Reese Rideout Proposed To His Wife At A Bodybuilding Competition

He had the ring hidden in his underwear.

Reese Rideout (a.k.a. Nick) and Becky’s Vh1 reality show about unlikely marriages airs tonight, and if the attempt of the show was to make them seem normal (i.e., boring), it worked. Some of you made rude comments about Becky’s appearance (compared to Reese’s) on the last post about them, but I think she looks cute–especially in the older photographs.

By the way, the clip shows Reese Rideout only doing live cam shows, which some might argue doesn’t really make him a gay porn star anymore. And is he? The last Randy Blue video Reese made was released all the way back in March.


[Randy Blue: Reese Rideout Fucks Sean Zevran]


22 thoughts on “Reese Rideout Proposed To His Wife At A Bodybuilding Competition”

  1. Becky seems like a lovely woman and she is a lucky woman in the sex department. Her husband Nick is A SEX GOD OF PERFECTION AND BEAUTY! I have watched him make love , rather POUND HARD A HOT MAN. He is awesome and this clip seeing him at home with his wife has made Nick aka Reese Rideout for a select audience. (lol) Even more beautiful to me. He is beautiful inside and out is seems!!

  2. Becky can do better. She’s being a doormat because her looks are fading and she fears she can never find another guy.

    1. She is happier in earlier pictures and looks pretty, but as this guy has been in her life, has been taking a toll emotionally and on her appearance.

  3. I’m sorry..I saw this on VH1 and although he seems to be a very nice guy, I just do not get into the g4p thing. I mean, their reasoning for him doing this is totally ridiculous to me. I really found it to be disrespectful as a gay man when she had mentioned to her cousins that he pretends to be gay in order to provide for them. In reality, that remark is like a slap in the face because here he is proclaiming to pretend to be gay while claiming to be straight and here I am a gay man and society have difficulties with me being myself as a gay individual who is not pretending to be gay. It was as if she was saying that its okay for him to pretend to be something that it is still an relevant issue in today’s society to make a living while otherwise, its absurd. There is so many areas/career paths that he could have taken to make a living as opposed to pretending to be gay for everyone to see. I firmly do not believe that a straight man can have sex with a gay man for so many years and yet, do not have some kind of attraction for being with a man period.

    1. Well, their reason could be for simplification purposes, and not have to give a long drawn out explanation. Also, to give some self respect for the wife.

      I get why the idea of “Gay for Pay” is annoying, our current gay rights movement states we are born gay. In gay rights, two arguments exists: the right to choose the partner of preference, and the right to live as we are. This whole argument boils down to the argument of nature versus nurture. This debate is still scientifically unresolved, and as research continues may provide a final answer. And so, justifying our sexual orientation or sexual preference can be a daunting task because of this lack of fundamental understanding of ourselves.

      Some of gay rights advocates are offended, by the term “Gay for Pay,” because it proports someone can become gay through the miracle of a paycheck or be straight while having sex with men for convenience-rather than fun.

      Despite our feelings, it is entirely possible for a heterosexual to have sex with a same sex partner. Just as it is entirely possible for a homosexual to have heterosexual relationship. We have often seen this in sex scandals in the past decade with public figures and politicians who are anti-gay rights.

      What may not be considered in the process of “Gay for Pay” porn, the likelihood of a heterosexual maintaining an erect penis for sustained periods during gay sex. Even with the introduction of arousal medication, it is unlikely since a fundamental part of sexuality is sexual attraction and arousal. Our largest sexual organ is the brain, something for which attraction is stems from. No amount of imagination or faking, can erase the underlying attraction one must have to partake as the active person in penetrative sex. A heterosexual may be able to falaciate or participate in anal as bottom; trying to maintain an erection for the purposes of topping or being blown is quite a feat for any guy gay or straight, so its unlikely that the performers who are the “tops” can be straight completely.

      What we can all agree on is that some people manage to live as “bisexuals” for the purposes of convenience or social acceptance: whether it is a homosexual entering into a heterosexual relationship for appearances, or a heterosexual practicing gay prostitution(the only form of male prostitution that you can make money from). Why deny same sex attraction when it is a requirement of the job, or certain sexual tasks associated with the job?

      1. What we can also say about the scenario I mentioned above is:

        First, women are great. With exception to some of the women that visit this site, they are usually caring and kind, and if you are a lousy lay(which may be because you aren’t straight), can overlook flaws if you are a really great husband and partner(something for which a lot of gay men are great at).

        Lastly, even if there is a small chance of a straight guy ever going to fuck another dude. No gay guy in their right mind would EVER tolerate bad sex! You know the gay guys is going to constantly roll their eyes at the straight guy for being a lousy lay for having marshmellow dick. No STRAIGHT guy would ever want this criticism!-which is also why a lot of women have to reassure the partners in bed, or just plain lie about it, because straight guys are SOOO insecure about their penis.

        1. I mean just look at some of the harsh bitches that come online complain about marshmallow dick in gay porn… it is an epidemic considering the amount of “straight” guys willing to do this line of work.

  4. Doesn’t it cheapen anyone’s brand when the general public or fans decide that he/she dates or marries ‘beneath him/her’?

    I know it’s nobody’s business, but as a ‘celebrity’ you have to be careful since your bread and butter is the support of your fans.

  5. Ehh, in regard to her looks, love is not about getting “the best looking person” you can get. I know that’s a hard concept for those of us who peruse gay porn sites, male model pics and gay porn blogs daily. As someone who has dated a few great looking guys, I can honestly say looks aren’t everything. Hell, to be honest, the ideal guy for me is simply attractive…not turn heads attractive, but attractive. So if you’re gonna harp on their relationship, leave that piece out.

    I don’t agree with universally attacking G4P performers. Reese is actually one of the more decent ones, professionally and performance wise. As far as personally, I don’t recall any homophobic remarks that have come from the guy; though he may have, let me know. Save your ire for the lackluster and squeamish performers that openly and proudly boast of their aversion to performing actual gay sex acts while working in an industry based solely on the performance of gay sex acts. Would I love more openly gay performers? Of course! But then people would bitch about that too eventually.

      1. The same guys who go out of their way to defend certain studios. I promise you, there would be plenty of “gay porn used to be hotter when there were more straight guys” comments flooding many a blog. Human nature. Some people are just never happy.

        1. Yeah, NDS and CFS subscribers are probably mid-western christian fundies with fucked up sexual problems. They avoid a lot of porn with having two gay men in the scene, because it would force those subscribers to have to identify with their sexual desire and deal with their homophobia.

          I’m going to open up a porn site called: “Who is the faggot now!?!”

          Its where a bunch a gay guys surround a straight guy and have their way with him. Some kind of sexual revenge fantasy. It will be the antithesis to “gay for pay” sites, where the gay guy usually gets in the ass and becomes the straight guys bitch.


          1. Maybe I can get Cody to do a guest spot, I mean, the queen is getting older over there at NDS! :D

  6. I don’t want to dog her out but someone with his looks could get a woman a lot better looking (even with the gay porn baggage…a lot of the G4P have hot slutty girlfriends with great tit jobs)

  7. We can we just move on now, please? RR is OLD news, and these days, it’s news no one gives a flying rat shit about anymore.

  8. but she IS crocodile. Did Reese choose the manly looking woman to fulfill his bi fantasy? But I think he chose the worst from both worlds.

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