Greg Riley, Arturo Santos

Greg Riley Puts His Thick Ass To Good Use For ‘New Arrivals’ Finale

After weeks of fresh faces and newcomer cock, we’ve finally reached the finale of New Arrivals – the NakedSword Originals movie that’s all about showing off industry newbies! Debuting earlier today on “the Netflix of gay porn”, this scene sees the NakedSword debuts of Greg Riley and Arturo Santos as they’re stripping down to expose their holes and poles for a bareback hookup.

The real star of this fuck session has to be Greg’s meaty ass and thick thighs. Whenever this burly bottom is raising up his legs and exposing his open ass for Arturo to chow down on or fuck raw, we’re catching ourselves drooling over his thick build. Hopefully this newcomer comes back to NakedSword sometime soon and gives us another look at those legs and that fuckin’ ass.

This isn’t the only thick ass action to come out of New Arrivals though. In addition to Greg’s impressive cheeks, this new movie from NakedSword and director Marc MacNamara has given us a chance to see 6’5″ hunk Jake Apton spread open his thick ass and jerk it to a double dose of meaty action with a scene that featured two bodybuilders flip-fucking.

So what do you think of this scene? Do you have a favorite newcomer pairing from New Arrivals? Who do you want to see Greg or Arturo hook up with for their next studio scene? Sound off below in the comments and be sure to watch this entire bareback hookup over on NakedSword!

[Watch ‘New Arrivals’ w/ Greg Riley and Arturo Santos]


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