Well. Well. Well. Look Who Is Bottoming Again.

Once, Paddy O’Brian was a stubborn top that wouldn’t give blowjobs but was taking a dick up his arse any day. Those days have been gone for a while. But bloody ‘ell if that doesn’t that end tomorrow.

Now, this really is finale worthy.

Tomorrow, Men.com’s “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody” ends with Diego Sans topping Paddy O’Brian.

Paddy has been doing plenty of giving the past few years.

But there a few years ago, as you will see below, he was doing the taking.

Here’s a sneak peek of his scene with Diego tomorrow.

[Watch Paddy Fuck Diego at Men]

See you here next week and we’ll rank them all.


7. Paddy Bottoms for Topher DiMaggio (July 2013)

They made a big deal in the scene like it was all a big mistake and they booked two tops by accident, but obviously, this was long planned, and ceaselessly teased. And though Topher and Paddy had a little bit of chemistry, it didn’t really work. But you’ve got to start your bottoming career somewhere.


6. Paddy Flip-Flops with Gabriel Clark (October 2013)


It’s an average flip-flop, so it doesn’t rank that high, but it is pretty hot and Gabriel even gets to tease Paddy’s ass with a white dildo for a while.


5. Paddy Flip-Flops With Leo Domenico (March 2014)

This was a hotter flip-fuck, and you can really tell that Paddy is starting to get off on bottoming more by early 2014. It’s not just a job anymore, and Leo Domenico is extremely hot in this scene from the Voyeur series.


4. Paddy Gets Gangbanged (July 2014)

Like I said before, he didn’t look like he had a ton of fun in this scene, and maybe the whole gangbang thing was just too much for him to take. This was the final scene from the Prisoner of War series.


3. Paddy Gets Plowed Like a P.O.W. By Alex Brando (June 2014)



Alex Brando is just the right size and level of gruffness to look totally natural dominating Paddy, and even though Paddy seems to be gritting his teeth and baring it for most of this scene, he at least seems to get into it after he’s been riding Alex’s cock and straddling those two chairs.


2. Paddy Plowed By Dato Foland (February 2014)



It’s another flip-fuck, but Dato Foland is, without a doubt, the hottest guy to fuck Paddy’s hole. And Paddy looks like he knows this. So, this is my number 2.


1. Paddy Gets Fucked On a Boat By Abraham Al Malek (August 2014)

Just watch Paddy’s cock helicoptering around and then bouncing all crazy while he’s riding Abraham’s cock, and tell me this isn’t how to stuff a legend.



38 thoughts on “Well. Well. Well. Look Who Is Bottoming Again.”

  1. Gushing over straight guys bottoming in porn is so 1989. Why do we even still have them in our porn? Aren’t we past exploiting them or converting them fantasies or wanting to be them?

  2. I agree with your #1 choice. The way Paddy looks up at Malek on that boat while he’s on top fucking him, there’s no doubt he’s enjoying it this time around. Hottest scene ever.
    But stear clear of the much hyped “Paddy’s first BlowJob” in Gay of Thrones. His partner can’t even get an erection: total waste of time.

  3. Frankly, I think Paddy is awesome as eye candy, but find every action scene he’s done to be, well, boring. The best one I’ve seen is the one he did for a UK website (UK Naked Men perhaps?) wherein his cock started dripping pre-cum while he was being rimmed.

    On the matter of gay-for-pay performers, well, I damn sure wouldn’t pay anyone to fuck a dude and get his cock sucked by a dude. Hell, I think most straight guys will give that much a shot anyway. It’s not like most of them haven’t stuck their dick in an ass before, and they’ve certainly gotten blowjobs.

    If gay-for-pay performers are in it for the money, fine, but then there shouldn’t be much they won’t do seeing as they consciously chose to do gay sex in the first place. Surely they had to know that two very basic aspects of gay sex is sucking dick and getting fucked.

