Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks

Ever Hook Up With a Gym Bro?

We’re not talking about just a guy who goes to your gym. To be an official hardcore “Gym Bro,” they need to walk around like they own the gym. They know you’re looking at them, and almost dare you to stare. They’re a showoff, cocky and arrogant (and probably a little loud, too).

Case in point: newcomer Trevor Brooks, who is perfectly cast here as the object of Dakota Payne‘s affection. I have been smitten with Trevor ever since his debut earlier this year (at CockyBoys), and he exudes that “Gym Bro” vibe in everything he does. He’s charming as fuck, has a mischievous smirk that draws you in (plus, those cum gutters!). Next Door wisely stays in the gym for its newest scene, a very smart move considering how successful it was last week (I’m still basking on the afterglow of Shane Cook and Brandon Anderson).

Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks

Dakota feels the same way, and can’t help but finally go for it when he notices Trevor sporting wood at the locker room. When they lock eyes, we’re off to the races. Some passionate kissing is punctuated by Trevor’s infatuation with Dakota’s armpit, which he gets nice and wet before they lock lips again.

Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks

Then the sucking starts—including a very wet hummer from Dakota, who has gobs of spit dripping from his mouth (and who also delivers a spirited face fuck in return). Dakota then eats out his bro, and fucks him in a variety of positions—the hottest finding Trevor on his back on the bench, stroking his own big dick as he takes it. A cum kiss seals the deal at the end.

Dakota Payne, Trevor Brooks

You’ll notice in the stills that Trevor’s backwards hat stays on the whole time, who is oh-so “Gym Bro” (and I fucking love it!). But the hat seems to come off in the actual scene (did they just throw it back on for some stills?! What the hell?!). The script in the beginning doesn’t allow Trevor to speak much, but once the fun starts his personality comes out more (and I also feel like this is his first scene where his partner matches his verbal nature). Can’t wait to see more of this bro, one of my favorite newcomers of 2022.

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


5 thoughts on “Ever Hook Up With a Gym Bro?”

  1. This was happening all the time at my former gym which is a predominantly gay gym. They closed the steam room years ago due to guys constantly having sex there despite a sign saying such activity gets your membership cancelled immediately without any refunds on unused membership. Sad thing though this screwed up a great amenity for those of us who liked to relax in the steam room after a workout. This shifted the activity to the open showers where such activity could be viewed by all.. Funny thing though, the men who used the sauna for sex were the creepos, the out of shape unattractive men whos only venue for sex was this place. Even in San Francisco there’s a time and place for this and it’s not in the gym shower or steam room. Yes I’m gay and this isn’t homophobic, it’s just common courtesy, something so many men here lack, sad to say

  2. I once hooked up with an amateur MMA fighter (who by the way was a raging power bottom). That was a hot night!

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