Billy Santoro Gets Saved By Big Southern Boy Josh Peters In the Florida Woods, and They Fuck

Remember that shoot in deepest Florida where Billy Santoro, Josh Peters, and Sean Duran were out taunting alligators last month? Well, the first scene from that shoot is now live at Pride Studios, and it’s called Timberwood Escape.

It’s got a lot of dialogue and set-up, and basically the premise is that “city slicker” Billy arrives for some kind of rustic vacation by himself in the middle of the Florida woods (who would do that?), and he finds that he has no idea how to fend for himself and is generally a big gay mess who can’t even read a map.

Up walks big, strapping Josh Peters, who lives “about a mile up the road” and who offers to help show Billy how to tame ‘gators and chop wood, or something.

Cut to Billy just wandering the woods and getting lost, and then passing out from heatstroke (hilarious!), and Josh coming to his rescue, picking him up like a rag doll and taking him home to his bed.

And, you guessed it, they whip out their dicks and fuck.

So, who is Josh Peters you ask? Well, look at him. He’s hot. He’s a bottom! He’s not to be confused with this Josh Peters who used to model for English Lads. And as far as I can tell he’s brand new, but correct me if I’m wrong.

In other news: Is 2015 going to be the year that plots came back to gay porn?! Just maybe.


















[Pride Studios: Timberwood Escape]


9 thoughts on “Billy Santoro Gets Saved By Big Southern Boy Josh Peters In the Florida Woods, and They Fuck”

  1. A superb scene! :) Billy’s on fine form, the new guy Peters is a delicious hallucination brought real, and indoors and out, Pride Studios’ camerawork does them admirable justice. More like this, please.

  2. He bottomed for Rico Romero at Bait Buddies.
    [video src="" /]

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