    What they are “into” in their private lives is beside the point; they aren’t being paid to do what they like and they knew that from the “get go.” They are seek employment as paid performers in a fantasy depiction of gay sex. They are not being paid to appear on a reality show that more or less reflects their real/desired/preferred sex lives.

    The thing I mind most about “one sided” gay porn videos is that there is very little screen time given to the dick belonging to bottom who doesn’t get blown. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I watch a porn video, I want to see the “relevant” parts of both/all performers in the sex sequences.

    I really don’t give a damn whether the performers I see in gay porn are truly straight, truly gay or somewhere in between. I just care that the action is credible. Personally, I think many gay-for-pay actors would be better cast in forced, involuntary sex scenes, something akin to Bound in Public, insofar as that’s about what their body language and facial expressions portray is on their minds anyway when they appear in less “taboo” sorts of fantasy depictions.

    Looking bored, disgusted, uninterested, etc. in a scene that’s supposed to be about two or more guys enjoying gay sex is just plain dull for the viewer. In contrast, in a forced sex scenario, that sort of thing is in keeping with the action’s theme. Willing acquiescence and/or disdainful revulsion both work just fine and are appropriate as well as authentic appearing. And let’s face facts. Most porn performers aren’t trained actors. Why bother trying to get them to act when if they are cast in the right roles, they don’t need to?

    1. Are you really that ignorant that you think Paddy O Brien is straight. You need to go do a google search he has escorted in the UK and his sexual orientation is listed as GAY. Anyone with common sense KNOWS Paddy O brien is NOT heterosexual none of these porn stars are who do gay porn. Sure, I can see a guy doing gay porn once or twice for cash but the money is not great. The reason these men do gay porn is because THEY ENJOY GAY SEX! I know it is shocking absolutely shocking these guys love gay sex! Paddy I have seen hard in plenty of scenes I know this is an old article. And yes Paddy is sucking cock too he blew Connor Maguire last year in 2015 on Men.com. He is a homosexual.

  4. if Paddy is gay for pay, then. pay him to be gay and suck a cock, I know he wants to please his fans as a great sex worker he is!

  5. As I’ve said before, I think he’s being held to a higher standard than others because he’s gay-for-pay. He “acts” (it is performing let’s not forget) like he’s into getting fucked better than many, many others. And he always seems to enjoy being rimmed. I find him very sexy in his scenes and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his performances.

    Would I like to see him suck dick? Yes. But I won’t hold it against him. Has Tim Kruger ever sucked dick on camera?

    1. That is your opinion, in my opinion he never “acts’ like he enjoys it. He comes off as boring and uninterested in what ever is happening to him. Also my question about him not sucking wasn’t so much at him or about him but about “straight”(no 100% straight guy does gay porn) men in gay porn who will bottom but not suck.

      I do agree that he does more then some aka Trysten Bull who was said he was bi yet never touched a dick.

      1. Nope Tristan Bull is a gseat LIAR he’s not bi. I saw his straight videos and how he kisses those women all the time which he never did in gay porn even a smack to any partners. But I believe my crush Gabriel possibly a “bi” he has always been passionate with his partners and a one video of him wich was so hot can prove it.

  6. Paddy rode a pretty big dildo while he jerked off in Blue Blake’s A Policeman Fucked My Son, circa 2011 or so and he seemed to like it just fine. He was doing the dildo-jerk-off during his stint at English Lads as well. So I’m guessing the “gritting his teeth” routine is just for effect. Maybe it’s just the thought of an actual man’s cock penetrating him, instead of a proxy, that causes him pain.

    I still think he’s hot and while I enjoy seeing him bottom, IMHO he makes a much better top.

  7. He has never been a great performer, but in gay porn who is?. As most porn stars he gives us his body, which is great. Now that he is fully using it I thank him; to me, watching him being fucked is one of the greatest shows on gaydom. BTW I too think that his best scene was that with Gabriel.

