Comment Of The Day: “Bottoms Don’t Need To Have Hard Dicks”

Commenter “LeNair” takes issue with yesterday’s post, “The Top 5 Ways To Hide A Bottom’s Limp Dick.” According to LeNair, it’s fine to keep the dicks soft and floppy all night long.

Take it away, Lenny:

Wonder why so many porn actors are also drug addicts? It’s partly by being so low on self-esteem that they actually accommodate stupid complaints by the author and commenters on sites like this.

Bottoms don’t need to have hard dicks because they’re not penetrating anyone. And penetration is the NATURAL purpose of an erection. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a requirement just for your entertainment. You want to be entertained by a hard-on so bad?! Then WITHOUT USING A MALE ENHANCEMENT DRUG, choke your own little chicken while a dick is cutting off the needed blood supply for an erection. You see, it’s not always meth. So let’s see how you fair! [sic]


Lastly, the bottom in my latest XTube video [redacted] wasn’t hard, even with my oral prowess. But it didn’t stop him from busting a nut on my sheets. Hence the white shorts you see underneath him.

I say this, not to promote a video. Because with thought process like you people [sic], it’s now [sic] wonder that even with our further exceptance [sic] in society, the gay community is more overwrought with druggies than ever before. I said this to show that a bottom doesn’t REALLY need to be hard in order to show he’s having a good time.

21 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Bottoms Don’t Need To Have Hard Dicks””

  1. Because nothing is hotter than a bottom with a soft dick…

    When I’m aroused I don’t breathe or blink or even stay conscious.

  2. I thought LeNair quit The Sword more than a year ago?! Anyway, LeNair is one of those guys who tries to be an intellectual with a high school degree. My favorite line is, “And penetration is the NATURAL purpose of an erection.” With a little research, experience or self-awarness, LeNair would know that an erection is the result of sexual arousal. What you do with that arousal is discretionary and does not necessarily lead to penetration.

    My second favorite line is the LeNair trick who could not get an erection “…even with my oral prowess.” Well, LeNair even with all of your hotness and self-proclaimed skills, this guy clearly just was not that into you. In other words, no arousal equals no erection.

    Let’s chip in and get Lenny some grammar and science classes at Kingsborough Community College.

  3. Of course, bottoms don’t need to have hard dicks! After all, they’re just trannies who haven’t got the nerve to go through with the surgery, hormones, speech therapy, etc.

    (See the original article’s comments for that gem from this blog’s resident idiot, half-porco.)

    1. Good grief, he has given me the best laugh I’ve had all day though.

      Gotta love The Sword and especially its commenters, offering 3000% of the daily recommended dose of crazy.

  4. The dick cuts off the blood supply needed for an erection? That’s getting close to Tod Akin’s legitimate rape science.

  5. This is a first…

    I’m sorry to have brought this guy the little bit of fame he has now…

    It’s my fault that this guy has a blog(which he uses every min for something not sure what)

    It’s my fault for giving this guy 15mins of my attention, which in turn has led this character to keep running his mouth over and over through the years.

    From Day 1, I should have ignorned this fool but instead I engaged him on the internet on the problems of Race in gay porn…from that moment on… He has been a constant throne in my side. I have no one to blame but myself.

    I’m sorry again…

    1. Hi Diesel what happened to the cute black guy with a fat ass that rimmed you for the first time?

      I don’t remember his name , X something…he was fucking hot but I haven’t seen him in any videos since!

        1. :| Really ? Sorry to hear that , I found his name was Jace Jones , apparently he stopped posting on all his social media accounts in 2010. RIP

    2. Diesel,

      A friend alerted me to your rambling of lies. A method that makes it seem your new sellout target is Mitt Romney.

      Only dim-witted sellouts of all ethnicities and colors would believe that you did anything for whatever degree of celebrity I have before or now. So how is this so impossible?

      It’s because YOU ARE NOTHING. And you can’t make something when you are nothing your damn self.

      You have spent your ENTIRE porn career trying to take other people’s shine by claiming you made them. So you now have the rare honor of proving me wrong…by being more worthless and a sell-out than I and many others thought. And YOU KNOW THIS.

      So the only reason you hate on me is because I may be shorter than you in height, but I tower over you with my spirit and integrity about who I am, what I do, and where I am headed. And YOU KNOW THIS AS WELL.

      Therefore FYI, you’re blaming yourself for the wrong thing. You should be blaming yourself for the worthless, lecherous thing that you have allowed yourself to become all these years. Take heed, get it fixed, and have a nice so-called life. ;-)

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