Tweet Of The Day

1. It’s with an H.
2. He’s apparently blaming me(?) for the negative reaction to his Hustlaball performance. Oh well.


I consider that a violent threat, encouraged by Sebastian Young. Should I call the police?

25 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day”

  1. I don’t understand his frustration over the Hustlerball scene. He actually got a lot of praises for his performance there, including those who are not fond of the G4P performers. He only has himself to blame for all the negative reaction towards himself since the tweet telling people to eat shit and die. And as many people have said, if you ignore all the negative stuff posted about you, then readers and bloggers will not continue “instigating”. You go apeshit and you are pretty much asking for a massive blog blowout.

  2. This one never acted like gentleman! We all know he’s a peace of shit. Being involved with porn and having a criminal past it’s impossible for people that have a good life to see him like a man that deserves respect. Only psychotics like this ‘Tony’ seens to be interested on gain his attention. BTW:” Criminals aren’t supposed to have friends, only accomplices. ” Said Voltaire… What expect for someone that was an ex convicted?

  3. Honestly this is getting old. Posting thread of him over and over…. I donno much about sebastian but Zack you should get a life. Lame.

  4. “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
    — Oscar Wilde I am sure Sebastian Young appreciates all of the attention that you are giving him. Keep on talking.

  5. He should be sending flowers and gift cards instead of bitching. He is lucky that the sword is even reporting on him. What a disaster.

  6. The twitter user didn’t know who you were yet wanted to beat you up for some unknown transgression? He’s so desperate for Sebastian Young to like him? Ugh. He’s the creepiest combination of internet tough guy / white knight / sycophant.

  7. I dunno, it looks like that other guy was talking about beating so and so up. Not Sebastian. It’s not like he then said “…. Who lives at… And his phone number is….” Maybe, I dunno, leave the guy alone and stop trying to talk shit about him on the Internet.

  8. I do not think he is blaming you Zach for anything connected to HustlaBall. He is wondering why you felt the need to re-energize the discussions by making him the tweet of the day. Which you have now done again.

    1. Because when you tickle someone and they laugh, you wanna do it again.
      If you tickle them and stay impassible, you move on.

      It is the same thing when you make fun of a whackjob. If they get mad when you make fun of them, you do it again.
      Notice the long list of porn stars Zach has made fun of once and who didn’t react and that we never saw again on the blog.
      The people he keeps poking and teasing (Lollipop Boy, Spencer Fox, Sebastian Young) are the ones who went apeshit or/and whined about it.

        1. That’s what this blog does. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of good other gay porn blogs that are full of encomiums and ass-kissing you might want to follow instead.

          1. -just had a image of a bitter old queen searching for his cialis among the dirty laundry and porn vhs tapes-

      1. Yeah, I think it’s time for an update on The Lollipop Twink. Hmmm, I wonder how his “webcam” site is going and if the men in the white truck are still camping outside his door.

    2. And notice too those who went apeshit the first time, got made fun of some more, then acted blasé and good sports about it the second time around and are now left alone (Steven Daigle).
      It is such an obvious dynamic … so weird they don’t get it. PR 101.

  9. If the “beat up” comment was a joke it wasn’t funny. If it was serious the authorities can follow up on it. Either way it’s not cool.
    I personally liked sebastion more before he had revenge tattooed on his stomach. This version may look a little better but that version, that sebastion didn’t seem so angry negative reviews by fans or not.

  10. OK I tried going through the comments but I am confused. What was he criticized about at his Hustlaball performance? The whole thing looked skeezy but 1) that applies to everyone involved, rather than SY specifically 2) the event is called HUSTLABALL for God’s sake. What do people expect?
    Was there something specifically lame about him that I missed?

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