Fratmen’s “Greatest Shots: Volume 5” No Different Than Fratmen’s “Greatest Shots: Volume 4”

And by that I mean: More insane cum shots from hung college guys! There is one small difference, I guess, in that the guys who are cumming insanely in Volume 5 are different than the guys who were cumming insanely in Volume 4. Video (which won’t let me disable the autoplay, so prepare to hear random moaning, cocks being jacked, and the splattering of cum) below.



If “Greatest Shots: Volume 5” isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’re more of a “Greatest Shots: Volume 4” kind of person?

Here is the Volume 4 preview, which probably already started playing, so start it over.


Watch these in full, plus Volumes 1, 2, and 3, all the other solos, blowjobs, and, of course, you know who on

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