GayHoopla’s Jarod Spear Shows Up On ‘American Ninja Warrior’

It turns out that GayHoopla model Jarod Spear, who is most definitely straight, does more in spare time besides letting guys fuck his butthole for cash. An eagle-eyed viewer spotted Jarod on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior on Monday night, during the Houston Finals.

I think that means that he must have been on the show before and no one noticed. But because the show is shot with a cast of hundreds of randoms, all competing on the same obstacle course and sometimes only getting a minute or two of screentime before they fail, I’m not sure, and he doesn’t appear in any of the highlight reels from Monday.

The fan pointed out Jarod to Men of Porn, and took the following screencaps.





And here he is in bed with Jake Davis back in April.





And here he is in his most recent scene, flip-flopping with Jeff Niels and giving him a really shitty blowjob.



[GayHoopla: Jarod Spear]

6 thoughts on “GayHoopla’s Jarod Spear Shows Up On ‘American Ninja Warrior’”

  1. One of the veteran competitors, Evan “The Rocket” Dollard, acknowledges that he has a huge gay following and that he is cool with it.

  2. They had an openly gay Navy boy on their military episode a couple of weeks ago. Even talked about his sexuality during his bio roll. Dude was jacked.
    That said, the hosts are constantly talking about how only women are noticing the bodies of the contestants. They’re idiots.

    1. Well, he is on ” American Ninja Worrior “. You know: American…Ninja…Worrior… so he’s obvious ” straight “!

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