Introducing Sexy British Newcomer Sam Hudson

Sometimes the hottest guys come from half way around the world, and today I’m proud to introduce you to a new gay porn star from the across the pond, Sam Hudson!

Only in the U.K. can you find that perfect mix of naughty bad boy with baby-faced cutie, and HardBritLads’ Sam Hudson is certainly no exception. What I wouldn’t give to sit down for some tea and crumpets with this sexy bloke! A fine top o’ the mornin’ to him, indeed. Cheerio and g’day, mate!

Confident young Sam Hudson is a very sexy lad, with a cute, bad boy type look, with one of those bodies that is naturally muscular from head to toe. With a stiffie in his sport shorts right from the start, horny Sam strips to show off his great body and thick throbbing uncut dick, jerking off in different positions before spunking over his hot six pack.

They don’t make ’em like this here in the states, that’s for sure.

Hopefully Sam can make his way over here and begin his gay porn career in the United States soon. He should have no problem getting hired by the biggest studios and then earning a ton of money that he can definitely keep all for himself!



21 thoughts on “Introducing Sexy British Newcomer Sam Hudson”

  1. Jesus, how many times is Jake Lyons/Ian Endore/Sam Hudson gonna try for a porn career? It’s telling that he’s only done a solo video for HBL so far… after he’s spent so much time whining about everything he sees in his short-lived YouTube phase, I’m sure they’re having a hard time finding someone to stay in a room with this psycho asswipe long enough to fuck him. Make it a threesome so at least his mouth will be full, it’s when it’s open that he loses any hope of being attractive. Maybe he can go back to FraternityX for another round of bareback gangbang vids once he gets banned from the UK.

  2. oh i think i need to give you all a lesson in english slang next time i’m at your office… you mixed irish and aussie in there.. he’s a hoodie or a scally.. too muscly for a chav !

    1. I thought these words had the same meaning, with hoody being more nation-wide, and scally more used in the northern parts. At least that what my british friends taught me.

  3. U never know with this guy if his elevator goes all the way to the top floor or if it’s all for attention. Having said that, there is something slightly hot about him. One of those id do him but deny it later. Lol

    1. I don’t think he was claiming to be straight. He said he’d “chosen to be asexual”. I think he was looking for the word “celibate” since one cannot choose to be asexual.

      1. I’m guessing his saying “I’m straight!!!!” had something to do with the perception that he was claiming to be straight.

  4. Jake Lyons, again! … People don’t change! Does the money worth it? Those people don’t have other options in life?
    Now as ” a british bombshell “: Sam Hudson! L.O.L.

    1. Why did you feel the need to say “filthy” ?? He looks clean to me – chavs are pretty funny looking, I wish they had dressed him in full Burberry .

  5. THe rentboy servers are down today , probably because of the storm!! I was wondering who was the guy in the headlines ” Very friendly masculine XXX superstar ready to get things started”

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