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Dylan James Is Brandon Wilde’s First Raw Rider

He looks like an angel-faced, boy-next-door. But Brandon Wilde is a dick-hungry devil with sexual skills beyond years. Today, he adds a new one: bareback bottom.

Last week in “Secret & Lies”, we watched Brandon Wilde climb a ladder so Trenton Ducati could probe his ass with a broom handle.

Brandon is a sexual minx. For a while there, he was the pass-around boy toy at Icon Male but clearly, he’s been spreading his horizons as well as his cheeks.

brandon wilde dylan james bareback lucasLucas Entertainment exclusive Dylan James is the man of the hour. Even better, our view of him is not distracted with the makeup and costumes of Barebackula. At Brandon’s request, they are both wearing business drag today.

brandon wilde dylan james bareback lucasBrandon’s cherry-popping fantasy of working in an office with a tall, strong, and dominant boss that uses his body after hours plays out with Dylan taking total control.

brandon wilde dylan james bareback lucasDylan is an equal opportunity destroyer with that dick. He started with Brandon’s throat before moving to the main event.

2-wildejamesThere’s a brief stop at the toy box but the real playing field is Brandon’s hole and Dylan’s bare dick. Dylan’s stamina translated into a relentless, high-energy pummeling with a very happy, and sloppy ending.

[Watch “Brandon Wilde’s Bareback Premiere With Dylan James” at Lucas Entertainment]

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    Dear Michael Fish Lips Lucas,


    -Majority of Fags

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