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Diesel Washington Has Something to Say About ‘Gay 4 Pay’ Models

“They want to tweet up all the female pornstars with their titties out. But they’re the ones getting fucked in the ass by even bigger dicks.”~Diesel Washington

Diesel Washington doesn’t mince words. That is especially true when it comes most ‘Gay 4 Pay’ models. It’s not the label Diesel has a problem with. It’s their attitude about it. 140 characters couldn’t begin to allow him to fully express his thoughts on this.

“There’s some select Gay4Pay models that do their job well and show respect to their gay fans. Not enough. Not damn near enough and they don’t shut up. They get on TV to say they hate doing it. So why should consumers buy something they hate doing? I am gonna make damn sure he earned his money for that scene by using his ass profusely.”

Diesel Washington always has something to say and once again, he does it with swagger. First, it was the lack of diversity in gay porn. Last week was begging porn stars and their GoFundMe pages. Today it was ‘Gay 4 Pay’ models. What will it be next week? See you next Tuesday when “I Have Something to Say: Diesel Washington” stirs the pot again.

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18 thoughts on “Diesel Washington Has Something to Say About ‘Gay 4 Pay’ Models”

  1. It’s funny all these porn films with guys who have never taken it up the ass before and yet wham bang there they are being banged and, in certain cases, loving it. And yet they are not gay. Ya, right. I once heard a fellow speak of “straight bottoms”. Basically straight men who liked to take it up the ass from a guy but are not gay. I scoffed at that. Anybody who takes it up the ass had got to be some degree of gay or bi. But oh no, apparently I was wrong, these guys do exist. Funny I have more straight guy friends then gay guy friends and all of them would fight to the death before letting a guy fuck them. Even poor and in serious need of money they wouldn’t allow themselves to get blown for cash. I guess I must be hanging out with the wrong straight guys. Damn!!!!!

  2. It’s not hot when they “fake” it. It’s like watching guys play basketball who hate the sport. G4Payers make more money than the true gay guys. The “straight” websites pay more to them. THey won’t do it for pennies. The fantasy is either “I want to exploit straight men because I dislike them” or “i worship straightness”. G4Payers are either lying, desperate, or confused. None of which is attractive. I hate this “masculine = straight” no hetero = straight. Gay men can be masculine, dumbasses!

  3. Diesel is totally speaking the truth, but it’s to idealistic to believe the vast majority of gay men to hear and accept it.
    We as a community have been brainwashed since inception that our sexuality and identity is lesser and wrong. We all grew up being attracted and desiring heterosexual men because that’s what we’ve learned is the ideal representation of male sexuality.
    Gay men don’t learn to love and desire other gay men from adolescence, because they are little or no examples of them around.
    Gay porn is were a lot of gay boys learned about gay sex, and how sad is it that there introduction to gay sex is more likely to see straight men having gay sex for money. It reinforces this idealism of straight masculinity and presents this idea that if you pay a straight guy enough money he will sleep with you.
    It creates a false sense of reality and sexuality because all a young gay guy sees is a hot guy he wants to fuck, abandoning any standards or boundaries for how their sexuality is shown or expressed.
    I understand fans arguments that it’s just fantasy and you shouldn’t care about the models, but that’s BS.
    If majority of gay porn themes are about heterosexual men going gay, what does that say about us as gay men and our fantasies? Where is our self respect.
    Porn in not a negative thing to me but it can be used for negative purposes, and the constant reinforcing of straight desire and unavailable sexuality affects gay men mindsets outside of watching porn, whether we realize it or not.

  4. Preach! I have the same things Diesel is saying and find it a turn off to watch a model that doesn’t want to be there. U may not want to label yourself but don’t act like your doing porn viewers a favor, but claim to hate what your doing.

  5. LOL Is he talking about Vadim and Sean from TrueLife god, I will never get over that episode. I don’t care if your G4G but don’t discuss your despise for doing porn and then expect your fans to be ok with it…Like Vadim’s all about how I have to take 10+ pills just to get hard and Sean’s all I hate bottoming and it’s disgusting and I just black out while fucking.

    1. On point, sir! Having a “trailer park” girlfriend/wife doesn’t make you “straight” or make you more credible or or deserving of any kind of respect. Doing something “disgusting” with your body for money or downing all kinds of drugs “to make and keep you hard” is crazy though he supposedly don’t need them now as if he ever needed them – wink, wink!

  6. he has a point , I am gay and can count on one hand how many times I’v bottomed . you couldn’t pay me to do it not my thing .

    1. Being a top or bottom has nothing to do with whether you’re gay. I’m a strict top and my husband is mostly a bottom, and we are both unquestionably gay. Diesel is talking about models who bottom so they don’t have to get aroused for a film shoot.

  7. The reality is, viewers don’t care about what the performer is thinking or their sexuality, as long as the scene is good. Plenty of G4P performers do a good job. Those who don’t do a good job, aren’t around for long.

  8. “I do gay porn because I’m fucking gay…. I am gay.”

    Uh…no, you’re bi, not gay. You’ve stated as such on your now defunct blog, and it’s well known all over the porn blogs that you are bi. You ruined your argument by not being authentic.

  9. SorryNotSorry

    Ha! Awesome. Keep em coming Deez. You can always tell when they both straight. Fucking boring as hell.

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