bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuck

Bruce Beckham & Matthew Bosch’s Big Dick Flip

One big dick is good. Two are better. When the men connected to them can’t get enough of each other, that is the best of all. Today, we have all three.

Yesterday we carried the announcement that TitanMen has signed Matthew Bosch as an exclusive for another year. After seeing his performance in this second scene from “Say Uncle” it’s a wonder they didn’t make him sign that contract the minute filming wrapped.

bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuckNot that everyone isn’t rightly flipping for Bruce Beckham already. But today, the normally bottom Matthew Bosch flipped right back.

bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuckMatthew Bosch was always a handsome, hairy man. Today, let’s add the adjective uber fit. His abs are on point right now so you can see the cuts right through the fur. Even that big schlong of his looks heftier today. Then again, having Bruce Beckham in the same room on his knees in front of you would make anyone’s condo go condominium.

bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuckLast time, it was Luke Adams getting friendly with his bestie’s uncle, Anthony London. Today, he returns the favor as Matthew arrives to work with his Luke’s Uncle Bruce. “I used to jerk off thinking about you,” confesses Matthew.

bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuckIt’s a mutual hairy man ass buffet and they both gorge themselves until Matthew hoists one of Bruce’s meaty legs on his shoulder. He was a credible top with Hunter Marx before. Today he earns a few new stripes as he pounds a heavy load that Bruce could not hold inside.

bruce beckham matthew bosch flip fuckNor could Bruce hold back his hunger. He bends Matthew over and goes in for a remedial rim job. Then he flips Matthew on his back, plants his dick in deep … and doesn’t stop hammering until Matthew’s balls “Say Uncle”.

[Watch Matthew Bosch & Bruce Beckham in “Say Uncle” scene two]

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