all!!!

    Steven Daigle

  10. What a dumb little Mary Miss Daigle is. I hope he wasn’t stupid enough to pay an attorney $$ for that kind of legal advice. Lawyers are notorious for avoiding defamation suits like the plague unless you have deep pockets, which the star of Eating Out 45902 doesn’t have. Steven is a almost 40 year old man, acting like a 12 year old girl.

    1. And the most satisfactory thing about it all is that This broke 12 year old going on 40 year old who appears in films that apparently make enough money that they would make Forty Thousand Sequels to means enough to you that you take the time to read my story and then comment on it! You Sir or Ma’am have made my day and my career all that it was and ever will be ;)

      1. Yes Steven, those films are just like the Harry Potter series, the Twilight Series, and the future Hunger Games series as far as making money goes, not God awful vanity projects were some of the cast fucked someone to get a bit part and what it actually does make barely covers production costs. BTW congrats on your membership into the Academy Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences along with your peers, Octavia Spencer, Bérénice Bejo, Jonah Hill, and Jessica Chastain. I would have nominated you over that hack Max von Sydow this year!

        Yes Steven, your life as a almost washed up 40 year old mentally unstable porn star/attention whore is so fulfilling and glamorous. Your career trajectory has been one that even Meryl Streep would be envious of. From Leo Giamani, to Jeremy Bilding, to Addison the porn star/luxury companion hooker, to the Bait Bus, and now your latest scene is with a guy who last worked for skid row studio SX Video, it’s like Hilary Swank going from The Next Karate Kid to 2 time Academy Award winner.

        Thanks Steven for showing gay men that it does get better and that having a steady job, a solid education, a loving partner, supportive family, and self respect aren’t as important as having the ability to fuck on film in a dirty petri dish bus for a few hundred dollars. Now that’s a skill every gay man should have!

        1. Estelle, unless you are responding from a place of personal knowledge about Steven, it seems you are just being a nasty cunt here. Now, don’t get me wrong, nasty cunts (and two-faced Gemini twats for that matter), are some of my dearest friends, but it just looks like you are going for the cheap shot here . . . and why? Steven, in his lengthy initial post, and then in the few follow-up comments to people here — it seems he’s trying to take a diplomatic approach and not get too personal or nasty.

          Maybe I don’t know what you know — perhaps Mr. Daigle is a cunt himself and has actually earned such vitriol — but if not, what’s the point of calling him washed up and dumb, mocking him like that, and then disparaging his career as a porn actor. Don’t you like porn? I gathered from your comments that you were a connoisseur and were interested in the industry.

          Yes, perhaps what we have here is just a case of Steven taking the safe approach in order to do some damage control — this is his career and livelihood we’re talking about after all, so do you blame him? But my instinct from reading his posts is that he made a concerted effort to NOT get nasty, or dirty, and to take the high road. For someone who has had his dirty laundry aired out in public (granted, often by his own bad decision making), it seems like he’s tryin’ to manage the situation with some tact and thought. Perhaps he really didn’t recognize or acknowledge the Manhunt blogger, the guy who started this whole fucking thing, at that dumb gay bar event.

          In any case, your nasty devaluation of him as a performer and a person — 40 is washed up? — seems unwarranted, cruel, easy and cheap. Anything you know that you’re not telling us?

          Oh, and Steven, in response to your last comment — don’t get too inflated because of all the comments from people. People pay attention to porn stars because, inexplicably, the media, the industry, the people with the money, and seemingly the whole damn world seem to favor and want to know only about beautiful, hot-bodied people — the rest of us can do nothing but watch in horror, and awe, and wonderment, as all the attention goes to people who are so ugly inside, and who make such fucking bad, boring movies — but have big dicks — and perhaps some abs. And sometimes we chat among ourselves to compare notes and pinch ourselves and make sure that, yes, indeed, this bullshit farce is for real. We write about your farts, because, honey, you haven’t offered us anything else.

