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Why Do They Call Cameron Diggs “The Great White Shark?”

Newcomer Cameron Diggs doesn’t just swim with the sharks, he literally fucks with one. But what is that and how did it get into his dick?

Inked, built, sexy, and hung, Cameron Diggs is literally the man with something extra. He’s making his gay porn debut in “Berkeley”, premiering tomorrow from NakedSword Originals. This is his first scene and his first time fucking a guy. Once he freed his mind, the sex followed. And NakedSword has it all.

Cameron Diggs was working as a stripper in Dallas when he was discovered by Trenton Ducati. Cameron is into women, trans women and his sexual curiosity led him to NakedSword. What kind of man does his experimenting on camera? A sexual shark is what kind. Cameron Diggs is definitely that.

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“Berkeley” will debut tomorrow at NakedSword. Just free your mind and the sex will follow.

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The first scene from “Berkeley” is ‘Poster Boy’ and features Cameron and Jed Athens.
cameron diggs

See you Wednesday for the official introduction of Cameron Diggs and the premiere of “Berkeley”.

cameron diggs

20 thoughts on “Why Do They Call Cameron Diggs “The Great White Shark?””

  1. @Anonymous:
    No. We are not going to start condoning ANY racial supremacy in the 21rst Century. We already went through this 100 years algo and if we are going to start repeating history then we deserve every bit of doom as humanity. Hopefully his trashy mind will do some thinking while he spends time in jail.

    @Jonathan Goin
    classic “I’m not a racist, but…” mentality. Grow a pair and OWN it, man.

  2. So “ANONYMOUS” who posted on feb. 11th 2017. I will be willing to bet you are a black male. I say that because your comment is bashing him for staying inside his race. Black people can have “black power”, “black panthers”, “malcolm x” tattoos and so many others that are derogatory towards all but the black race and that is fine with yall. But as soon as a white man gets “white pride/power”, “lightning bolts”, “iron crosses” tattoos yall AUTOMATICALLY spout of bullshit such as… “HE IS A RACIST”!!! Its total and udder bullshit. Im just calling it how I see it. I’ve been allo’er this great country and its pretty much thesame wherever you go. Blacks dont want to be called “NIGGER” but they continue daily to call each other “NIGGA” but its ok because its an “A” ending not the “ER”. FUCK THAT!!! Quit saying it all together. Thats like saying “GOSH DARN” instead of “GOD DAMN” because some people dont want to use the lords name in vain. Well news flash, if you say it and you believe in jesus, HE KNOWS WHAT YOU MEANT!!! So you might as well go ahead and say the real deal cause its the same exact thing!!! Just like the “N” word. Blacks as a whole hate white people because of the whole slavery ordeal. Well NEWS FLASH again, WHITE. PEOPLE FROM THIS DAY AND AGE HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY!!! Quit hating and being a sour pus because you think we are directly tied to slavery. If black people want to be mad at somebody for slavery, they should be mad at their own people. After all, it was their own people, blacks, shipped them over to the States and sold them to the white man in the first place. Now I am not saying that white people are angels. THEY ARE NOT!!! FAR FROM IT ACTUALLY!!! Now this is the same white man who years before killed many many Native American Indians and blatantly STOLE their land that they we living on, using to feed their families and just simply surviving off of it. They STOLE that pretty much overnight for their gain!!! Hell they are STILL doing it today. If you dont believe me then just Google the “DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE”. Its fucking crazy just how our government cares VERY VERY LITTLE for the great people of this nation. And without us, the great citizens of the United States of America, the government would have nothing. At which point this country and its lackluster government would implode. I love this great country that I live in. But god damn it, the government should care for and do more for the people that is financing all of the government’s fuck ups!!! I mean just stop and look at ALL the veterans that are homeless, hungry and severely malnourished. And we are more worried about sending food to these bullshit countries whose people would rather see us dead as opposed to even look at us. I mean what the fuck America??? WTF people??? Maybe this new president, Mr. Trump will do something to get us in the right direction!!! Also back to the race issue. I’ve talked to a WHOLE LOT of people in my 39 years in this great country. And one thing that ive always found to be consistent is the fact that, REGARDLESS OF RACE, everyone has some amount of racism in them. And while it may just be a very little tiny minute amount, or a full blown supremacist, unfortunately it is there. I just hope that one day while I am still alive, racism will die!!! I doubt it but im hopeful!!! All I have to say now is, TREAT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT EVEN IF THEY DONT GIVE IT IN RETURN. ALWAYS STRIVE TO BE THE BIGGER PERSON. ALWAYS IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!! And last but certainly not the least… LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!! THE WORLD, as a whole, needs you… along with your dignity and respect, And most importantly your love!!! We all need YOUR LOVE!!! GOOD DAY MATES. Im out of here, all the way from Ft. Worth,TEXAS!!! Peace out my brothers and sisters. Deuces to the rest of yall!!!

  3. The guy is a racist meth head who was just arrested during a drug bust. I mean the guy has SS tattoo and no one thought that was odd? The gay community will accept the biggest haters who hate themselves/us/our friends if they are “hot”. I am saying no to this white trash: “I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from,” the post read. “I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture… When it comes to having kids, I prefer to stay inside my race. It’s nothing hateful toward any race, it’s just what I believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?”

  4. Diana Randolph

    I truly believe Cameron Diggs will undoubted become the BAD BOY OF GAY PORN. If he smokes cigarettes in real life, I would LOVE to see him smoke in his films. Ricky Sinz and Jessy Karson smoke in their films and it adds to their Bad Boy image. I know smoking is not politically correct but it is sexy as fuck. Also as a trans-woman, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to See Cameron perform in transsexual or she male porn. Damn, this trans-birch would volunteer in a New York minute ! ! ! ♡ ♡ ♡

  5. At first I was like, the fuck, but now I just wanna know how it feels rubbing my hole. It’s a perfect dick though.

  6. Mmmmm bullshit this guy is idk some kind uninteresting for me. White shark.. white stupid things- to put something there (in ur cock) I not think its something so cool?! And how that first where is the scenes and all new movie Fuck u I am famous. uh?

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