“Do we really need a trandgender [sic] dancer”

Internet commenters are not happy about the news that Cher’s former daughter will be on a reality show! But, are internet commenters ever happy?  Besides their anger and “the Bible,” what are some other things that people on the internet talk about? Besides rage and disgust, what are they really feeling? Is being mentally retarded something you “feel”?

ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” website has a comments section, which, like any comments section, is a great place to go if you want to feel both intellectually superior to everyone and doomed as a species at the same time.

Despite their protests, all of these people will of course watch this dancing show with Chaz Bono, just so they can be more mad and then leave more comments on the internet for every week that the gay trannie sheman is spared from being “voted off” and sent to Hell, which is where all trandgender dancers go to burn forever.


–I am tired of the gay agenda so prevalent in the networks and society in general. Someone asked who decided what lifestyle is normal and abnormal. Read your Bible. Outlined quite well there. If enough people hit the off button maybe dwts and others would get hint. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.

–Really???? Do we really need a trandgender dancer. Too much for me – goodbye DWTS

–Prepare the giant enema, to flush the turd, I mean Chas, off the stage.

–Two things: Did y’all forget the stars? Are you sooo hard up you have to get a trannie? Shameful!!!–I think I will not be watching this season. Totally disappointed with the cast. This used to be something you could watch with your family and it’s not anymore. I don’t accept the life style choices that “Chaz” has made and if I watch I am saying to my kids that his/her?? life style choices are ok. It’s not just about “Chaz”, I have no idea who most of these people are except for Nancy Grace. And not crazy about her style of reporting either.

–Chas can’t even commit to being a single gender, much less dancing.–chaz is not a he!! She just chose to mutilate the body that God gave her….. that makes he/she a freak. If that is the way IT wants to live, IT should stay out of the public eye. If IT puts itself out there, then IT will have to just learn to deal with it!!

–since when does our society accept sloppy over weight freaks such as Bono to go on tv to entertain us? I have a big family & we have been discussing he/she being on a program that we all love watching not watching it again. I know us not watching probably won’t affect you but I am certain if my family is taking a stand, other families might take this same stand! Putting a fat he/she freak on primetime, FAMILY time, is not the way to go!! Be careful, have you not noticed that other programs that puts freaks on primetime is going off air? I LOVE your program & will miss it very much, but I will not watch it this season. It is totally disgusting to have that fat POS in a primetime family show. Jeri

–Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave if he knew what his company is supporting. He was all about the innocence of children having a magical experience. I thnk he would be disgusted to know the perverted things his company is now supporting.

–Please have a contest between Kirstie Alley and Chas. The dance: buffet

The worst part is that everyone has forgotten what this show is really about: The art of dance.




20 thoughts on ““Do we really need a trandgender [sic] dancer””

  1. “since when does our society accept sloppy over weight freaks such as Bono to go on tv to entertain us?”

    This person obviously forgot about their prized Larry The Cable Guy DVD collection

  2. You have to laugh at these twits ranting with their righteous indignation, bet it won’t stop them watching week after week and getting all fired up for a new round of outrage though. I tend to ignore things that offend/upset me, guess they just must love having something to complain about.

    Can I just say Chaz makes a better man than a woman.

  3. I have absolutely nothing against transgendered people but I’m tired of gays being grouped with them – it perpetuates the stereotype that as gays we want to be the opposite sex.

    Being transgendered has NOTHING to do with being gay – it has to do with personal sexual identification. It has absolutely no direct correlation to being attracted to a person of the same sex.

    I wish them all the best but I also wish they’d detach themselves from us and go start their own group.

      1. Aiden, so have people who play bridge and knit sweaters. Should we therefore bring them into our circle and identify with them? If you’re a moron, the answer would of course be yes, but no, we shouldn’t.

        It’s nice that transexuals have been supportive, but it doesn’t change the fact that as gays, we have nothing materially in common with them. Unless, as gays, we all want to change our sex, which we don’t. You might be the lone exception Aiden and if so, have at it! But don’t say that wanting your cock removed makes you gay. It doesn’t.

        1. Except you can be trans and gay so your argument doesn’t make since. But don’t let me get in the way of your defensiveness. I hope you’ve never suggested that minorities should sympathize with gays.

          1. I have to say that I agree with RS.
            I know plenty of transgendered men and women and in most cases they don’t identify themselves as part of the gay community.
            They are in fact living the life of a straight man/woman.

            This doesn’t mean they deserve any prejudice or discrimination, but what they face is in fact a totally different issue to gay rights.

    1. “I have absolutely nothing against transgendered people BUT…”

      That’s why being gay and trans have everything to do with one another. Both groups have to deal with ignorance from internal and external sources.

      1. So, according to Sam, the sole criteria for being included in the “gay movement” is to have been on the receiving end of “ignorance”.

        To use Sam’s (il)logic, let’s include the blind, the obese, the disabled and women who dress like Snooki.

        What a moron.

  4. ABC is not run by stupid people. The ratings won’t suffer from casting Chaz. In fact, I predict they’ll go up. Not because people are supportive of Chaz. (I suspect they’re not supportive) But, they will watch and hope to see him fail.

  5. Again, these people think they represent God and know what He thinks. They think they have the right to decide what their deity of choice supposedly thinks or knows or expects. Yeah, I’m glad to be an agnostic.

    What I don’t get is, how people still think complaining about Chaz makes a difference? I mean it’s obvious that in this day and age, that when an X amount of people stop watching because of Chaz (or some other scandalous reason…), an Y amount of people starts watching because of him. And frankly, these people who claim he’s such a bad thing for this so will still be watching, just to know what to bitch about in their church group…

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity and ABC makes more money. Again.

    On a side note, they released the info on who will dance this year in my country. One of them is an openly gay man and one is a more or less openly gay (or bi, not sure) woman. They’re both dancing with an opposite sex partner. I’m interested to see where that leads when it comes to press and people’s opinions.

    By the way, I think it was on Perez’ website, where this news about Chaz being part of the cast this year was phrased something like “Chaz will dance with a female partner”. Really? Who thought there was a question about the gender of his dance partner?

  6. I don’t watch the show personally but it does have a big fan base. The casting got kuddos from GLADD

    Aug 30 2011 01:22 AM ET

    GLAAD on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ casting: ‘Tremendous step forward’

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation doesn’t typically weigh in on the latest round of celebrities on Dancing with the Stars, but then it’s not every season that a transgender and an openly gay man decide to tango under the mirror ball. As a result, GLAAD lauded ABC for including Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley in the 13th season.

    “With both gay and transgender contestants represented on this upcoming season, ABC will send viewers a strong message about the diversity within the LGBT community,” said Herndon Graddick, senior of director of programs for GLAAD, in a statement. “At a time when transgender representation in the media is sorely lacking, Chaz Bono joining the cast is a tremendous step forward for the public to recognize that transgender people are another wonderful part of the fabric of American culture.

  7. Don’t you just love how people put their children out there to justify their bigotry and hatred? Children make no judgments about anyone to the point that their lives are affected by what other people do or don’t do. What they do learn is that their parents are intolerant of people different from themselves. They’re also the kind who prefer racial segregation as well. These same parents I’m sure have no problem letting their children watch all the violence they want, and play violent video games. Transgendered people are a reality of life; fat, skinny, male, female. As long as the person is happy, what business is it of anyone’s?

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