  8. Time-wise, the alleged ‘flip flops’ with Domenico and Foland have them each bottoming way longer in those scenes than O’Brian. I think the one with Clark managed the warmest and most convincing passion so far, and they all have some worth, but Paddy’s definitive, perfect bottoming isn’t here yet. A lot of folks have an issue with him holding back orally, and while that doesn’t trouble me per se, it does suggest to me that Paddy has trust issues keeping him from wholeheartedly throwing himself into gay sex, and it shows even in the activities he is willing to do.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like this performer – a lot – and I think he and Sebastian Young, as well as Colby Jansen, have incrementally improved all of their respective bottoming performances this year. Let’s show them some patience; things have been going in the right direction.

  9. I’m sorry but Paddy is NOT a power bottom, the phrase suggests that the bottom enjoys being fucked which Paddy obviously does not. Plus I’ve always associated the phrase with a certain ability to suck dick!

  10. There is so much wrong with this list. This latest scene was just sad. I skimmed most of it, because there really wasn’t any kind of a connection. You rank a scene higher because it was a gang bang? A scene you admit that Paddy didn’t seem into it at all, over a scene where he had way more chemistry with his partner?? Makes no sense to me.BTW, Where was his cumshot in that scene? That alone put’s that scene at the bottom of the list. The scene with Gabriel is a scene where Paddy remained the hardest throughout.

    1. YES, will someone please ask him this question. Isnt taking a cock in your ass harder to do and make you more gay than a cock in the mouth?

      1. Maybe because he doesn’t like it? Topher DiMaggio is a gay pornstar who doesn’t bottom. Doesn’t seem to be affecting his ability to work as a pornstar that much. Also, in real life, many gay guys can’t do oral sex because they gag, etc.

      2. When i started having sex with guys, i still had a bit of trouble sucking dick. My theory is that you can dissociate better when you get fucked. You work yourself over with dildo and some numbing cream and you’re set to get fucked. There’s no escaping a dick in the mouth. It’s in front of you, you have to look at it, smell it, feel it down your throat. I can see why someone would chose to get fucked rather than suck dick.

        As far as the list goes. To each their preference, I personally feel Leo Domenico is the hottest guy to fuck Paddy. I would have ranked that scene as 3 and his scene with Gabriel 4 and pushed the rest down (the POW scenes).

        1. “My theory is that you can dissociate better when you get fucked.”

          See for me it’s the opposite, I can dissociate to sucking a dick faster than I can getting fucked. I mean to me bottoming/getting fucked is very intimate thing/ a more vulnerable positions to be in.

    2. I can see how they would be able to justify that. When you’re taking a dick up the ass a) you can’t taste it and b) you don’t really have to do that much work, you just have to sit there and take it. At least the way Paddy does. But with sucking a dick, that’s actually in your mouth and you are tasting and swallowing all of the juices and precum and stuff. Not to mention it can be really uncomfortable to do when you’re not good at it and you can choke a lot. TMI post maybe? I don’t know.

      1. See I don’t see it like that, to me letting someone fuck me puts me in a very vulnerable positions and while you may not be tasting a dick your letting some inside you. Probably a bit fucked up but I guess it comes down to I have teeth in my mouth.

        1. Anal is very intimate, but I think oral/anal comfort is subjective. We also have to rank in the monetary value. At the end of the day gay or straight, a sex worker has to rationalize their price for what they’re willing to do. If sucking dick can get him only so much and he’s not comfortable with it, then it’s not worth it. He got what, 1,000 maybe 2,000 for a bottoming scene? How much more money can he get for sucking dick as well, a couple of hundred?

          1. I agree it’s subjective, and each person is going to have different view/comfort level with different acts. If Paddy isn’t ok with doing it he shouldn’t(kind of have to question why he’d get in gay porn if he wouldn’t) but anyway he isn’t my cup of tea(even if he sucked). Thanks for your very well put response.

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