          1. Blah, blah, blah, Neil. Please don’t call me names that apply to your mother. Yes Neil, I have some knowledge of Steven’s volatile behavior, inflated ego, and bad attitude. Dear his being 40 has zero to do with being washed up but the fact that he is almost 40 and hasn’t grown up and his never ending publicity stunts that are desperate and pathetic. There are guys 15 years younger then him that are now washed up in this industry. Going from CR1 to Bait Bus is a good indicator that you aren’t at the top of your game anymore. I would say the same about Shane Wright who went from Corbin Fisher to eating out Jake Cruise’s asshole and taking every job that was offered him. Steven started out as a well publicized novelty “faux celebrity” and ended up in the same heap as a bunch of other guys who work a lot their first 6 months-1 year in the industry then get pushed aside for another group of guys that will have the same fate.

            If you read his manic responses to DeWitt on the manhunt daily blog (the last one being yesterday), he comes off anything but diplomatic or rational so please spare me the “he took the high road” bullshit. It’s not the first or the last time he’s done it. A few months ago, he tried to get this blog to post old police reports about his ex boyfriend that included his legal name and other personal information about him. They had no relevance other then Steven wanting to embarrass his ex boyfriend. Not to mention his angry tweets to Chi Chi LaRue about “ruining his life” for getting him into porn. Steven has a bad case of “IT’S EVERYONE ELSE’S FAULT BUT MINE” syndrome.

            Neil save your sympathy for someone that actually deserves it.

      2. I’m not sure were you read it, but he didn’t say broke anywhere…
        Unless you were just trying to be a bragging douche or misread where he said “you don’t have enough money” it wasn’t that nuanced to where you couldn’t understand it.

        1. In response to Estelle above (there wasn’t a “reply” link to click after her post, so I submitting here): Okay, thanks for the details – I really didn’t have any where near a full perspective — I was just going on what he wrote in a few posts and then these comments here, including yours. And I apologize, Estelle for calling you a cunt — I really meant it with humor (and regard, if that makes sense) — but didn’t need to go there. I respect what you have to say, and so am happy to hear where you’re coming from. And you’re right about one thing . . . my mother is a cunt, LOL, so too-shay to you!

  11. But what does he think of Rachel winning Big Brother last season? I totally hate that her may-un “Brennan” now has a legal claim to the prize money. And the whole season was rigged to help Rachel and that idiot Jordan and Jeff the homophobe make it to the end. Yeah, I didn’t even bother to read that wall of words Daigle posted.

    1. as crazy as it sounds Darryl, she is really nice in person and Reagan from season 12 was actually in her wedding!!! Trust, Reagan is the first to call Bullshit on a Bulshitter and he loves Rachel. Its funny, sometimes the portrait we paint of ourselves combined with the portrait the media paints is actually NOTHING like the real thing ;) The Trick to it all is to get a paycheck, not give a fuck about what anyone says AND not hurt anyone along the way!!! Everything else is JUST GRAVY!!!

      1. Yeah, I don’t put much stock in anything Ragan says. His personality was so repulsive and hypocritical and boring I had to change the feeds every time he came on. If he wasn’t constantly talking about Rachel (weeks after she’d left) he was doing Big Brother’s greatest hits, which got old real fast.

        1. Yea I couldn’t stand Ragan at all. Especially since it was obvious he fell in love with that creepy straight guy there lol. That was sick.

      2. shows how much you’re in the know steven. rachel hasn’t even gotten married yet, therefore regan was not in her wedding. keep being classy

    2. Yea Rachel had a crazy personality on the show BUT she fought for that win. The remaining girls there became nothing but buffet-eating lazy bitches. You rarely have people who fought from start to finish in the last 2, even sometimes 3 spots to win the prize money. So to me it’s refreshing to see someone who fought 24/7 win the prize instead of someone who skated by until the last few weeks of the season.

  12. “…He will show you no mercy in the defecation of your character…” Bubble from Ab Fab, “Small Openings”

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