Tom Faulk Drops In On Fraternity X, Pretends to Be a Frat Bro

Gay-for-pay star Tom Faulk definitely looks the part of a semi-bisexual frat bro who likes to get drunk with his bros and fuck some bro ass. So if you’re into that fantasy, you’ll love the new scene from Fraternity X.

It’s called Lightweight Fucker, and the premise is a lot like all the rest!

To wit: “We found this lightweight fucker lurking around campus and thought his ass was perfect to booze up. All we had to do was pour some beers down his throat, shove poppers up his nose, spit on his hole and just fuck away! We got him so messed-up that he had no idea what was going on. Freshman is fore [sic] sure waking up hang over as fuck and will be wonder why his ass is full of cum…”

Do they think if he has his sunglasses on we won’t recognize him as Tom Faulk?

Anyway… Here he is, living the dream. (The video clip hasn’t been released to affiliates yet, but you can watch it here.)




[Fraternity X]

9 thoughts on “Tom Faulk Drops In On Fraternity X, Pretends to Be a Frat Bro”

  1. G4P? Last I checked Tom never stated his sexuality but did state he prefers to “bottom” in his personal life. Which implies bi or gay.

  2. The only thing that I love about Frat X is that the more well-known pornstars they use wear sunglasses to “conceal” who they are. You’re not fooling anyone.

    1. It also looks like Tom doesn’t even top the guy, from the pics. I guess that’s how he’s avoiding going bareback?

  3. I like me some Tom Faulk but I wish they changed it up and had the frat boys pick the surfer boy up on the beach bring him back to the house and take turns on his beach boy ass and mouth…give Tom the fucking he really needs, then bring his passed out ass to the beach with cum in his ass, mouth and hair buck naked and leave him there as the sun comes up…..

  4. The guys of Fraternity X often look they dropped out of high school and are some of the roughest looking twinks.

  5. This site really needs to evolve..the nasty looking rooms and dizzy filming tactics is getting tirrrrrrrrrrrrrred!

  6. Fraternity X produces trash. How do they get guys who bottom to allow themselves to be degraded like that?

  7. Tom Faulk is one hot man but please please please get a hair cut there’s a reason why no one in gay porn has long hair

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