Brent Corrigan, Straight Go-Go Boy Quinn Jaxon, And Drag Race’s Willam In Some Sort Of Advertisement

Is it for a Halloween party? Candy? Softcore porn? RuPaul’s Drag Race? Another awful gay indie movie that needs your support? (Seriously, how many of the people in this video have been involved with either a Kickstarter or an Indie GoGo campaign?)

I’m not sure what this is for, but there is a lot of ass, and there are a lot of highly visible penises, so I watched it and liked it.

Here’s my favorite part of whatever this video is, featuring an extremely pronounced Brent Corrigan, who can’t stop staring at former Randy Blue masturbator turned nude model turned go-go boy turned fiance Quinn Jaxon, who is wearing a bandana as a skirt:

Leave your best guess as to what this is for in the comments.

27 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan, Straight Go-Go Boy Quinn Jaxon, And <em>Drag Race’s</em> Willam In Some Sort Of Advertisement”

    1. Um isn’t it obvious with the cute little boys in bunny ears and poofs on their asses? Does everything need to be spelled out to you people?

  1. The advert is … mmm? what…? not so this and completely that. But I like Brent C forever and wish he comes back in porn.
    So, this stupid advert is better than an advert without Brent!
    Sorry guys.

  2. Maybe this is not the best place to tell this but as a consumer of conventional underwear – white, cotton and without this open part -if someone ask me to use this I’ll prefer to use nothing. I can’t accept to pay for a half underwear… Whatever…Meh…

    1. assless underwear/jock straps are hot (if you have the body). They jack up your tush and make it looks even higher and tighter than it actually is. Not only that but if you’re a bottom than it gives everyone else easy access. If you only wear saggy tighty whities than cute, assless AC underwear is probably not for you. Save it for the kids.

      1. I don’t care what kind of body you have or underwear you prefer – if you keep your underwear on during sex, that’s just weird.

          1. A man in a jock has to do with a bottoms insatiable need to get fucked. He doesn’t care about stroking his dick or getting off bc he’s such a power bottom and his main goal is to get fucked. I think its hot to watch a power bottom taking a huge cock and a top driving his tool in deeper and deeper without any regard to getting his little bottom boy bitch off. Besides that… if you’re young, cute and have a tight ass then wear some cute AC underwear and show that shit off before you get too old and nobody wants to see it anymore. A few old trolls could follow that advice and cover their asses up.

  3. Quinn is the best. I wish Willam could untuck and fuck his ass.
    That would be cute for a next Andrew Christian commercial . After all we need to know why these boys keep their butts uncovered most of the time.

      1. Nothing to do with that . he is the cutest guy in the bunch , with a great smile and a perfecct ass (although I wish it wasn’t shaved ).

        Willam and Rhea could tag team him , one tranny dick in every hole for Quinn…yes :)

          1. @full loco

            I don’t need to “bring you down” to feel intelligent… simply reading your comments is enough. :/

          2. Loki you are a stupid predictible piece of turd , if you feel like commenting on my posts next time , go ahead I don’t care.
            Just know that I think you are a pathetic sheep – guess you were among the ones bashing Chris Crocker back in the day…

            This should help you get laid . Life doesn’t have to be so horrible for you , it’s OK to be ugly, balding and old like samuel colt


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