Colby Keller Humbled By All The Loads You Blow

Normally I only post interviews that I’ve conducted myself, but when Falcon offered me a completed and transcribed Q&A with Other Side Of Aspen VI’s humpy hipster Colby Keller–a Q&A that was ready to just copy and paste and hit “publish” on–how could I refuse?! Thanks for keeping me lazy but making it look like I actually do work, Falcon! Here’s Colby Keller on what it was like working on the legendary franchise, and how much he really loves his fans.

Falcon: Who were the actors you worked with on Aspen VI? Tell us a little about each of your scenes?
Colby Keller: I had two scenes in Aspen VI, one fuck scene with Heath Jordan and an oral scene with Angelo Marconi. I couldn’t have had hotter costars. Believe it or not, Heath actually has bigger thighs than me! If you like big-boned boys with meaty gams you’re in for a treat. And Angelo…well, let’s just say his mouth is as hot as it looks.

What is your gym routine like? How do you keep those hot thighs and stay in porn star shape?
I try to work out every day if I can, and I’ve recently bumped up my cardio. I maintain a pretty basic philosophy though: do what feels right for your body and don’t starve yourself. I enjoy getting my blood pumping, whether that means 30 minutes on the rowing machine or a couple of hours in bed with my “personal trainer.”

When you’re not doing porn, what fills your time? What is your day-to-day life like? Does being a porn star affect your private life?
I keep pretty busy when I’m not doing porn. I’m an artist, but I also maintain several other jobby-jobs to help pay the rent. It’s hard to say if being a porn star affects my private life. I keep a pretty low profile and rarely get noticed in public. I’m pretty adept at staying under the radar.

What is the best thing about being a porn star?
Having sex with hot porn stars! Duh.

If you had to tell your fans one thing that they don’t already know about you, what would it be?
Hmm. I’m a pretty humble dude, and an open book. If there is anything I’d like my fans to know more than anything else, it’s that I really do appreciate all of their support. Every ounce of jizz a fan shoots in my honor I take as a tremendous compliment. There is A LOT of porn out there in the world. Taking the time to spend a few minutes with Colby Keller means a great deal. And it puts bread on my table. Thank you guys! Keep ‘em cumming.

Colby’s Aspen VI scene with Angelo Marconi is now live on Falcon’s site.

Also on Falcon’s site? One of my favorite Colby Keller scenes of all time, which ends with a massive facial from James Jamesson:

[Depths Of Desire: Colby Keller & Jamesson]

[Other Side Of Aspen VI: Colby Keller & Angelo Marconi]

[Golden Gate, Season 2 on NakedSword: Colby Keller & Ashley Ryder]


17 thoughts on “Colby Keller Humbled By All The Loads You Blow”

  1. that’s lame. I lived in the foster-care system till i was 18 and worked two jobs while i went to school. i never had sex for money. so don’t use the he was poor bllahh blah excuse.

    he knew what he was doing and that’s it.

    i just hate how he’s a homophobe

    who cares if he’s gay or not we should care more that he talks shit about the people that put food on his table for five years as he got F’d up the ass… i seen two vids and he was enjoying it and busted while making out with the guy that was drilling him

  2. Club de Livre

    Due to the fact that Colby is not a cookie-cutter porn actor and, wait for it, has actually read a book makes him all the more hotter. I know! HIs blog is witty and as charming as he is, and I like how he owns his personal, and is pushing on with it all. He loves sex. He went to school! He listened in class! He’s a dynamo in the sack! Yeah, that’s what makes him hot in my humble opinion. He is to me what was once known as an “intellectual beauty.” (reference Penelope Tree if you have to) Rock on, Colby! And fuck until dawn.

  3. The Colby Keller / James Jamesson scene is one of my fave porn scenes. The only way it could be hotter is if either Blu Kennedy, Kennedy Carter or Riley Price joined in. Or all…

  4. 1. Colby Keller’s twitter/blog is the highlight of my day. That he performs in some top-flight pornography is just a bonus. I’m terribly fond of him, his weird friends, his art, and his penis.

    2. I miss James Jamesson’s hair. This fauxhawk thing just is not cutting it. I would even take the cornrows back with open arms. At least they were unique. (Those two really were good in that scene, weren’t they? JJ works so well with directors that aren’t employed for ND. . .I don’t know what it is.)

    1. Hi;
      I’m a porn reviewer and a cum eater so I researched this. Didn’t want to lead readers to unsafe activity. Cum eating cannot be considered safe sex. Cum carries HIV. There have been documented incidents of sero-conversion by cum. That said, if eating cum killed, we’d all be dead. The incidence of infection is rare, very rare. So rare, I feel, as to be nearly negligible. That said, don’t get cum in your mouth if you have bleeding gums, have just flossed……..etc. It seems the acid content of saliva kills HIV, as do stomach juices. So though NOT 100% safe sex, cum eating shouldn’t scare you.

      1. thanks for this post. I’ve been really curious about this for a while. My bf is poz and I’ve tried to do research about if it was ok for me to give him head. I mean, I never considered eating cum but he does have pre and I didn’t want to risk anything. We’re always safe and although I don’t want to put myself at risk, I don’t want to make him feel unnecessarily self-conscious about me giving him head or not giving him head.

        1. I was with a poz guy for 4 years and never once used a condom when giving him head. I never let guys cum in my mouth though, the few times it has happened have been accidental. 10 years later, I’m still negative. I agree with the other poster, while it’s possible in theory, in reality the chances are very, very slim. I was just coming of age sexually when AIDS hit, and I was a pretty slutty teenager, at least orally. If it were that easy to get HIV from giving blowjobs, we would have lost a hell of a lot more gay men than we did.

  5. Why is it that the guys that deliver the best performances on screen don’t attract me physically? Sigh.
    In any case, sounds like a great guy and looks like a great fuck. Not my type but hey, I’d still fill porn with people like him any day.

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