Austin Wilde’s “Bonergeist”

It’s a play on words! A porn pun! It’s a little parody of the sexy 80’s hit Poltergeist and the more recent Paranormal Activity? It’s also Austin Wilde fucking Parker London, which is a great thing to watch. How is Austin Wilde’s body real? I like that Next Door keeps rolling out plot-based (or, however much plot you can stuff into about 20 minutes–most of which are sex) scenes. Last week there were episodes where Rod Daily played a college professor and Samuel O’Toole played a doctor, and yet this one about ghosts is the most believable. 


7 thoughts on “Austin Wilde’s “Bonergeist””

  1. It’s always a pleasure to see Parker London bottoming, and just from the preview clip, it looks like it might be his hottest bottoming scene yet! Can’t wait to see it. I just hope he bottoms for Brad Star at some point!

  2. So lame. The title isnt even witty.

    If Austin Wilde didn’t have a head, and couldnt talk..he’d be the perfect man.

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