The Black Spark Is Coming To a town near you

He (they?) hasn’t released a new video in weeks. Instead, Black Spark is teasing a nationwide tour where the masked Xtube auteur will have dinner with you and maybe have sex with you?

The Black Spark’s manager, Jason Pears, describes the tour as a series of fan meet-ups, which will include screenings, dinners, and filming opportunities. Here’s the guide if you want to be in a movie. I’d rather eat glass than hang out with Black Spark fans (the online adulation has reached nauseatingly Bieber-like proportions), but I would like to hang out with Black Spark. And by hang out I mean suck his dick.

Why isn’t he coming to California?

And here’s the video teaser:

14 thoughts on “The Black Spark Is Coming To a town near you”

  1. The newest Blackspark Tumblr is a guy bartering video download codes in exchange for items on his Amazon wish list. But recently a number of complaints on Tumblr are turning up more frequently. Blackspark “supporters” will him buy items on his wish list, but they don’t receive the video download codes. With follow-up E-mails ignored.

    He’s a complete fraud; and he’s extremely stupid.

    He’s using social media to rip people off, and doesn’t expect the word not to get out. Or maybe he thinks people wouldn’t care enough to do anything. He’s wrong about that. If some of the worst cases I’ve read are true, he’s oblivious he could face some legal consequences.

  2. I would be shocked, SHOCKED if he somehow follows up on his statement that he finds beauty in everyone and includes someone in his video that isn’t a mirror image of himself.

  3. To paraphrase Regina George, “Quit trying to make Black Spark happen!”

    He’s already been “outed” as a porn model who’s being hyped by some wannabe artists/directors/pornographers. There is no “there” there.

  4. An insufferable egomaniac who cheaply, tritely models himself after Lady Ga Ga.

    Because he doesn’t know anything else.

  5. “*Dates subject to change without notice” should be changed to read, “Most likely all of these dates will be canceled due to an inevitable diva fit by Ms. Spark herself.”

  6. Those fans are a little much but it seems like the guy is having a good time with all of this and I won’t waste any time being negative about what he’s doing. Some of the videos are pretty beautiful. Especially Sunday Faith. really touched me.The way I see it Id rather have him doing this stuff than not. Art? that depends on whose watching

    We all see what we want to see I guess

  7. I’m with Davey. I’ve watched every video he’s posted, and while i found his approach refreshing, I didn’t watch any of them more than once. As porn it is ungratifying, and oddly unarousing, as art it fails on many levels, most obviously in lack of content. Basically it’s some gay sex thrown into an eighties beer comercial. pretty yet banal. please don’t call me a “hater” I am not thirteen, and this is a critique. If you’re going to throw something out there and call it art expect criticism.

  8. I dont want to be critical because I love creativity but….I just am not getting this. At first I was like that is cool…..But sexualy, out of focus short glimpses of sex do not do much for me. Or the inability to see performers faces. Or the idea that by calling it art instead of porn makes you “artier”?

    I wish the black spark much success but he leaves me well……..empty. I feel like I am the only one that feels this way.

  9. “Submit at LEAST 3 recent pictures of yourself. 1 of those pictures must be of your face. Or do better and send a VIDEO of yourself. Again it must include your face.”


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