Caption This?

Riley Price, on the set of his upcoming movie, Ulterior Motives.

22 thoughts on “Caption This?”

  1. Hey guys-

    Ross- No throse arent zits..its a longview shot of my ginger pubes. Had those been zits that pic would have never been handed over to the by me personally. I didn’t earn my own web studio by being a dumbass. ;)

  2. “I’m going to make myself look like a zombie because I know that guys like to jerk off to zombie sex with what looks like zits around my cock”
    Body paints have never worked in gay porn especially white. Whether it’s a statue coming to life (which always makes them look like they have some kind of pink eye) Zombies, vampires etc.
    It ain’t sexy.
    I should go back to shooting and directing because if this is going to be my competition………

  3. Riley Price’s Ginger condition has advanced to full blown Gingervitis.


    “Don’t worry will add some warm color to you skin with filters in post”

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