Diego Sans, Milk, OnlyFans

Diego Sans On Infamous Sex Tape With ‘Drag Race’ Star Milk: ‘Shit Is Part Of The Sex’

PSA: Don’t go on the Discretion Advised podcast if you aren’t ready for host Marc MacNamara to hit you with life’s hard questions! For the latest episode of this new podcast, Marc and co-host John Hill were joined by guests Bianca Del Rio and Diego Sans for a conversation on life’s biggest disasters and while talking with Diego, Marc brought up one gigantic public disaster that involved him and RuPaul’s Drag Race season six contestant Milk.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the incident, late last year, the Drag Race-turned-OnlyFans star put out a scene that starred him and Diego. In the video, Milk can be seen bending over and bottoming for Diego’s big, uncut cock – a cock that just made its official NakedSword debut earlier today – while a voiceover of Milk speaking is actively apologizing for any flecks of feces that might be visible.

Diego Sans, Milk, OnlyFans

“I’m sorry. We had been hanging out throughout the evening going out to dinner,” says Milk in a voiceover. “It was a lovely night together and I hadn’t prepped my bottom, because I didn’t know if we were going to film that night, but we just couldn’t help ourselves. So you’ll have to forgive some flecks of matieres facales on my rump that you may see. He is penetrating my butthole that’s where poop comes out. So just remember that and enjoy the hardcore vid. Bye.”

Shortly after this scene dropped on Milk’s OnlyFans, ripped versions of the vid quickly made their way around the internet and it wasn’t long before everyone on gay Twitter was talking about Milk getting ass fucked while apologizing for any possible poop sightings.

Diego Sans, Milk, OnlyFans

Well, flash forward a year later and now the famously invasive Marc MacNamara is making sure to ask Diego about this shitty sex tape during his appearance on Discretion Advised. Once questioned about the video, the Get. Away. star took a quick second to refresh his memory on the incident and then delivered a pretty solid response to the video’s widespread criticism.

“I mean, what do you want?” Diego responded. “Shit is part of the sex, I guess. If you’re fucking a butthole, it might happen.”

So there you have it – shit happens! After some laughing, Bianca Del Rio went on to say that while she doesn’t keep in touch with Milk (at least in the way that Diego does), she had heard of the Milk & Diego OnlyFans video controversy, but couldn’t bring herself to actually watch it. Take a look below:


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So what do you think of this? Have you seen the infamous Diego and Milk video? Have you ever had “flecks” on your “rump”? Would you post a sex tape of yourself if there were visible signs of shit? What do you think of Diego’s response?

Sound off below and be sure to listen to the full episode of Discretion Advised with Diego Sans and Bianca Del Rio over on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on DiscAdPod.com.


5 thoughts on “Diego Sans On Infamous Sex Tape With ‘Drag Race’ Star Milk: ‘Shit Is Part Of The Sex’”

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  2. It does happen. Like for me the first time I got fucked , was actually a rape. The only good thing out of this is the fact he never looked at me again. Yes I knew who he was and did not report it. For he got what he deserved, shit on his dick and balls….when asked why he raped me, and his response was, ’cause you are small like a Filipina girl”.

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