colby keller fucks tegan zayne

Colby Keller Turns Tegan Zayne’s Ass Into ‘Trump Country’

One thing is clear. Colby Keller has been working out his body lately in addition to his mouth. But does any of that matter if he’s still working your nerves?

I don’t think the phrase “white elephant in the room” has ever been this applicable in so many ways.

Whether it was a publicity stunt gone wrong or just plain tone-deaf stupidity, once Colby Keller opened up about his political insensibilities, he became not only the white elephant in the room, it followed him to the porn set.

Are we ready to move on from what he tried to interject into our politics to once again enjoy him interjecting his dick or will he forever be “Trapped”? We’re about to find out.

colby keller fucks tegan zayneLast time we saw Tegan, he was pondering the future of his relationship over a beer or five in the local watering hole when Colby Keller slipped him a roofie and kidnapped him in broad daylight. Today Tegan wakes up, shimmies out of his restraints and rather then run, he drops to his knees.

colby keller fucks tegan zayneEither Tegan Zayne has something up his sleeve or Stockholm Syndrome has taken over and he’s starting to fall for his captor as much as Colby has already fallen for him?

colby keller fucks tegan zayneAfter a sixty-nine turned rimksy-nine, Colby spits on his hand and jams three fingers up Tegan’s hairy ass the finishes stretching it out with his dick.

colby keller fucks tegan zayneOnce Colby takes Tegan from behind, Tegan’s nut takes flight as well. Colby’s turn is in the form of target practice all over Tegan’s face and tongue. And while the snowball cum swap session that follows doesn’t exactly cause an avalanche, this time Tegan isn’t the only one who finds himself “Trapped”.

[Watch Tegan & Colby in “Trapped” scene four at Raging Stallion]

We asked before and we’re asking again: is it time to let Colby Keller out of the doghouse?


8 thoughts on “Colby Keller Turns Tegan Zayne’s Ass Into ‘Trump Country’”

  1. Just delete his name from your Roladex. Not appealing. Not smart. Not sexy. Not. I’d rather watch Donald Trump take a shit, just because he might croak while he’s doing it. Watching CK? Fuck no, Never. Again.

  2. Why would anyone hire Colby Keller unless they have been locked in isolation in North Korea since before the election, Total bone kill.

    1. No one’s denying his right to speech. But he doesn’t have the right to demand our support. And he’s not getting mine. He’s a fool and an enabler of evil.

      1. How is he an enabler of evil just because he spoke the truth? See thats what’s wrong with you snowflakes getting triggered and trying to shut us up!

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